Custard Apple Production and Sales Crisis Solved: Magistrate Yao Attends Farmers’ Day Conference of the Taitung Area Farmers Association. She Thanked the Joint Efforts of Central and Local Governments.

"Thank you for your support and assistance in this year's production and marketing crisis of custard apples", Taitung Area Farmers' Association Chairman Chao-Hsin Yang said, during a commendation conference on the morning of February 22. Taitung County Magistrate April Yao was invited to participate. Chairman Yang of the Farmers' Association pointed out that Magistrate Yao and the county government team responded swiftly to the emergency by raising freight subsidies to resolve the crisis when they encountered difficulties in the export of custard apples. Magistrate Yao added that an extra 3 NTD per kilogram of subsidized export freight can increase the export willingness of traders, while maintaining the custard apple market and prices.

The annual Farmers Day celebration of the Taitung Area Farmers' Association was held in front of the square of its credit department at 9.30 AM on February 22. Legislator Yao-Hao Liu, Mayor of Taitung Kuo-Chou Chang, Mayor of Beinan Township Wen-Hsien Hsu, County Councilor Ming-Feng Chen, Tsung-Yi Kuo, Kang-Shan Cheng, Director-General of the Department of Agricultural Department Chia-Hao Hsu, and Secretary Min-Chien Liu attended the festival to share the joy with the farmers, and wished everyone a happy holiday and congratulated the outstanding work of local farmers and relevant groups.

Magistrate Yao said that farmers in Taitung have achieved many outstanding results last year, which is impressive. For example, farmer JianyuFeng Chang farmer stood out among the national exceptional finalists and won the first Integrated Pest Management Award, IPM Award. In addition, farmer Hsue-Yi Yi won the county's sugar apple orchard championship. while Chulu Leisure Agricultural Area and Gaoding Mountain Leisure Agricultural Area in Taitung were named as the outstanding Leisure Agricultural Area in the county. Finally, Taitung Farmers' Association won the last year's operational excellence award from the agricultural bank of Taiwan.

Faced with the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic, it has caused a great impact on the export of custard apples. Magistrate Yao said that in order to stabilize the market and protect the income of farmers, a meeting was held on February 4 and announced that the county government would increase the subsidy of 3 NTD per kilogram for export freight, and strive for the Council of Agriculture to further increase the freight subsidy by 6 NTD per kilogram. Therefore, for every kilogram of custard apples will have a subsidy of 9 NTD to increase the willingness of traders to continue exporting.

Regarding the declassification of hillsides, Magistrate Rao said that last year, thirteen townships and cities across the county and more than 50,000 plots totaling more than 6,000 hectares of land were declassified. Taitung City, Beinan Township, and Green Island in the area under the jurisdiction of the Taitung Area Farmers' Association have more than 1,600 plots and nearly 1,600 hectares of land have been allocated. This will greatly improve the efficiency of Taitung's overall construction and development, and improve the convenience of farming in the county.

Tenth Anniversary: Results of Taitung’s Most Popular Hot Air Balloon Vote

The tenth anniversary of the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival will take place during this year’s summer vacation. During the past nine years, various hot air balloons from various countries around the world have appeared on the highlands at Luye. Which one of these balloons has been the most popular among tourists? The Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival official Facebook fan page ran a campaign from January 15 until February 10 of this year to investigate the most popular hot air balloon models. The results were released on February 19, and the winner was the Van Gogh balloon hailing from the Netherlands. The 28-meter high balloon made its debut last year as it slowly passed over the scenery in the East Rift Valley.

The Department of Transportation and Tourism Development of Taitung County Government stated that the winning Van Gogh balloon was created in the honor of the well-known Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. Its shape was based on a high-resolution painting from 1887 of a self-portrait, in which he was wearing a gray felt hat. Belgium’s black Samurai balloon and Taiwan’s One Two Bear balloon were also very popular, winning second and third places respectively. These balloons were followed closely by Brazil's SpongeBob balloon, The UK’s Minions balloon, and Taiwan's OhBear ball, and often attracting many people who rush to take pictures. Ten lucky people were selected in a draw from more than 800 messages on the fan page. They will each get an exclusive hot air balloon pillow. For more information about the list of awards and activities, please visit the official Facebook page: Taiwan Balloon Festival.

The Department of Transportation and Tourism Development pointed out that the number of hot-air balloon models was less than twenty during each year’s festival before 2016. In 2017, the number exceeded thirty, and since 2017, the number was as high as forty, even until last year. Which hot air balloons will appear in 2020? Currently, this information is still confidential. In addition to the tenth anniversary, Taitung will continue to invite new balloon models, and will also try their best to invite previos popular models to reunite in Taitung. Taitung County Government also asks that hot air balloon fans continue to pay attention to relevant information in the coming weeks.

The Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival, a 51-day event from July 11 to August 30 this year, will take place at Taitung’s Luye Highland. In addition, eight hot air balloon night glow concerts will be held, and their times were announced on Feburary 6. Are you still wondering where to go this summer? The hot air balloon festival is definitely a must-visit!

For event details and the latest news, please head over to the official website, Facebook fan page, and Instagram.

Taitung County Government Units Begin Monitoring Body Temperature of the Public to Improve Epidemic Prevention

Ever since March 2 of this year, Taitung County Government has been implementing control over the entry and exit of government employees and members of the public to prevent an epidemic in light of the new strain of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Temperature monitoring stations are placed at two entrances to Taitung County Government. County Magistrate April Yao went to work in the morning of March 2, and also received a temperature check before entering the building, hoping everyone0 will come together in preventing an epidemic.

The county government further held a second inter-unit meeting regarding coronavirus epidemic prevention on February 27. Although suspected cases have been ruled out in Taitung County, epidemic prevention cannot be lax. High standards of epidemic prevention is still much needed to continue prevention. During the meeting, it was agreed to start body temperature monitoring of all county government bureaus and departments, as well as other affiliated units. Today, county staff and public officials must measure their body temperatures, and should they have a fever, they will be prohibited from entering the building.

Magistrate Yao also appealed once again that people at home and in quarantine must cooperate to ensure that they do not leave their homes. Leaving one’s home when they should not will not be tolerated. Yao further reminds people that they should still implement personal hygiene such as washing hands with soap, and covering coughs. Measures to avoid raw food and contact with wild animals must also be taken. For patients with acute respiratory infections, avoid going to public spaces, and wear surgical masks should you need to seek medical treatment at hospitals. If you have any serious symptoms such as those of pneumonia, please contact the Disease Control Agency's Epidemic Prevention Line at 1922, or contact us at 0975288155.

2020 Taitung Lantern Festival Holiday & Sightseeing: Bombing of Lord Handan Press Conference, County Magistrate Yao Welcomes Everyone to Taitung’s Lantern Festival

Taitung City Government held a series of 2020 Lantern Festival activities on February 1 of this year, most notably a press conference. It was attended by Mayor Guo-Chou Chang, Speaker Hsiu-Hua Wu, and people from all walks of life, such as Lord Handan, indigenous peoples, the Hakka, and of course local agricultural special products and lit-up sugar apple lanterns. The bombardment of Master Tiger and the bombing of Lord Handan made their debut for the first time this year. More than a thousand people watched it in anticipation. Mayor Chang also took the role of Lord Handan, and received a “firecracker baptism”. He prayed that the Lord Handan could drive away the Wuhan coronavirus threat, and to allow Taitung to become more explosive.

The band Fa'edetay and dance group Wumenshacheng put on great performances featuring pop music, classical and modern dance. Mayor Chang thanked and praised Taitung County Magistrate April Yao for supporting the coronavirus epidemic efforts in Wuhan, which is still in the midst of a critical period. In addition, he thanked Magistrate Yao for promoting this year’s Lantern Festival activities, and allow the 60-year-old traditional folk culture in Taitung to continue. Taitung City Government will actively cooperate with Taitung County Government in promoting the county and Taitung City.

Mayor Chang also explained that the traditional custom of Bombing Lord Handan can cope with the virus outbreak. This event, along with the two-day parade consisting of gods and the Buddha on February 8 and 9 will calm the current Wuhan coronavirus epidemic and return it the people to a healthy environment. On February 15th, a high-altitude fireworks show was held at Taitung Seaside Park. Oriental beauty group and singers Wu Fang, Gigi Wu and Yu-Chia Tseng were invited to take part. The event was ended with the popular Bombing of Lord Handan ritual. The high-altitude fireworks show welcomes people from all over the country to visit Taitung.

Taitung City Government’s Lantern Car creation, which is a new and made its debut this year, is a 10-ton semi-truck and has a total length of nine meters. The city's emblem is combined with Lord Handan’s lighting as the main axis, and features hot air balloon sightseeing activities and representative elements of the multi-ethnic groups in Taitung. The body also boasts a solar rhythm electric motor configuration, and is pleasing for spectators to look at. Groups of friends, small and large, can feast their eyes with zero distance interaction.

The lantern car display period was from January 31 to February 9, and its last stop was in front of the city government building. The lantern car paraded through the streets and lanes of Taitung, adding liveliness and attracting interest to traditional folk festivals. Show more lively atmosphere.

Taitung County Government Magistrate April Yao carried out a health education campaign in response to the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Although there is no threat of an epidemic in Taitung, should you have a mild fever, please rest at home and wear a mask while watching county events to protect yourself and others. On the 15th and the 16th of the first lunar month, the Bombing of Lord Handan and the Lantern Festival activities will help to rid the old year of obscurity, and welcome a successful and great new year in 2020.

The folklore leaders will perform the traditional skills of the first and eight generals, Hsien-Yang Temple Bombing of Lord Handan, and the staff set up a long string of firecrackers on the ground. The crowds on the side were in attendance, stimulating the performance, and included Taitung City Mayor Chang and others. People threw firecrackers, and the deafening sound of the cannons made the people's eyes indistinct. Children in attendance were fascinated as well.

