72-hour stop in Taitung

The most fascinating part of travel lies in the joy of every step you take. The cultural atmosphere and the scenery of offshore islands of Taitung in the summer time, accompanied by Fugang fishing boats to and from Lyudao, as well as a variety of exotic restaurants, and the simple, humanistic broad street, beckon the hearts of many visitors. The traffic disadvantages caused by the narrow-shaped terrain has created a life style and rhythm unique to the Taitung people: slow and easy.

A quick connection can start through an introduction to the history. Located at the bustling Zhonghua Road, and guarding the wishes of every visitor, Thean Hou Temple is a century-old temple from the Qing Dynasty, a visit to this temple also serves as a blessing for a safe and sound trip. Next, we will stroll over to Taitung Forest Park, which is also known as Black Forest. The 280-hectare park temps everyone to ride the wind on the bicycle path around the flowing lake. When you are tired from the bike ride, have a bowl of Old Dongtai rice noodles to energize yourself.

The Local Culture with A Two-Day Tour

Walking into the summer afternoon, buy a ferry ticket, and take a cross-sea ride with Taitung Fugang as the starting point. Slowly exploring the ocean scenery where the ocean and the sky becomes seamless, navigating into Lyudao’s Nan Liao Fishing Port. After pulling ashore, experience the ocean breeze that is typical of offshore islands, which begins a tour of Lyudao. First stop is the Human Rights Cultural Park, followed by the lighthouse. Afterwards, a visit to the Sleeping Beauty and Pekingese Dog, which is a check-in hotspot for its iconic rock formations.

Rejection against a creative typical American meal is not recommendable, even on an offshore trip like this one. Make a dinner reservation at Mr. Hot Dog, and enjoy the surprising combination of American-style island dishes. Strolling under the starry sky is a good idea. Following the local guide to start a night-time adventure of seeking sika deer, exploring the ecology and stories behind every corner of the island. Enjoy the tranquility at Xingyue House Mountain Retreat, and “Good Night!” and may you have a beautiful dream in Lyudao.

The morning call of the rushing waves, heralds a new journey. Shihlang Diving Area is home to snorkeling and exploration of the oldest microporous coral in the underwater world. Upon landing, for lunch we will continue with a South Pacific vacation style. RUDI Shisha BAR offers Thai cuisine with the theme of deer, which allows travellers to enjoy their meal while being surrounded by Sika deer — the cutest animal on Lyudao.


It’s always a sad thing to have to say goodbye in the afternoon. The ferry heads slowly back to Taiwan along the azure Pacific Ocean. From the Fugang Fishing Harbor, a shortstop in the itinerary, we are now ready to embark on the next journey in the afternoon. Glancing at the sea in the east from Taitung, the beautiful tapestry woven together by the sky and the ocean is so tempting as always. Travelling along the coastline, Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area and the creatures living in the intertidal zone provide not only scenic spots, but a good idea of peaceful coexistence between human and mother nature.(IG-photo by oceanroverhostel)
When evening draws near, a combination of spicy, sweet and sour flavors begins to permeate in the air. Step on the hospitable land of Dulan, enjoy a South Island-style Vietnamese cuisine in “DuLan Viet Nam Food”, or we can go to the Amis tribal style “LowPressure Restaurant and Surf Guesthouse” to mingle with travelers from all over the world, sharing some of the ordinary but happy moments of this journey. The stars shimmering in the night sky, seem to remind us the upcoming rest time. For those who enjoy nature and tranquility, “Lanshan House B&B” might be a good choice; “Chii Lih Hotel & Resort,” neighboring the train station, is an alternative for people who prefer the convenience of city transportation.
For lunch we come to “MAHI MAHI TODAY”, the ferocious looking ghost knife fish turns into nutritious and delicious dish under the skillful hands of the chefs. With a full stomach and a joyful mood, you can now pick the Paiwan “qkata” glass beads of your liking at Atabeads, and make your own style of Paiwan Tribe ornaments. Wearing your handmade necklace, let’s pay a visit to the Sintung Sugar Factory Cultural Park, known as the hometown of driftwood. Using driftwood as a material, many foreign artists came here to create astonishing artworks and furniture. In addition, many cafes and innovative stores are also worth paying a visit.
For dinner, we chose the Allah-themed, exotic Moofaan Museum — eTaiwan Restaurant, a certified Muslim restaurant, which offers a unique Islamic menu. Choice of Chinese cuisine is also available if you have a strong desire for the taste of hometown. All good things must come to an end. But, don’t worry! A box of “Chen’s Mochi”” will sweeten the sorrow of parting, becoming a joyful reminder to your next Taitung tour!(IG-photo by @hsu_wopaider)