Provincial Highway No.9-South Link Highway

After departing from Taitung, you can keep heading south along Provincial Highway No.9 and join the South Link Highway, journeying through Taimali Township, Jinfeng Township, Dawu Township, and Daren Township. On this road trip, travelers can enjoy the charming view of the Coastal Ridge on one side and the broad Pacific Ocean on the other. They can pass by the Taiwan-famous Duoliang Station, fascinating aboriginal totem culture, bright magenta roselle flowers, colorful red quinoa. Natural blues, greens, yellows, and reds saturate the serene, elegant landscape of the South Link Highway. What are you waiting for?

Duoliang Station, praised as the most beautiful station in Taiwan, was once a small railway station. Since its closure in 2006, it has become a popular sightseeing spot during evening; as the sea and sky slowly redden with the setting sun, set off in contrast to the old station’s rust red iron railings, no wonder more and more tourists love coming back to experience the romantic twilight scene.

Plus, nearby the station, visitors can visit the Calavi Workshop which serves as a hub for lovely crafts made from driftwood. With professional woodworkers to learn from, souvenirs, and children’s toys, it’s a great stop for the whole family! 

Address: No. 8-1, Longsi Rd., Duoliang Vil., Taimali Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

Tel: 089-781301

Jinlun Hot Spring, located in Taimali Township’s Jinlun Village, is a famous wild, riverside hot spring in Taitung. The spring here flows with weak alkaline, sodium bicarbonate water, which is clear, has a slight smell of sulfur, and always stays between 70°C to 90°C.

The Jinlun hot springs area offers a variety of hot spring resorts at reasonable prices. Available are large, outdoor pools, as well as individual hot spring rooms, The natural hot spring and wonderful surrounding scenery attracts many locals and out-of-towners alike who are looking for a relaxing, warming end to a long day.

Address: Jinlun Hot Spring, Taimali Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

(At the 4145km point of Provincial Highway No. 9, turn right onto Jinlun Lin Road and follow it for 25km until you reach the hot springs.)

Tel: 089-781301

From August to October every year, the top of Daylily Mountain is a sea of orange Daylily blossoms, covering the hillside with waxy yellow flowers. Wandering along the winding walking path, visitors will be intoxicated with the view of the gorgeous flowers from above. When the golden  blossoms sway together in the breeze against the backdrop of a clear sky, visitors can’t help but to lose themselves in the dreamlike scenery. Nearby attractions include the Millennium Pavilion, the Breasts Peaks and the Maple Trail.

With its altitude from 110 meters to 650 meters above sea level and its year-round warm and wet climate, the Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area is a perfect outdoor classroom. By walking along the trail in the forest, visitors can learn so much about its rich natural ecology and resources. They can come across different plants they might have never seen before, such as the evergreen broad-leaf forest, hundred-year-old white banyan trees, Taiwan moth orchids, the Jhihben Stream, and the medicinal herb botanical garden. In addition to that, the forest is rich in bird species; it is a perfect place for bird-watching. For those travelers who love getting close to nature, the area is also suitable for outdoor camping and picnic.

Address: No. 290, Longchuan Rd., Wenquan Vil., Beinan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

Tel: 089-510961

Opening Hours: 7am-5pm (Closes at 6pm from July to September)

Since the Japanese Colonial Period in Taiwan,  the famous Jhihben Hot Spring has been reputed for its prime spring water. The hot spring, gurgling down from Jhihben Stream, is clear, low alkaline sodium bicarbonate water, which is believed to have amazing beauty treatment effects on those who soak in it, so much so that it is called “beauty water”! It is filled with minerals that are known to whiten and moisturize skin as well as improve blood circulation.

Jhihben Hot Spring is one of the most popular spots among tourists and local people -- one of the top 8 famous attractions in all of Taiwan! Visitors should not miss the hot spring and the peaceful natural landscapes in Jhihben.

(At the 391km point of Provincial Highway No. 9, turn onto East 58 County Road. Drive for 23km until you reach the hot spring!)