Before Lord Handan from Hsuan-Wu Temple went on stage, Mayor Chang took the role of Lord Handan on a vehicle to accept a “firecracker baptism”. He bravely appeared and was praised by all spectators who were present. Six physical representations of Lord Handan followed and gave a spectacular performance. After the firecracker show, the spirits were still trembling, which meant that this year's good luck and wealth for the entire year have brought enjoyment to all people in Taitung.

2020 Traveler Review Awards: Taitung Comes in at 7th Place, a leading global online platform, revealed their 2020 Traveler Review Awards, which is based on user ratings. Enters its eighth year, and in addition to integrating high-quality accommodation partners, it has also included transportation services for the first time this year, including car rentals and airport shuttles etc. Striving to affirm loyal hospitality partners, and with nearly one million merchants (986,449) having won awards worldwide, they offer travelers a wonderful experience.

In addition, specifically showcases the number and proportion of awards in various countries and regions. Italy's award-winning accommodation has won the championship for three years in a row, followed by Spain and France. In order not to let Turkey ’s Göreme and Vietnam ’s Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng monopolize the limelight, Taitung, with her mountains and rivers was ranked seventh in the Most Welcoming Places on Earth category. Taitung also ranked high in the percentage of award-winning accommodations, showcasing its high quality. Travelers appreciate the high quality of accommodation in Taitung.

Taitung is on the list of the Most Welcoming Places on Earth category

As part of the 2020 Traveler Review Awards, Italy has won for the third consecutive year, with 130,253 award-winning accommodations, becoming the country with the most award-winning accommodations worldwide. The runner-ups from second to tenth are (in order): Spain, France, Germany, Croatia, the United States, Britain, Poland, Russia and Greece.

In order to provide travelers with a better travel experience, also selected the 2020 Most Welcoming Places on Earth based on the proportion of award-winning accommodation in each country. It is worth mentioning that Turkey's Göreme has won the world's best guest cities for two consecutive years, showing that it is widely appreciated by tourists worldwide. The second to sixth places are (in order): Tatranská Lomnica (Slovakia), Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng (Vietnam), Kobarid (Slovenia), Cochem (Germany), and Doolin (Ireland). Taitung, with its enchanting nature and popularity among tourists, ranked seventh. Schenna (Italy), Monte Verde (Brazil), and Lake Tekapo (New Zealand) came in at eighth to tenth, respectively.

Hotel Royal Chihpen Holds Charity Event for Children in the Region: Formosan B. B. is Coming Screening, Raising Awareness to Ecological Conservation

In support of the first Taiwanese ecological record film Formosan B. B. is Coming, Hotel Royal Chihpen held a movie charity even on January 22 of this year. Children from the region were invited to watch the film free of charge to raise awareness about ecological conservation, and to provide them a sense of fun with their families. Taitung Forestry District Management Office Director, Chiung-Lien Liu, and Beinan Township Office Mayor, Wen-Wen Hsu, were also at the scene and supported the educational charity event.

"Formosan B. B. is Coming is a great documentary film about ecological conservation. It is an excellent educational film for adults and children alike to get to know Taiwan’s black bear, as well as her and nature. The viewing of the documentary film also allowed children to further understand the beautiful scenery present in Taiwan's mountains and forests. During this year, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation will promote Taiwan with the Year of Mountain Tourism theme. Black bears are inseparable from the mountains in Taiwan. However, since the film was released in December last year, it has been slow to appear in theaters in Taitung County.

The children who participated in the showing were quite happy, because it is rare to have such an opportunity to go out and watch a film with their families, especially during the winter vacation. Not only did watching the ecological documentary film have educational implications, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it while helping themselves to popcorn provided, while watching the film. For Hotel Royal Chihpen, it is not only a location for giving back to the public through welfare, but it is also a major contribution to marketing tourism in Taiwan.

South-Line Highway Road-Widening Upgrade Project: What You Need to Know

People across Taitung County have been eagerly awaiting the widening and improvement of the Provincial Highway No. 9 South-Line and tunnel. After many years of construction, it officially opened to the public at five o’clock in the afternoon on December 23 last year. There are restrictions on certain types of vehicles for the tunnel. Competent highway officials from Dawu Township police station are implementing vehicle control operations onsite.

This project involved the widening and upgrading of Provincial Highway No. 9. It starts from Anshuo Village in Daren Township, and ends in Caopu Village of Shizi Township. The 11-kilometer upgrade includes a 4.6-kilometer tunnel, and in order to ensure rapid emergency response, local police and fire department officials held four accident drills covering car breakdowns, earthquakes, fire hazards and major car accident scenarios.

In order to take into account the overall safety of pedestrians in the tunnel, the 426.8 km to 437.5 km section of Provincial Highway No. 9 was initially opened to coaches minibuses, and cargo vehicles. Under the direction of the Third District Maintenance Construction Office (MOTC), police officials from Dawu Township announced that it would regulate large trucks, oil tankers, heavy-duty locomotives, scooters and bicycles from entering the tunnel. They hope that members of the public will cooperate in maintaining traffic safety.

Inaugural Tea Party, Magistrate Yao: Pragmatism & Solving Problems to Create a Taitung with Unlimited Potential

“I would like to be a politician, and I promise not only to face the problems most politicians dare not face, but also to brighten the brand so that Taitung is not just Taitung,” says Taitung County Magistrate, April Yao. On December 25 2019, Magistrate Yao held an inaugural tea party under the them of showcasing Taitung’s unlimited potential, marking one year of her tenure. Since taking office, Yao’s focus has been on getting things done pragmatically, as well as problem-solving. She has gained a deep understanding of the overall situation in Taitung in the shortest time, and thanked her team for all their effort and support during the tea party. In addition, she added that only by working together can Taitung make strides in the fields of medical treatment, transportation, and agriculture. By focusing on getting the job done, she will be able to fulfill promises made to residents step by step. “In the future, I hope to drive Taitung in a ‘slow and fast’ direction by means of promoting a slow economy, and the electrification of the Huadong and South-Line railways tracks. This will create endless possibilities for Taitung in becoming a city with diversified and balanced development,” adds Yao.

Taitung County Government held an annual tea party marking Yao’s one-year inauguration in office on December 25 last year. The event was attended by members of the Musical Talent & Training Program including Mario, Zulje Zulj, and Yu-Hung Chen. The event’s prelude was a short video showcasing the results of this administration’s achievements thus far. Director-General of the Bureau of Water Resources Protection Taitung Branch, Chi-Hui Wang, spoke on behalf of the central government in praising Magistrate Yao and her team for what they had accomplished in one year since taking office. He adds that the effort and hard work have strengthened the relations between the local and central government. The previous Magistrate Justin Huang’s legacy coupled with Magistrate Yao’s continuous promotion of Taitung County have given county residents a new sense of glory. Wang further points out that when meeting or traveling in other counties and cities, people have a sense of envy when it comes to what is happening in Taitung.

During the event, Magistrate Yao pointed out that the easiest way to test a politician is to review what he or she has said in the past. “Today, I look back at what I said during my inauguration in December 2018. I am quite confident when I say that I work hard, and I am doing pretty well. I would like to thank the people of Taitung for their encouragement and affirmation. In addition, if it were not for the efforts of the county government team, we would not have as many resources as we do now to create more convenient services,” said Magistrate Yao.She continues. “Holding the position of county magistrate is not about the title. It is about serving the people and getting things done.” Magistrate Yao added that she admires the hard work of her team in the county government, and looks forward to breaking barriers together to create happiness for the people of Taitung. “I want to be a politician, and to have the courage to face problems that most politicians dare not face, and to brighten up the Taitung brand so that Taitung is not just Taitung," she repeats.

County Magistrate Yao says that the the people’s needs matter most when it comes to governance “Therefore, we must first urgently solve the medical and transportation issues in the county. This year, we introduced medical resources into remote villages and the outlying islands. The county government also strove to expand human resources in hospitals, such as surgery specialists, plastic surgery and other resources. Mackay Memorial Hospital and Taitung Christian Hospital passed the severe emergency hospital and emergency intermediate-level ability assessments,” she adds. “In terms of transportation, we focused our efforts on the integrating the whole county. In April the rollout of new buses and taxi buses in Daren Township and Yanping Township went smoothly, whilst solving transportation problems for those living in rural areas. In addition, buses were also rolled out in Donghe and Jinfeng to make up for places where previous buses did not reach.” While solving the transportation problems of Taitung County, Magistrate Yao has shifted more focus onto opening up marketing and sales opportunities for agricultural products the county. Recently, seventy-two eco-farming products were put on the market through FamilyMart’s online APP store, allowing these products to be seen by a wider audience.

As for the future, Magistrate Yao emphasizes that Taitung should remain authentic to itself, because it boasts natural beauty and a rich, unique culture. Just like Milan, Tokyo or Shanghai, Taitung has the potential to become a world-class city. Therefore, Yao has been looking forward to promoting the “slow and fast” image of Taitung. “Slow” refers to the slow pace of living in Taitung. For example, the Taitung Slow Food Festival has developed their own brand in bringing together tribal delicacies and travel. This is in order to market the charm of Taitung, and to attract more visitors and immigrants to come experience it for themselves and to bring back their own sense of a slow-pace lifestyle.On the other hand, “fast” refers to technological advancements to assist in solving industry development in Taitung. Yao cited the electrification of the Huadong and South-Line railways tracks as an example. This project will not only complete Taiwan’s railway network, but also provide convenience for travelers in the county.

