24 hours of fun in Taitung: A day trip for touring the magnificent coastline and tribal villages

Like praise from Mother Earth, the eastern coastal mountain range rest again the azure Pacific and is the greatest natural treasure in Taitung. A gentle sea breeze will carry you throughout your itinerary for the whole day. Bask in the glory of ocean views and enjoy the abundant sea resources. Taitung will surely be a trip worthy of remembering.

Kicking off from the surfing paradise of the Dulan Coastline. For those who love water sports, you can choose to surf or SUP (stand-up paddle boarding). Chase some waves at Dulan and let it invigorate you for today’s itinerary. In addition to Dulan, you can find more great waves along the east coast highway (Provincial Highway 11) at Jinzun Harbor, Donghe and Duli (Torik).

After ripping some waves, continue along Provincial Highway 11 on the East Coast and go check out Duli Tribal Village, also referred to as Torik in the Amis language. Enjoy some local Amis-style dishes that will assuage your hungry and be a meal you’ll never forget. If you make a reservation in advance, you can set up a tour with the Duli Community Development Association for a trip around the tribal village. Try your hand at collecting wild vegetables as well as fishing and hunting activities which are a central part of tribal life. If you still haven’t had enough time on the water, don’t miss the chance to get out on the open sea on a raft. It’ll surely be a unique experience that stimulates your whole body.