Taitung, A Destination to Stay for 48 Hours

Taitung, a pristine land abundant in natural resources and humanistic flavor, is an irresistible calling for the establishment of an intimate connection. A cultural tour may be a good way to quench the inner thirst.

The glimmering morning light, embellished with a touch of oceanic laziness, is always poetically fascinating. You might wish to dedicate the first morning to the “South of the South,” and let the local art exhibition rekindle the passion for cultural atmosphere of the South! Starting from Taimali, followed by Jinfeng Township and Dawu Township, and finally ends with Daren Township. The tribal art tour allows you to experience, witness, and re-connect with the local image of the South-Link Highway through all five senses.  Bathing in the morning sunlight, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the East Coast, and the blue sky over the sea at the most beautiful Taitung Railway Station, will drive away all the worry and disturbance of the busy city life.

The Local Culture with A Two-Day Tour

Recommended itinerary: A two-day tour of humanistic flavor

Step into the famous Zhiban, known for its hot spring resources, immerge yourself in a transparent, colorless, mineral-rich hot spring. Let every inch of your skin absorb sodium bicarbonate in weak alkaline spring water. Have a personal experience of the whitening, moisturizing, and healing power of the spring. In the early evening, with the artistic atmosphere of the morning still persists, drop by to the famous Tiehua Music Village for a visit. Strolling along the light line of the hot air balloon dotted the music village, jumping like the notes on the sheet music. You would want to open your ears to capture every note that blends into the sound line of the street performers. In the neighboring “TTStyle Aboriginal and Creative Hall – The Wave House”, where the unending source of innovations of the aboriginals is waiting for you to dig even more stories about these beautiful people, and things happening around here.

It’s dinner time! Following the keen sense of smell, we come next to the bustling Zhonghua Road. How about a cup of famous Follow Milk? The chewy mouthfeel of the brown sugar pearls, pairs with a sip of the fresh milk, is a good introduction to the taste of Taitung. Take a leisure walk back to “I Like B&B” with your loved ones. Take a good night’s sleep in preparation for the early morning trip next day.
Next day, the “National Museum of Prehistory”, the elegant soul of history, is the first to greet us. Prehistoric culture and indigenous artifacts are all precious traces of Taiwan’s history, which has now been passed down to us. Perched in the labyrinth of the low walls behind the museum, is the wax museum, exhibiting a host of vivid wax figures in addition to occasional art and cultural activities. It is the only national museum in eastern Taiwan. We invite you to the cultural paradise of history and build a deep connection with the land. Establishing an art dialogue, we come to Taitung Art Museum, known as the first county-level art museum, which aims to enrich the mind of every visitor with local culture and art industry.
For lunch we come to “MAHI MAHI TODAY”, the ferocious looking ghost knife fish turns into nutritious and delicious dish under the skillful hands of the chefs. With a full stomach and a joyful mood, you can now pick the Paiwan “qkata” glass beads of your liking at Atabeads, and make your own style of Paiwan Tribe ornaments. Wearing your handmade necklace, let’s pay a visit to the Sintung Sugar Factory Cultural Park, known as the hometown of driftwood. Using driftwood as a material, many foreign artists came here to create astonishing artworks and furniture. In addition, many cafes and innovative stores are also worth paying a visit.
For dinner, we chose the Allah-themed, exotic Moofaan Museum — eTaiwan Restaurant, a certified Muslim restaurant, which offers a unique Islamic menu. Choice of Chinese cuisine is also available if you have a strong desire for the taste of hometown. All good things must come to an end. But, don’t worry! A box of “Chen’s Mochi”” will sweeten the sorrow of parting, becoming a joyful reminder to your next Taitung tour!