Toward the end of the event, Magistrate Yao utilized surprise gifts to county government director-generals to present seven new policy directions of her administration: 1) Land Administration Department: zone expropriation in order to promote a new sustainable model for development 2) Finance and Economic Development Department: establishment of a green energy office to promote Taitung as a low-carbon city 3) Transportation and Tourism Development Department: hosting the tenth Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival and Open of Surfing, as well as expansion of other events 4) Indigenous Peoples Department: promotion of tribal travel, food and fashion 5) Agriculture Department: combination of slow food and sports activities to promote a “slow economy” in Taitung 6) Cultural Affairs Department: hosting the first electronic DJ competition in almost ten years 7) Fire Bureau: establishment of SRTP rescue groups to assure safety of residents in Taitung County Magistrate Yao further encouraged her colleagues in the county government to continue to open themselves up to dialogue, integrate resources between each other, and to innovate together in order to allow Taitung to move towards a competitive city with diversified development.

Magistrate Yao Leads Team to Represent Taiwan in Participating in the YOSAKOI Festival for the First Time, Demonstrating Taitung Indigenous Culture and Marketing Taitung Tourism in Japan

Taitung County was commissioned by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications this year to participate in the 22nd YOSAKOI Soran Festival in Japan. Bureau Chief-Secretary Kun-Yuan Lin, and Taitung Magistrate Yao jointly led the Taiwanese representatives Time for Taiwan, which is a famous Tscvs Dance Group from National Taitung Senior Commercial Vocational School. The dance group, which has won many national high school and folk dance championships, participated in the YOSAKOI street dance event in Mie Prefecture. Their performances showcased indigenous dance from Taitung, as well as its unique cultural characteristics. Yao hopes to promote friendship and encourage exchange between local governments in Taiwan and Japan through dancing events. With the goal of attracting Japanese tourists to Taiwan, Yao also invited Japanese government officials and members of the public to travel to Taitung.

The Taitung County Transportation and Tourism Development Department indicated that the YOSAKOI Festival is held in Tsu city, Mie Prefecture every October. It is mainly a grand celebration, which is held in conjunction with traditional folk performances with its more than three hundred years of history. Its main purpose is to carry out large parades and activities inherited from local culture, as well as local festivals. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year both locally and from abroad.

The YOSAKOI Soran Festival in Mie Prefecture was held for the 22nd time since its inception in 1998. This year's event, which took place on October 12 – 13, lasted for two days, and featured 52 teams and 2,596 dancers participating. Taitung County, under the direction of the Tourism Bureau, represented Taiwan for the first time at the event, and was led by Magistrate Yao. Taitung County Government selected the Tscvs Dance Group to participate in the event. In addition to exposing the audience from all over the world to authentic Taiwanese indigenous dance and music, it also showed the beauty of Taitung through exchange. Yao took the opportunity to promote the 2020 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival, which will enter its 10th anniversary next year.

On the evening of the October 11th, the organizers (Tsu City Mayor Yasuyuki Maeba and the YOSAKOI Festival organizing committee) hosted a banquet for the Taiwanese delegation. During the banquet, Taitung County Government presented red oolong tea grown in Taitung as a gift to the organizers. Yao said that she visited northeastern Japan (Mie Prefecture and Shima City) over the period of a few days. She adds that she felt as if she never left Taitung, as those places are quite similar to Taitung. As a result, she sincerely welcomed the organizers to experience slow travel in Taitung in the future.

Performances meant to take place on October 12th were canceled due to the impact of Typhoon Hagibis. Despite this, the Tscvs Dance Group representing Taiwan was still enthusiastically performing the next day on the main street of Tsu City. They brought authentic dance to the Japanese. During their performance, the slogan of MAKAPAHAI (referring to the beautiful and wonderful) brought about blessings and joy to this festival.

During the street parade, the performance put on by the dance group from Taitung was energetic under the leadership of Magistrate Yao. The Japanese audience at the scene felt the charm of the performance from Taiwan, especially as the applause continued. Yao felt it was a lively atmosphere. The dance group performed on the Final Stage later in the evening. They embodied the Amis and Puyuma Tribe’s elements of life, entertainment, rituals, farming and fishing to showcase the harmonious natural lifestyle of the indigenous tribes. In addition, they also used rainbow umbrellas present at their ceremonies to thank the creators and ancestors for their peace and the annual harvest. The performance not only impressed spectators with a refreshing outlook of indigenous culture in Taitung, but also exposed them to the enthusiasm from Taiwan through their energetic dance routines.

According to statistics from the Tourism Bureau, the number of Japanese tourists visiting Taiwan has grown steadily each year. By participating in this event, Taitung County Government gave more opportunities for the students in Taitung to experience cultural exchange, and at the same time hoped to attract more Japanese travelers to Taiwan. They also impressed Japanese spectators with the charm of Taiwanese indigenous culture and dance exhibited by the Tscvs Dance Group from National Taitung Senior Commercial Vocational School.

Taitung Magistrate Yao Visits Iwate-ken OIGEN Foundry in Japan in Hopes of Achieving Industrial Cooperation and Development

On October 10, Taitung County Magistrate Yao led a team of county government representatives to OIGEN Foundry in Oshu City (Iwate Prefecture), Japan. The president of OIGEN Foundry, Kuniko Oikawa, personally hosted her with her team, and led Yao to visit the foundry and share the concepts of its inception. Magistrate Yao said that Taitung boasts a variety of high-quality cultural and creative industries, as well as natural and pure agricultural products. She hopes to have further exchange with OIGEN Foundry in the future, and to further promote cultural and industrial cooperation between the two parties.

Magistrate Yao led a county government team to visit the northeastern region of Japan. The itinerary included a visit to the Miyagi Arts Society, Sendai City Hall, and Sendai Tourism Convention & International Association to establish future exchange opportunities and cooperation through art exhibitions and internationalization. In addition, they also visited the OIGEN Foundry in Oshu City, which has been a traditional industry of the area for more than a hundred years. OIGEN is famous for its world-renowned cast iron technology with its classical and simple creations. Its products are highly regarded as pure Japanese-style cultural crafts. Due to their precise investigation and design, the iron products have been highly recognized for improving the taste of food and the practicality of cooking. They have also received sizable attention in the Japanese market.

Magistrate Yao shared with President Kuniko Oikawa that economic innovation is the focus of policy creation and strategy in Taitung. It is well known that the ironware produced in Oshu City is a world-renowned traditional handicraft with a history of more than nine hundred years. Similarly, Taitung County also boasts a number of high-quality cultural and creative industries, which blends traditional and innovative techniques, such as sculpturing, ceramics, visual design, and weaving. She hopes to form a milestone in the cooperation between Taitung and OIGEN through the alliance of their diverse industries. During her visit, Yao presented Oikawa with a traditional wood carving hailing from Zanums Workshop in Taitung. Kuniko imediately became quite fond of it. Representatives of Taitung County Government International Development & Planning Department subsequently invited Zanums Workshop to customize peripheral accessories of OIGEN ironware. Kuniko showed his affirmation for the woodcraft, especially since its handmade warmth and aboriginal style are in sync with OIGEN's texture. Yao hopes that the trip will promote a substantial and cooperative relationship between the wood industry in Taitung and the Japanese iron industry for further development in the future.

President Kuniko and the OIGEN team participated in the Taitung Slow Food Festival, which was held in June this year. They were most impressed with the food culture of Taitung. Taitung's slow life, slow food, slow pace and the warmth of the people made them feel at home. Magistrate Yao also invited Kuniko to visit Taitung in December this year to participate in the Taitung Slow Food Festival for a second time. She adds that Taitung has the purest natural landscape, and produces the freshest ingredients. Each meal will satisfy the senses with their enjoyment of color, aroma and taste.

Visit the Taitung County Environmental Education Center via Green Travel during Autumn and Winter Activities and Get 10,000 Green points. The Environmental Protection Bureau welcomes everyone to Make Bookings Now!

In response to the expansion of the autumn and winter tourism seasons in 2019, the Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau expressed that anyone who visits the Taitung County Environmental Education Center before the end of December can use the Greenpoint APP to receive 10,000 green points.

The Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau welcomes people to make a reservation for courses offered at the Taitung County Environmental Education Center. By receiving environmental education, you can also receive green points as an incentive to exchange them for gifts and products at a later stage.

Taitung County Environmental Education Center points out that they provide a variety of environmental education curriculum activities, including trash disposal, waste reduction, resource recovery and reuse, beach cleaning and sustainable lifestyles. In addition, they also offer courses for different age-groups such as environmentally-friendly DIY, guided tours and art exhibitions created from waste materials. All visitors are welcome to use the Greenpoint APP to apply for courses and to receive 10,000 green points as part of the special offer.

The Environmental Protection Bureau adds that the Environmental Protection Department of the Executive Yuan has implemented the Green Point APP, which allows people to purchase green products, take public transportation or participate in environmental protection activities. These actions translate into green points to obtain substantial feedback, and to make environmental protection a valuable experience. People can use their smartphones to download the app and register as a member. They are then able to start collecting green points and receive relevant information at the same time.

During the autumn and winter green travel event, every green member account only has one chance to receive rewards. The event will be held until December 31, 2019. For further information on the courses, please contact Taitung County Environmental Education Center directly on 089-359049, or visit the official website:

Indigenous Contemporary Avant-Garde Fashion – Sabra Andre Clothing Design Exhibition Launched on October 18th; Magistrate Yao Expects it to Become a Model for Children in Taitung

Welcome home Andre! Sabra Andre, a world-renowned fashion designer, was welcomed back to Taitung by Taitung County Magistrate Yao. The Indigenous Contemporary Avant-Garde Fashion Exhibition was launched on October 18th at Taitung Bus Station, complete with a fashion show showcasing the works of Sabra Andre, and was put on by ten models from EeLin Entertainment. Magistrate Yao hopes that this event becomes a model for children in Taitung. In addition, she welcomes tourists and members of the public to see the exhibition which will run until March 1 next year, and where visitors will be able to experience the Sabra Andre’s stage charm up close and personal.

