24 hours of fun in Taitung: A day trip for exploring the rolling mountains and East Rift Valley

The beautiful Huadong East Rift Valley is a treasure of Mother Earth. From Luye Highlands, you can see mountains sprawling in the distance with layers of greenery filling the landscape for an experience you’ll cherish deeply.

In the morning, we went to the Quhe Liquor Village at Chulu Leisure Agricultural Area in Beinan Township. We walked on the mountain path of the first winery opened in all of Taiwan and basked in the fragrant surroundings of the forest.

The area is full of a wide variety of trees such as a beech ecological area, cultivated plum trees, sweet-scented osmanthus, loquat, and sugar apple which are used at the high-class Quhe Liquor Village to create a paradise in Beinan. Visitors are welcome to take a gamble at brewing their own plum wine or go out and get some experience picking plums off the tree.

Enjoy the exclusive handmade plum wine and enjoy the outstanding mountain scenery at the same time. After enjoying some libations, follow your heart on a trip to the Guanshan Township Farmers’ Association Recreation Center and start a rice focused adventure which is sure to surprise you. Set up a time for an environmentally-friendly rice processing experience and follow the clues to hunt for treasure! Find out what’s hidden in the food and learn to be a smart consumer! Have a meal at the “Hongchang Hakka Restaurant” and bring along DIY pottery from Guanshan Township Farmers’ Association Recreation Center. Come and enjoy some homestyle Hakka-style stir-fry with flavors that will blow your mind.

Agricultural Countryside

Suggested Travel Itinerary: 1-Day Mountain Route

Processing millet and building hunting traps is a well-known Bunun cultural activity. “Matia’s Shop” and “Gaiana Workshop” are both a one-stop shop of Bunun tribe attractions that must be visited on the East Rift Valley. Establish a deeper soul connection with the land of Taitung through the mountain education course by a local hunter and learn about the tradition of Millet and the spiritual connection is has to tribal tradition. One cannot help but bring up the local tea industry when mentioning Guanshan. Go to the Xinyuanchang Black Tea Industry Cultural Center and enjoy the vast tea culture of Taitung through a DIY tea experience.

In the evening, feel a cool mountain breeze and stop by for a bite at Spring Trading Company Luye 76. The naturally sweet and sour fruit in the mouth will make your taste buds will explode and give you a moment for relaxation. Look out in the distance over the valley and slowly usher in the evening. Go south, all the way back to the city, to try Blue Dragonfly which is a popular fast food chain that served up some amazing fried chicken. Catalyzed by your taste buds, take a trip down memory lane and recount of the events of the day’s journey. You will surely have established a deep link to the city and land of Taitung.