Provincial Highway No.9

The longest provincial highway in Taiwan, Provincial Highway No. 9 is 476km long. The highway runs the whole length of the East Rift Valley all the way from Chihshang to Taitung City. Traveling down the highway, visitors can feast their eyes on rolling mountains and lush, green rice fields on the both sides that give Provincial Highway No.9 the nickname the “Green Highway.”  More attractions along the highway include the hot air balloons on  Luye Gaotai, Mr. Brown Avenue in Chihshang, the green rice paddies in Kaadaadaan, and the Walking Trees in Luanshan.

Taitung’s Luye Gaotai is a high-elevation plateau with an elevation of about 350 meters, situated to the north of Longtian village. The Luye Gaotai’s unique geological landscape provides the ideal flight conditions for paragliding! Plus, the International Hot Air Balloon Festival is held here every summer from June to August, with giant multi-colored hot air balloons filling the vast, grassy plateau for all to see. When there aren’t hot air balloons present, this highland area is also perfect for the hottest new activity: grass skating!

The Wuling Green Tunnel is located on Yongling Road, a former segment of Provincial Highway No. 9. This picturesque road is 45km long and is one of the best bike trails in Taitung. Riding along the road is like riding through a majestic green tunnel, with camphor and beefwood trees lining both sides and sunlight beaming through their leaves. Surrounded by green mountains, blue sky, and deep emerald tea plantations, this gorgeous spot has so much beauty, your eyes won’t be able to take it all in!

Address: Yongling Rd., Provincial Highway No.9, Luye Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

Tel: 089-552136

The Dianguang tribal village of Kaadaadaan is located on the west of the Coastal Mountain Range. The name of this village means “Fire of Thunder God,” because historically, local people believed that the fire inside the many local mud volcanoes was lightning, which in the Taiwanese language sounds like “Thunder God,” so they called the place “Fire of Thunder God,” or Kaadaadaan in Amis, the local aboriginal language. In the Dianguang (Kaadaadaan) village, visitors can experience the aboriginal culture of the Amis tribe here, their bamboo cannons, their coffee, and of course, the local cuisine.  

Opening Hours: Please call to schedule a tour 

Address: Kaadaadaan Elementary School, Guanshan Township, Taitung

Tel: 089-811179

Chihshang and Guanshan are the biggest rice paddy cultivation areas in Taiwan, making them without a doubt some of the most attractive scenic areas in the county. Due to the abundant rainfall and pristine, unpolluted environment, the land yields rice that is famous in Taiwan for its high-quality flavor and texture.

Mr. Brown Avenue, otherwise known as the “green road of paradise,” is a small, rustic, unadorned country avenue by the roadside in Chihshang. Not only is the charming scenery of vast, green rice paddies along the road breathtaking for passersby, it also marks one of Taitung’s top visited trails for cyclists.

Address: Mr. Brown Avenue, Chihshang Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

Tel: 089-862041


Dapo Pond is a natural inland wetland. Thanks to the high quality of the local environment and abundance of ecological resources, the pond is home to a wide variety of water plants, birds, frogs, fresh-water fish, and shrimp. Size-wise, the pond is around 20 hectares with another 20 hectares of surrounding embankments and wetlands. The reflection of the Central Ridge Mountains on the mirror-like surface of the lake will take your breath away! There are also hiking and biking trails around the lake.

Address: Dapo Mountain, Chihshang Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

Tel: 089-862041