The opening ceremony was held at Taitung Bus Station at 10 am, including Magistrate Yao, former Magistrate Huang, and Taiwan Design Center CEO Chi-Yi Chang, County councilors Zhong-Zheng You and Chang Chuan-Hsing Lan, Chishang Township Chief Yao-Cheng Chang, Dawu Township Chief Jian-Bin Huang, elected representatives, and culture workers attended the event. Sabra Andre's mother, relatives and friends were also in attendance to share the joy. Former magistrate Justin Huang and Taiwan Design Center CEO Chang both welcomed Sabra Andre, who finally returned to Taitung after graduating and working overseas. They also hoped that Andre can become part of the second wave of glory in Taitung, just as Bulareyaung returned to his hometown and created the Bulareyaung Dance Company to lead children in Taitung into the future.

Magistrate Yao said that after she met Sabra Andre in previous years, and that she was quite positive and appreciative of his design philosophy. After she took office as Taitung County Magistrate, she has been taking the opportunity to wear Sabra Andre clothing on behalf of Taitung at many international conferences to express her support and love for the brand. Yao also used this exhibition as an example to show children in Taitung what success can bring to their hometown. She wanted to tell residents of Taitung who are working hard abroad, that as long as they are ready, they can come back at any time. She added that they should utilize the practice of open integration and innovation to polish the Taitung brand and deepen the values of Taitung.

Sabra Andre points out that he acknowledges the nutrients given to him by his mother culture, the Paiwan Tribe in Taitung, in order to create his works. His clothing creations are based his indigenous tribe’s culture. He believes that creating is the process of internalization of one's own culture. Brands should explain cultural concepts and stories through clothing design. He hopes to convey the beauty of indigenous culture through fashionable design vocabulary.

Designer Sabra Andre graduated from Shih Chien University Fashion Department, situated in Taipei. He hails from a Paiwan Tribe in Dawu Township, and specializes in transforming aboriginal totems into modern digital prints. The lines of the clothing design are simple, featuring the aforementioned original indigenous totems. Drawing inspiration from authentic symbols of his culture, he is an expert at utilizing cross-material techniques in his designs. The design style he uses is avant-garde, blending surrealism and futurism, while at the same time boldly incorporating montage elements, which have become a highly recognizable “Andre-style” art form.

His namesake brand, Sabra Andre, was founded in 2011, and is one of the few authentic design brands of boutique fashion in Taiwan that incorporate indigenous tribal symbols. The brand is sold in Taiwan, the United States, China, and the Middle East. His clothing design products are deeply loved by political and business celebrities both locally and all around the world. Sabra Andre is also a frequent winner of domestic and international fashion show awards.

For the first time, the exhibition unveils a full spectrum of branded works, including the Taitung 089 series, Myth series, Deinagkistrodon cross-stitch series, Time Wrinkle series, and the Sabra Andre series. The exhibition also presents fifteen Andrea's costume painting manuscripts, and it should not be missed for those who are interested in fashion design. Lectures will also be held during the exhibition to give members of the public a better understanding the thinking of the curator, as well as conveying the unique aesthetics of his clothing designs through face-to-face communication.

One of the exhibition themes, the Taitung 089 Series, reflects a new fashion concept of transforming the landscape of Taitung through design. Designer Sabra Andre selects the most classic indicators of the attractive characteristics of Taitung, such as lush rice fields situated in Chishang, the rapeseed flower seas of Guanshan, the coral reef ecology of Green Island, the beautiful scenery at Sanxiantai, and the rich natural features of the Tao Tribe on Orchid Island. His clothing designs act as a messenger for the geometric abstraction of printed vocabulary. Sabra Andre’s designs and interpretation provide different perspectives of Taitung, and once again showcase the local design energy of Taitung.

▧ Exhibition Period|2019.10.18 (Fri) – 2020.03.01 (Sun) ▧ Exhibition Times|Weekdays 8:30-17:30; Weekends 8:00-18:00 ▧ Exhibition Location|Taitung Bus Station (371 Tiehua Rd., Taitung City) ▧ Opening Ceremony|2019.10.18 (Fri) 10:00

Taitung County Cultural Affairs Department Publishes New Book Taitung Art on October 18th,, While Publishing Presentation Gathers Art Energy in Taitung

Taitung’s mountain and sea scenery, coupled with multicultural exchange are the perfect ingredients for attracting artists who love nature and pursue inspiration to live in and enjoy the creative power of Taitung. This year, the Taitung County Cultural Affairs Department published a new book Taitung Art, which consists of the stories of sixty artists and groups from a range of fields to record their journey of their life and creations in Taitung. The Cultural Affairs Department also held a book launch event at Taitung Art Museum at 10:30 on October 18, 2019 (Friday). The event invited the artists featured in the new book to share their experiences about creating art and living in Taitung.

Taitung Art is divided into three parts: the coastline, the East Rift Valley, and the South-Link line (which includes Taitung City). The sections introduce the stories of 20 art creators each, for a total of sixty. These artists express their deep love and connection to Taitung, no matter if they grew up in Taitung, settled here, or happened upon the opportunity to pursue their lives there. "These radiant artists who work quietly in all corners of Taitung express their own stories about Taitung with different attitudes. Sixty people have told sixty stories, and they bring Taitung alive with rich energy and art," says Taitung County Magistrate April Yao.

In addition to introducing the life stories of different artists, Taitung Art also showcases their creations to assist in marketing Taitung, as well as narrating their stories in encountering Taitung. The Director-General of the Taitung County Cultural Affairs Department, Ching-Bo Chung, invites you to come and listen to their stories of Taitung featured in the new book on release day!

Taitung Takes Part in the Busan International Travel Fair for the First Time, Hoping to Attract Korean Visitors to Taitung

Taitung took part for the first time at the 2019 Busan International Travel Fair, which took place on September 5 at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO) in South Korea. Taitung County Government Transportation and Tourism Development Department Deputy Director-General Kuo-Cheng Wang led five major brands (Sheraton Taitung Hotel, Cheng Tse Souvenirs, Jiafang Organic Tea, Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden and Lu Ding Ji Tea House etc) to the exhibition, hoping to enter the Korean tourism market by capitalizing on Taitung’s reputation garnered by being chosen for’s Top Ten Travel Destinations.

This year, the design of Taitung’s booth was inspired by the shipping container market at TTStyle, to create an atmosphere of light travel and to bring out a unique hipster trend style. A local dance group, Tscvs Dance, put on a unique indigenous dance performance at the event, attracting a large crowd, and enhancing the willingness of travel to Taitung.

The Taitung Booth was on display for four days from September 5 – 8. Participants took part in the 360-Perfect Taitung activity, which was held daily three to four times during the exhibition. Participants were able to win toy eggs and prize draws by simply liking the official Taitung page, or by sharing promotional videos of Taitung. Many people visited the Taitung Booth, including the popular Korean traveler Naver.

Taitung County Government has become a major Taiwanese tourism brand in recent years. The highest number of visitors hailing from neighboring countries were from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. In addition, the number of Korean visitors has exceeded one million for two consecutive years. The total number of Koreans from January to July 2019 was 628,362, which was higher than the amount during the same time in 2018 (570,657 people). The number of Korean tourists coming to Taiwan this year increased by 10% compared to last year, especially during the current autumn and winter season, making it the most popular tourist season for Koreans. In order to expand the diverse tourism market, this years Taitung Booth targeted both self-guided deep-travel and group tours, and will continue to increase the tourism market in Taitung.

Taitung Responds to 921 World Cleanup Day: Foreigners and Locals Take Part in Beach Cleanup

In response to World Cleanup Day hosted by Let’s Do It Taiwan on September 21st, and in order to increase environmental awareness among the people of Taitung, Taitung County Government held a beach cleanup on the same day at 4 PM (Taitung Let’s Do It 921 Beach Cleanup). The campaign involved volunteers associated with Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau, Fulbright Taiwan’s English Teaching Assistants (ETAs), and local host families. Participants divided themselves into groups and by way of competitions helped clean up beaches in the county. With over one hundred people who took part, 388.5 kilograms of trash was cleared up.

“Sightseeing is the main direction of Magistrate Yao’s vision for Taitung, as was shown when Taitung recently won third place for must-see tourist hot-spots. Creating a clean and international-friendly environment is a meaningful response to such charitable activities,” says Taitung County Government Secretary-General Ming-Ren Chen. Last year, 17,000,000 people from 158 countries took part in the world’s largest environmental cleanup event, World Cleanup Day. This year, Taitung joined in with Fulbright Taiwan’s ETAs and host families taking part. In addition to making the environment better in Taitung, this event has the potential to attract more foreigners to Taitung to take part in charitable activities, and to showcase the people of Taitung’s love for the environment.

Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau points out that in order to decrease the environmental impact caused by trash, maintaining river water quality and reducing man-made waste into the ocean, inter-departmental cooperation and stopping ocean pollution caused by man-made waste is vital. In addition, more emphasis must be placed on the promotion of a plastic-free ocean. This must be done by the way of striving to reduce, prevent and remove waste creation, as well as implementing control measures and promoting marine environmental education. People must come together to reduce the use of plastic products, and implement plastic-free lifestyles to achieve the goals of public-private sector cooperation to protect the marine environment.

Taitung Marketing: Magistrate Yao Takes Part in Tetris Challenge to Showcase Achievements

The Tetris Challenged has gone viral on various social media platforms in recent years, prompting Taitung Magistrate Yao to also take part. Uploaded to Facebook, the marketing image shows Taitung’s achievements, including Fugang Harbor expansion, embankment construction, South-Line emergency medical center, South-Line station, the upcoming Taiwan Open of Surfing, sugar apples, and the upcoming 2020 National Disabled Games. As soon as the post went live, hundreds of online users responded with likes and responses, prompting MuLan League member and Hualien Magistrate Hsu-Zhen Wei to take part in the same challenge, thus continuing to promote tourism and economic activities in the east.

On September 19th at 11:40 AM, Magistrate Yao was accompanied by the mascots of the 2020 National Disabled Games (A-Li and A-nai), and a sugar apple fairy in front of the International Landmark located in Seashore Park. They took part in the Tetris Challenge, together with props including a surfing board, TTCoins, Starry Taitung, and hot air balloons. In addition, view-boards showcasing Fugang Harbor expansion, embankment construction, South-Line emergency medical center, South-Line station were also on display to let people know about upcoming construction projects and major events later this year and throughout next year.

“What has my team done since taking office nine months ago?” asks Magistrate Yao. It was then when she decided to take part in the popular Tetris Challenge to market Taitung’s achievements and upcoming projects and events for country residents, and the rest of the country. Magistrate Yao also challenged the other two members of the MuLan League, Hualien Magistrate Hsu-Chen Wei and Yilan Magistrate Tze-Miao Lin, to take part. Hualien Magistrate Hsu-Chen has already accepted the challenge, and will be participating soon.

Bucket List of Foreign Visitors to Taitung: Internet Discussions off the Charts

After a year of observing thousands of channels, social media, and articles, DailyView has announced the top ten must-see attractions in Taitung, with its natural beauty ranking third. Compared with the top two (Taipei 101 and Ximending), Taitung’s authentic beauty, with its mountain and ocean travel, and of course its viral check-in hot-spots, has pushed discussions about Taitung on the internet to an all-time high. It has now become a recommended place of travel for eager visitors by local Taiwanese. “Taitung is a city located between the mountains and the sea. The unique natural and human landscape are worthwhile to visit again and again,” says Magistrate Yao upon hearing this news.

DailyView used web-crawling technology to acquire a large amount of data. Recently, it has also utilized analyses performed by KEYPO BigData Engine to reveal that excluding Taipei, Taitung has been selected as the most recommended tourist spot in Taiwan in online discussions. Whether it is the popular Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival, or the most beautiful train station in Taiwan Duoliang Station, all are viral suggestions for taking pictures. The number of tourists visiting Taitung exceeding 1.5 million in the single month of July this year. Popular events included the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival, the Green Island Night Glow Concert, and the StarryTaitung Concert debut, which allowed spectators to marvel at the stars without light pollution. The aurora and night stars were in full view for everyone.

Magistrate Yao further describes that Taitung is a city the connects the stars with the Earth, and the mountains and the sea. Those who visit Taitung can not only enjoy light travel by means of forest bathing, but also the abundance of water activities at the many beaches. The waves along the coastline of Taitung are blessed with unique conditions, which has become the ideal paradise for surfing enthusiasts. The Taiwan Open of Surfing is held every November, which attracts surfing competitors from all over the world. In addition to surfing competitions, the ocean is also suitable for diving activities and paddling. These activities have allowed the east coast to become a ideal settlement for expatriates. For example, the owner of Donghe Township’s Japanese-style restaurant (izakaya) Yasu says that he decided to settle in Taitung many years ago with surfing friends. He adds that surfing has become famous in Taitung during recent years, and that many Japanese travelers have come to challenge the waves. In addition, New Zealander Mark, who is a surfing coach, expresses that the natural water, and the warmth of the people are what made him fall in love with Taitung.

In addition to the natural beauty of Taitung, the abundant culture of the indigenous people also attract many tourists to Taitung. Tolga, who comes from Turkey, previously arrived in Taitung for a working holiday in a tribe in Jinfeng Township. He lived in a house built with natural materials, and tasted the local tribe’s cuisine to allow him to experience the feeling of being at home. Not only do travelers have a deeper understanding of the culture of the local indigenous population, but also become a part of it to share the slow-paced lifestyle. “Taitung has advocated slow-paced lifestyles in recent years. Slowness is not only the atmosphere which the people come here to experience, but it is also an attitude of residing in Taitung,” says Magistrate Yao.

Among the attractions recommended by foreigners in Taiwan, discussions on the internet were the hottest except for those about Taipei. Magistrate Yao believes that the main reason that Taitung attracts foreigners is because of its brand which embodies truth, goodness and beauty. Truth can be found in the nature of the land, goodness within the people, and beauty in the natural scenery. The sense of identity and happiness, which is deeply entrenched within this brand of Taitung, is irreplaceable. Adam Matz, who has been living in Taitung for over ten years, illustrates that Taitung is quite different from other cities in Taiwan. “It is really convenient to experience both the mountains and the ocean. The landscape is breathtaking, and the people are kind. Living in Taitung is the essence of happiness,” Magistrate Yao adds.Magistrate Yao hopes to deliver this happiness to all corners of the world. She will continue to promote local activities and events to attract more international visitors, to experience the pureness of truth, goodness and beauty in Taitung.

Taitung Travel Gets Full Score for Second Year in a Row in the NDC’s Annual Website Evaluation, and Hot Air Balloon Festival Live-stream Hits All-Time Record, Boosting Smart Service

In order to enhance the convenience of local and foreign visitors, Taitung County Government has established the plaform, Taitung Travel. It got a full score for the second year in a row under the National Development Council’s (NDC) tourism website performance evaluation. Taitung County Government’s Transportation and Tourism Development Department points out that Taitung Travel not only integrates with the Taitung Travel APP, but also offers push notification technology. In addition, it debuted the first real-time footage of the 2019 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival through the platform, garnering over 350,000 views. The county government has put in a lot of effort to combine technology with the local people and culture to allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of smart tourism.

The department adds that the Taitung Travel website, as part of the NDC’s evaluation was divided into eight categories: website interface, content, operations, service, mobile responsiveness, social media service, foreign language operations and creative application. The platform received a full score across all indices. The department has promised to continue reviewing and examining the website according to the aforementioned indices to, as well as performing analysis on the public’s browsing behavior and responding to queries on their Facebook platform to continue enhancing travel information on the website.

The department said that the total number of visits to the Taitung Travel website increased 25% compared to last year, with the most interest being placed on the events calendar, landmarks inquiries, and how to get to Taitung etc. According to analysis done by the department, the top ten attractions viewed most include Tiehua Village, Luye Highland, Douliang Station, Mr. Brown Avenue, Taitung Forest Park, Jialulan, Jinzhen Mountain Recreation Area, International Landmark, King Kong Avenue and Green Island’s Zhao-Ri Hot Spring.

The high-resolution live broadcast of the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival, the first in Taiwan, was broadcast 24 hours a day in the form of time-lapse photography and real-time imaging with the aim of keeping visitors abreast of the weather, the traffic situation, and the event itself. The live broadcast attracted over 350,000 views, and accumulated over 1,200,000 minutes of combined viewing time. Not only did was the enthusiasm garnered in Taiwan, but the platform also received online spectators from Japan, Hong Kong, the U.S.A, Germany, South Korea and other countries around the world. This real-time imaging platform provides a powerful method of promoting Taitung tourism on the world stage.

In addition, the newly upgraded Taitung Travel APP includes English and Chinese versions, and provides information about a variety of sightseeing activities in Taitung, landmark introductions, travel guides, weather information and transportation suggestions etc. All this information is available in the palm of your hand!

During the summer vacation months, there are many exciting activities taking place in Taitung, such as the Starry Taitung event series, Taimali daylilies, Guanshan night visits, Green Island Ancient Trail treasure hunts, the Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival etc. People can get more information at any time on the Taitung Travel website, or by downloading the Taitung Travel APP. Take advantage of the end of summer, and experience the unique scenery of the mountains and the sea in Taitung!

The East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office Holds 2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival, Attracting Almost 12,000 Visitors at the Moonlight Sea Concert in August

The East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office of the Tourism Bureau MOTC held the annual 2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival. On August 16th and 17th was the first Moonlight Sea Concert, which took place just as most of the country was experiencing heavy rains. Fortunately for Taitung, there was good weather, as was evident with the moonlight shining onto the sea for a beautiful sight, attracting crowds of over twelve thousand people over the two days.

The concert was divided into two themes, namely Wave Poetry and Wave Swing, and invited several performers including Huang Wei-Jie & Submontane Band, rock poet Ardor Huang, Kaying on Makerahay, The Muddy Basin Ramblers, Outlet Drift and Yujun Wang & Times. This multi-ethnic event showcased the rhythm and vitality of life, allowing excitement to flow through the crowds.

The creative market also held in August featured a variety of indigenous and exotic delicacies, as well as handmade art works, produced by local artists. Every stall had long queues. The afternoon outdoor concert also attracted a relatively large amount of individual performers and bands to participate, including Dulan DaShu and Laiyiting, who have both released albums previously. In addition, Gamaharu from Japan, who has toured many places around the world, brought out the enthusiasm and excitement from the crowd with their performance.

The second Moonlight Sea Concert will take place on September 14th and 15th, and will take on the Next Wave and Endless Wave themes. Performers will include Mafana, Siri & Band, Archetype, Yerko Lorca & Kuan Yin, Resres Livulivuwan, LEO37+SOSS and Sangpuy. The organizers welcome friends from all over the world to grasp the last opportunity to come and enjoy the event. As the saying goes, take the Earth as your mat, the sky as your canopy, the sea as stage curtains, and the moonlight as your company at this unique event held on the east coast.

2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival is not one to be missed. For more information, please visit the official website of the East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office at, or the official website of the event For more details, please follow them on their Facebook page: TECLandArts Festival.

Taiwan PASIWALI Festival held in Taitung: Over 10,000 Spectators watched as Magistrate Yao greeted the world through local music and dance

The second Taiwan PASIWALI Festival, held from August 2nd until August 4th, was organized by the Council of Indigenous Peoples, and co-organized by Taitung County Government. In addition to famous local bands and singers, such as Bobby Chen & A-VAN, New Formosa Band and Amis Kakeng Band, musicians from abroad (Madagascar etc) were also invited to participate. On the evening of August 3rd, President Tsai accompanied Magistrate Yao as they watched the performance on the grass with over ten thousand spectators. President Tsai hinted that indigenous cultures should be shared with the world, followed by Magistrate Yao’s comments that indigenous music in Taitung should be connected to the rest of the world.

On the same evening at around seven o’clock, President Tsai was accompanied by Taitung County Magistrate April Yao, Chairman of the Council of Indigenous Peoples Icyang Parod, Legislator Yao-Chao Liu, and Deputy Executive Director of the Eastern Taiwan Joint Services Center Zong-Kai Hong as they headed to Taitung Forest Park to participate in the festivities along with over ten thousand locals and tourists. They arrived during Suming Rupi’s performance. “Indigenous music from Taitung should be linked with the rest of the world,” says Magistrate Yao onstage. PASIWALI means “heading east” in the local Amis Tribe’s language. East is where the sun rises, and also coincides with where most indigenous peoples are nurtured in Taiwan. There are almost eighty thousand indigenous people living in Taitung County. Although it is not the highest per county in terms of numbers in Taiwan, it is the highest in terms of ratio and diversity, standing at 33% of the population in Taitung County. Therefore, Taitung County Government is constantly putting effort in promoting and creating indigenous music to connect with the world.

President Tsai pointed out that August 1st is Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Therefore, starting in 2018, she instructed the Council of Indigenous Peoples to hold a music festival during this time. She added that indigenous culture is an important asset of not only Taitung, but also Taiwan as a whole. It should be shared with the world.

According to the Council of Indigenous Peoples, in the spirit of continuing the highly-valued international exchange debate, musicians from Madagascar, Palau, Philippines, Japan and Malaysia were invited to this year’s Taiwan PASIWALI Festival. In addition, they were joined by the winners of the 2018 Taiwan PASIWALI Award: Sawali, Outlet Drift, Chalaw Pasiwali, Suming Rupi, Ilid Kaolo, Biung, Bobby Chen & A-VAN, New Formosa Band etc.

In order to enhance the image of indigenous dance on the world stage, a dancing stage became a highlight at this year’s festival. The organizers invited Amis Kakeng Band, Paw-Paw, Naluwan Dance Troupe and Bulareyaung Dance Company to demonstrate and showcase the abundance of indigenous culture.

In addition to this year’s activities, the training camp from last year were separated into two practical courses including music production and business promotion. On August 2nd, participants of the PASIWALI Training Camp led by mentors including Abao, Chalaw Pasiwali, Sutongda, High Tide and Musa took to the stage vying for a Taiwan PASIWALI Award. Participants from the business promotion course, who were guided by senior industry professionals, also utilized what they learned in the previous ten weeks to play an important role at the festival.

The Department of Indigenous Peoples of Taitung County Government said on the night that there was still to be one more event at the summer’s biggest music festival, the PASIWALI Festival: a grand finale put on by the famous band, Power Station. They added that this part of the festival was free or charge, and the surrounding area was open for all to enjoy indigenous music, dance, and delicacies. Come and join the picnic!

PONY Baseball League Wins Championships: Magistrate Yao Promises to Revitalize Baseball Glory in Taitung at Banquet for Champions

Taitung County’s youth baseball team represented Taiwan at the 2019 Pony League World Series. On August 6, 2019 (Taipei time), they beat their Mexican opponents 10 to 4 in the finals, claiming the Pony League World Series crown for their fourth consecutive year. Taitung County Government arranged a jeep parade for the champions on August 10th to receive congratulations and support from residents throughout the city. The tour was followed by a press conference and banquet held by representatives of Taitung County Government. Magistrate Yao received a baseball signed by all the players, prompting her to revitalize baseball glory in the county, and announcing that the local government will soon apply for funding from the central government to provide the best training and environment for future players.

Beinan Elementary School’s baseball team participated and won in the national trials, therefore winning the right to represent Chinese Taipei at the competition. In addition to their own seven players, they also recruited another four young players from Fengtian Elementary School, one from Sanmin Elementary School, one from Xinsheng Elementary School and one more from Taoyuan Elementary School. These young players combined to form the Chinese Taipei Team at the Pony Asia-Pacific Zone championships in Japan, and on July 1st won the right to represent Asia at the international championships after four consecutive wins. Finally, they won the world championship in Laredo, Texas. They not only represented Taiwan as the defending champion, but also won the world championship on behalf of Taitung for the second time in seven years. The last time was in 2012, however this is the first time Taitung has won the championships under Magistrate Yao’s tenure, which is of great significance.

Taitung County Government specifically arranged a jeep tour for the winners, starting at Beinan Elementary School, moving along Zhongxing Road, Xinsheng Road, Zhonghua Road, Datong Road, and finally ending at Taitung County Government in time for a press conference and banquet. Magistrate Yao was joined by Council Speaker Hsiu-Hua Wu, Deputy Speaker Tsung-Han Lin, Chairman of the Taitung County Sports Association Ming-Feng Chen, Taitung City Mayor Guo-Chou Chang, Department of Education Director-General Cheng-Hung Lin and many other council members and school principals to welcome the champions in their glory back to Taitung.

During the press conference, Magistrate Yao gifted the whole team with an honor roll, followed by Beinan Elementary School’s Ying-Che Tseng (team captain) and team coach Yu-Chuan Chen gifting the Magistrate with the team pennant and a signed baseball respectively. Yan-Tzu Chiu (Beinan Elementary School) represented all players as he shared their experience in the U.S.A. Magistrate Yao further presented Shih-Chan Chen’s (Fengtian Elementary School) father Ying-Ming Chen with a certificate of appreciation, as he accompanied the team throughout the entire competition (from the trials in Taiwan and Japan, through to providing live-streaming on Facebook at the championships in the U.S.A.). He speaks with a relaxed and humorous tone as he receives the Magistrate Award for the first time, for providing live coverage of the championships. He hopes that Taitung County Government and local communities will continue to support baseball in years to come.

Council Speaker Hsiu-Hua Wu said that in addition to the congratulations on behalf of the council and the colleagues present at the meeting, she also is related to a member on the team. She continues to illustrate that Taitung County has not been so enthusiastic for some years, and that Taitung County Council must promote the development of various sports together with Taitung County Government to allow sports to flourish in Taitung.

“Revitalizing the reputation of baseball in Taitung is one of Magistrate Yao’s most important educational policies. This year’s Pony League World Series not only showed the overall strength of Taitung County’s team, but also showcased the efforts made by the team coach from a grassroots level. When Magistrate Yao received the news that the team won the championships, she immediately instructed the Department of Education to arrange this celebration, and further instructed Deputy Magistrate to receive them at Taoyuan Airport.

Taitung is one of the few counties and cities in the country with a five-level league baseball system. The county government will continue striving to improve the facilities of Taitung Baseball Village First & Second Fields. It hopes by doing so to provide the best training and competition venues for players, and continuing to support their future endeavors and interests.

2019 Taiwan Trip: East Rift Valley Route Travel All Possible With One Card

In order to strengthen the promotion of tourism in the East Rift Valley Luye Route during the off-peak season, Taitung County Government cooperated with Taiwan Trip in promoting a limited event at the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival’s closing ceremony night glow concert on August 12th of this year. By checking in on Facebook, visitors got a Taitung Fun Card at the Taiwan Trip: East Rift Valley Luye Route stall. In addition, visitors could purchase Taitung Fun Cards online on the spot, enhancing travelers’ experiences and needs, allowing visitors to experience the practicality and convenience of the travel packages offered first hand, and hoping to attract people to travel back to Taitung in the future!

Taitung County Government’s Transportation and Tourism Development Department pointed out that these travel packages are somewhat different from other product models. The packages are based on the concept of travel design for the convenience of travelers - from the locations where you can pick up your card, to the itinerary details. Card pickup points were designed to be at all major transportation hubs throughout the county, assisting traveler’s in receiving their electronic packages. Pickup points include Taitung Train Station Visitor Information Center, Taitung Bus Station Visitor Information Center, Taitung Airport Visitor Center and the 24-hour Traveler-Inn. Not only can you avoid the worry and hassle of receiving travel cards via traditional post, but you can also save time planning your trips avoid the need of driving a car. All you need is this card to travel the whole of Taitung! In addition, limited guided tour services are offered during the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival period in order to introduce visitors to the scenery along the East Rift Valley Luye Route for one last chance before the end of the festival. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The packages offer 10% off DIY activities such as Chushulan handicrafts, Taitung Tea tasting, bicycle renting services, Mino Ice, and the 2019 must-buy top ten’s Ching Tse’s handmade qi-ma-su. These specials allow visitors to enjoy ice products during the hot summer months, to take part in cycling through rice fields, and purchasing popular local souvenirs to take home, expecting to leave travelers with unforgettable memories of traveling in Taitung.

More than 30 Golden Melody, Golden bell and Golden Horse Awards winners to create local music talent training courses

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture, the second "Tianhua that blooms on the east coast of Taiwan -All-round Music Talent Training Course on the East Coast of Taiwan" hosted by the Taitung County Government Cultural Affairs Department and the Tiehua Music Village of Lovely Taiwan Co., Ltd. was officially launched. The press conference was held by deputy magistrate Chih-Ming Chang on the afternoon of July 17th. Zhang hopes to find more music talents through the training of these outstanding talented mentors.

Music talents in the east are rich, but in the absence of relative factors including music education and exhibition space, many talents are still waiting for the right time to be excavated. The second "Tianhua that blooms on the east coast of Taiwan" project great supported by the Ministry of Culture was held by Taitung County Culture Affairs Department and Tiehua Village. They hired the Golden Melody Award winner Hao-En Wu to host the event. Pop musical intellectual artists, including Europa Huang, Pau-dull, Ray Huang, CinCin Lee, Howard Tay, Yang Pang Hao, Lisa Djaati, Jennifer Hung, Christine Hsu, Gelresai Chen, and many other experts in the pop music industry have served as instructors, teaching courses on songwriting, recording, mixing, arrangement, marketing, and planning.

Deputy magistrate Chang adds that the faculty lineup invited this year can be described as a group of Golden Melody, Golden bell and Golden Horse Awards winners as lecturers. Among the eleven mentors, the total number of the above awards has exceeded thirty. It includes the local singer Pau-dull (five Golden Melody) who just won the Golden Melody performance GMA Producer of the Year, Shi-Fang Ma, who won seven broadcasts Golden Bell Awards, and across Golden Melody, Golden Bell, and Golden Melody Horse winner CinCin Lee and others. Through this kind of gold lineup lets the participants participate in solid learning, they will be able to comprehensively understand the music industry chain and become a new generation of music creators.

Ching-Bai Chung director of the Taitung County Government Cultural Affairs Department, further stressed that the plan has been in operation for the third year. Through cooperation with Tiehua Village, the best mentors were invited to the East to guide students who love music in the local area. He also hopes to cultivate more music talents and deepen the musical strength of Taitung.

The organizer pointed out that during the four-month course, the students will participate in various courses and will complete at least one original song. These songs will be made into a compilation by professional musicians composing, recording and other post-production work. This press conference will also invite singer Jian-Nian Chen to sing their originals.

Deputy Magistrate Chang hopes that this combination of study and performance courses will not only provide a complete learning opportunity for students who love music in the East, but also to further excavate talents throughout Taitung. They will be involved in the popular music market, including Chinese, Hakka and Aboriginal music. In the longer term, he hopes that they can loo forward to the world music stage, and let the musical charm of eastern Taiwan hit a new peak.

Sunrise Chasing, Whale Watching, and Seafood Tasting, BizLion invites you to come to Chenggong

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BizLion invites there APP members to visit the largest fishing port of the East Coast. As long as you simply join BizLion’s LINE with your mobile phone, you can enjoy exclusive discounts at cooperative stories. By using coupons during the period from July 17 until August 18, you will have the opportunity to take part in a draw with prizes such as a free hot air balloon flight and others.  
  • Taitung's Mascot invites you to visit the fishing port, get discounts, and get good gifts.

BizLion was established by the Department of Commerce, MOEA and the Industrial Technology Research Institute, ITRI. It integrates store information and special offers from across the country's business districts through the LINE community platform. It lets consumers know the shops and discounts in the first place. BizLion hopes to promote local economic growth through digital technology and innovative services. Chenggong's Billfish Spirit is the god of the fishermen who blesses the fishermen's harvest. It is the only woody Billfish Spirit in the country. The local people believe that touching the swordfish head brings good luck, touching the swordfish belly makes your ship full of fish, and touching the swordfish tail makes you catch big fish. Believers truly believe that Billfish Spirit is responsive and will make all your wishes come true.

The Marlin Hometown, Chenggong Township event, which was hosted by BizLion invited 20 successful local entrepreneurs to join the event. The event boasts famous seafood restaurants, Hakka cuisine, traditional cake shops, Whale Watching dealers, and those western chefs who are attracted by the beauty of the East Coast of Taiwan. As long as you come to Chenggong Township during this event, you can enjoy exclusive benefits! During the event, use more than three coupons, and you will be eligible for the lucky draw. The prizes include a hot air balloon free flight, hot spring tickets, B&B accommodation tickets, and other gifts. This event will definitely give you a trip surrounded by delicacies and delights of Chenggong with the best memories!

In addition, to let members better understand Chenggong, one of the most representative fishing towns in Taitung, special arrangements will be held on August 17th and 18th to hold a local town market event in the front square of the Marine Environmental Education Center of Chenggong Yacht Marina. The market event invites cooperative stores to showcase their featured products on-site, as well as exclusive offers and souvenirs! At the event, a professional local tour guide is also being arranged to lead the members on a trip to the harbor during a designated time. They will walk along with the harbor and listen to the guide tell the fascinating stories surrounding the history of the coastline, hoping for good luck and leaving a deeper memory though the journey of Chenggong.

Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival Night Glow Held for the First Time on Green Island

"The Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival has been held in Taitung for nine years in a row, and Taitung County Government has finally brought the even to Green Island,” says Magistrate April Yao. The third night glow concert of the 2019 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival was also held by the people from all over the country. It was held on the runway of Green Island Airport at nine o’clock on the evening of July 13th. It was also the first cross-sea night glow event held in Taitung. Guests included County Magistrate Yao, and another 8,000 Green Island residents and tourists. Spectators were treated to a summer starry sky alongside the night glow hot air balloons. They enjoyed the music, and were taking pictures and video with their mobile phones throughout the night.

According to various polls, more than 90% of the votes cast by more than 90 netizens showed great interest in participating in the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival, and the night glow concert at Green Island Airport. In addition to the hardships of the island’s B&Bs, hotels and restaurants, tourists took advantage of renting scooters and motorbikes. Apart from logistical difficulties, Taitung County Government almost canceled the event due to strong winds. However, they chose for it to go ahead to not miss this opportunity to bring tourists to the island. Organizers chose to start at nine o’clock at night according to the weather forecast.

County Magistrate Yao told attendees at the scene that the festival has finally been brought to Green Island. She went on to thank other honorable guests, such as mayors and department heads from across Taitung County. In the future, Taitung County Government will continue to work hard to promote hot air balloons and promote industrial development. Representatives from Green Island thanked the county government for bringing the hot air balloon festival to Green Island. Not only was this the first time a hot air balloon festival was held at a civilian airport, but it also broke the record of the largest number of people attending an event on the island. Yao hopes that she can work with the local authorities to promote the tourism and economic industries of Green Island.

This year's Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival night glow event was held for the first time on Green Island. It was complimented by five hot air ballon designs. The colors changed the night sky, and the hot air balloon danced around with the music. The theme of the night glow concert was Summer Night Stars, so that spectators could feel the romantic and imaginative surprise moments under the summer night sky on the island. The five hot air balloons also dazzled the night sky of Green Island. During the event, the children residents of the small island were invited to meet attendees and other respresentatives. After the performance put on by the night glow concert, attendees were also treated to an ingenious combination of music, dance and LED lighting. The visual and auditory feast was unfolding, and full of enthusiasm, which encapsulated all that could be experienced under the night sky.

The organizers of the Taitung County Government Transportation and Tourism Development Department pointed out that in addition to the night glow event held on Green Island, there were also events held on July 20 at Dapo Lake, Taimali Aurora Park (July 27), Zhiben Hot Springs (August 3), Dawu Seaside Park (august 10), and the closing events at Taitung County Stadium on August 12 and August 16. These events should not be missed.

※ For event details and latest news, please visit the official website, Facebook page, and Instagram: Official website: FACEBOOK: Instagram :taiwanballoonfestival

Visitors Were Amazed by Multicultural Exhibition and Performance of Taitung County Hot Air Balloon Market Held Last Month

In conjunction with the hot air balloon season, Taitung County Government planned to conduct an 8-week hot air balloon market on the Tiehua Village Trail. From July 12th to 18th, the Civil Affairs Department of Taitung County Government set up a booth in Tiehua Village to promote the effect of household business and care for new immigrants. On the evening of the 13th and 14th, the new residents were invited to watch performances involving traditional outfits to showcase multiculturalism and build a friendly bridge. The performance of the new residents in traditional attire was absolute eye-catching and attracts many folks and tourists to enjoy.

The Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival began on Luye Highland on June 29. In addition to the Flying Market in the first week, the Hot Air Balloon Market will run for eight weeks in total will be set up by the bureaus of the prefectures to announce the decree and interact with the public. The event invites street performers, artists, and traditional delicacies. In addition to letting more tourists and folks share the specialties of Taitung, they can feel the goodness of Taitung. In addition to sharing the specialties of Taitung with more tourists, you can also experience the beautiful scenery and warm hospitality of Taitung.

In order to let the public understand the county's service to the people and multicultural business, the Civil Affairs Department of Taitung County Government arranged a decree that new residents of the county were invited to perform traditional dances from Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia on the Tiehua Village Trail every day from July 12 to 18. The purpose was to introduce multiculturalism, and showcase the vitality of all those who took part.

According to the Civil Affairs Department, the number of new residents in Taitung County was 4,350 as of May, and it has reached more than 2% of the county's population. In addition to being an important pillar of the family, new residents have an increasingly important influence on society. While assisting new residents to integrate into their lives as early as possible, we should give more understanding and tolerance and create a friendly environment. This event affirms that new inhabitants are integrated into the local life and are actively contributing. Through the experience of interactive events, we will enhance cultural awareness and feel the diversity and richness brought out by multicultural exchanges.

Director-General of the Civil Affairs Department Zhi-Guang Yan points out that the establishment of a friendly Taitung Bridge and the construction of a multi-Eastern Dream. It is a role that the county government has been striving for. Through the efforts of the new residents and the county government, we will create a friendly environment for the immigrants. Let the new inhabitants integrate into society more quickly and adapt to life in Taiwan, and reach the vision of Taitung County Magistrate April Yao.


“Taiwan Open of Surfing” Awarded 2nd Government Service Award of the Executive Yuan. Taitung County Government Transportation and Tourism Development Department Director-General of on Behalf of Magistrate Receives Award

The Executive Yuan held the 2nd Government Service Awards Ceremony last month to encourage public officials to make innovative breakthroughs and provide better governmental services. The Taitung County Government Transportation and Tourism Development Department won the award owing to the contributions made by the Taiwan Open of Surfing. This award was accepted by the Director of the Transportation and Tourism Development Department of Taitung County Government, Hui-Ching Chiang, on behalf of Magistrate April Yao.

The Executive Yuan’s Government Service Award is based on efficiency, quality, and innovation and aims at fairness, sharing, participation, openness, and transparency. This award aims to encourage public agencies to improve service satisfaction. The Taiwan Open of Surfing was classified in this project planning category in the competition. After the written assessment and report by the Taitung County Government, and the final review by the National Development Committee, the case stood out among the 19 finalists.

The Taiwan Open of Surfing is an event-type project. It will be hosted for the 8th time this year, and yet has won the government service award for the first time. This project is based on innovative thinking and works with the World Surf League (WSL). It focuses on the participation of local surfers, the integration of the original culture of the East Coast, the promotion of community participation, cross-institutional communication and cooperation, as well as maintaining the high-quality safety services of the event. In addition, using the WSL's global marketing resources, the event is broadcast online instantly, successfully promoting Taiwan's popularity around the world.

“Taitung is a paradise for sports tourism. Past efforts have made Taitung's sports traveling a representative of the domestic and international tourism market. The Taiwan Open of Surfing has become a prestigious event in the international surfing field. Special thanks was given to the Tourism Bureau and Sports Administration of the MOE for their support. Let surfing competitions range from the Asian Tour to the Global Points Tour, and from qualifying for the championships. Increasing the quality of the competition year by year and attracting top surfers from around the world to come to Taitung is a real model for marketing Taiwan," says Director-General Hui-Ching Chiang of the Taitung County Transportation and Tourism Development Department after receiving the award.

This year, Taitung County Government will once again cooperate with the WSL. At the end of March, the Gold Coast of Australia and Taitung signed the hosting rights of 2019 and 2020 World Longboard Championships, the World Junior Championships, and the men's QS3000 Tour. It will take place at Jinzun Harbor, which is highly praised and recognized by the surfers from all over the world.

Taitung features the longest coastline of 176-kilometes in Taiwan, the winter water temperature is warmer than other high-latitude countries, and the northeast monsoons brings world-class waves, which is suitable for promoting and developing surfing in East Taiwan. From the perspective of sports tourism, not only is the arrival of international surfers during the Taiwan Open of Surfing important, but it will also attract more domestic and foreign tourists to Taiwan during off-peak season. Taitung will continue to connect with the world through sports tourism. This year's event is expected to debut on November 23. Tourists from all over the world are welcome to come to Jinzun Harbor in Taitung to celebrate the Taiwan Open of Surfing!

taiwanopenofsurfing official FB page Taitung Tourism webpage

Draw the most beautiful starry night sky, with hot air balloons roaming the streets! County Magistrate Rao meet up with trams on the streets of Hong Kong!

For promotion of tourism in Taitung, the Taitung County Government has put up Taitung’s most breath-taking sceneries on the outer cases of trams in Hong Kong, introducing Taitung’s colorful hot air balloons and beautiful starry night sky to friends from Hong Kong. Country Magistrate, Qing-ling, Rao, led a group to attend ITE Hong Kong. Today (14th), she met up with one of these trams in Hong Kong and her excitement can no longer be contained. The County Magistrate said that Taitung has chosen to market information of relevant activities on trams in Hong Kong for a consecutive four years, in order to target the 7 million Hong Kong population and 5 million tourists during the summer vacation, thereby attracting more international tourists.

The County Government said that, trams with Taitung’s beautiful sceneries will travel between the busiest streets of Hong Kong from June 1st to June 28th, 2019. In this year’s ITE Hong Kong, Country Magistrate, Qing-ling, Rao, led the County Government and Taitung Tourism group to create a ‘Taiwan Taitung Themed Exhibition’. In the four-days exhibition, the ‘360º perfect Taitung’ will be introduced to Hong Kong tourists, alongside the visual and audio feast of ‘Starry Taitung Concert’ and the internationally well-known ‘2019 Taiwan Balloon Festival’ that will last for a total forty-five days.

Country Magistrate, Qing-ling, Rao, pointed out that in 2018, tourists from Hong Kong and Macao area are listed No. 3 for all international tourists visiting Taiwan, with a total of up to 1.65 million visitor count. At the same time, a total of 60 million visitor count visits Hong Kong every year, making Hong Kong a major city for tourism in Asia. Therefore, since 2016, the County Government chooses to visit Hong Kong for marketing purposes for a consecutive 4 years, introducing the beauty of Taitung to not only tourists from Hong Kong, but to tourists from all across the world that is visiting Hong Kong. It is expected to bring international tourists to Taitung to take part in indigenous Taiwanese tribal cultural festivals and diving in Green Island and Lanyu.

This year, the 9th Taitung ‘Taiwan Balloon Festival’ will be held for a total of 45 days from June 29th to August 12th at Taitung’s Luyeh Hill. Every day of the event is divided by the morning and afternoon sessions. Apart from hot air balloons on Luyeh Hill, there will by 9 hot air balloon spotlight sculptures every Saturday. The Taitung County is also launching the ‘Starry Taitung Concert’ this summer at Chihshang Brown Avenue, Changbin King Kong Avenue, Chenggong Sansiantai, Taimali Shuguang Park, Guan Mountain Qinshui Park and Jialulan Park, etc. Tourists may lie under the beautiful starry night sky to enjoy the melodious music and beautiful scenery, experiencing the slow and yet happy pace of life of Taitung.

The first Moonlight Sea Concert of ‘2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival’ X Duli Visitor Center Rahic Talif’s ‘Journey in the space of 50 steps’ Exhibition, Offering an Audio and Visual Feast for the Summer at East Coast Taiwan

Duli Visitor Center of the East Coast Scenic Area Tourism Bureau, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications will be officially opened on June 21st alongside the opening of ‘2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival’. The Center has invited contemporary artist Rahic Talif of Gangkou, Hualien for the ‘Journey in the space of 50 steps’ themed exhibition. The artist is known to devote himself to cleaning up waste washed up onto the east coastline. He then makes use of multi-media materials to create paintings, sculptures, installation artforms and photos to deliver his thoughts and care towards globalized topics by interactions of his works with light and sounds. The exhibition is believed to help make the Duli Visitor Center an exhibition area with environmental and cultural educational values. On the opening day, apart from the guided exhibition of Rahic Talif, the East Coast Scenic Area Tourism Bureau has also arranged for an arts seminar, in which the Public Television documentary ‘Drifting’ of Talif’s process of artistic creation will be played. All are welcomed to experience the artistic feast at Duli Visitor Center this summer.

The first ‘Summer starry night concert’ of the 2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival has invited famous local Amis Kakeng Musical Group and the local Lanshin Band (top 10 of Hohaiyan Rock Festival) to perform live. Final act of the concert includes winner of the Golden Melody Awards, Golden Horse Awards and Golden Bell Awards, songwriter Suming Rupi, and multiple-times winner of the Hohaiyan Rock Festival and Best Band of the Golden Melody Awards, Totem. The act will surely be the climax of the night.

June 21st is the traditional summer solstice. The East Coast Scenic Area Tourism Bureau has therefore specially arranged for a Starry Night Seminar in the morning and an Astrological Tour at night, as well as the ‘Star-gazing Family and Friends: Facebook Tagging Lucky Draw’ activity. Groups of 2 or more that has taken a photo, liked the page and tagged: 2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival ‘Summer Solstice Wave – Moonlight Sea Concert under the beautiful starry night sky’, and uploaded the photo to Facebook fan page of the Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival, may then enter lucky draw for a rich selection of limited gifts of the Land Arts Festival once (once per group). Friends from around are welcomed to this musical feast ‘on the bare lands, under the bright sky, with the sea as curtain, and in the company of the stars’.For convenient transportation to the venue, the organizer also provides ‘Moonlight Sea’ paid shuttle bus services. The line starts from Taitung Bus Station, making stops at Dulan and Donghe. Please have changes ready when boarding the bus; Also, Colatour, Hsiung-le Travel Service, ezfly tour, Formosa Crazy Tour and Mandarin Airlines have cooperated with ‘2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival’ to launch a ‘Moonlight Sea Package Tour’, which is now launched and available for sale.

The ‘2019 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival’ holds a rich variety of activities. For further information, please visit the official East Coast Scenic Area Tourism Bureau website: or official website of the Arts Festival: For instant information of the activities, please refer to the Facebook fan page of ‘Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival’.

Enjoy a brilliant summer in Taitung! July guided free star-gazing tours available for application countdown

Have you decided where to go this summer? You must not miss Taitung! This summer vacation, the July starry night guided tours have opened up weekday tours, and are open for application from June 20th. To maintain quality of guided tours, every tour is only open for 20 tourists. Availability is limited. Application is closed when full. Information of such tours shall be first published on Starry Taitung Facebook fan page. All are welcomed to apply online.

Transportation and Tourism Development Center of the County Government said that in the first week of the summer vacation, with the Starry guided tours, there is a run of activities for a consecutive three days! On July 4th, Starry guided tours at Changbin King Kong Avenue; July 5th the Sansiantai Starry Night Concert and July 6th the International Balloon Festival. On July 26th, there will be a Taimali Township Sun-rising Platform Starry Night guided tour, followed by the Starry Night Concert at Taimali Shuguang Park on July 27th. Moreover, a unique limited tour at Green Island Township Fanchuanbi has been added on July 20th, giving tourists and locals the special chance to enjoy the beauty of the Fanchuanbi starry night sky.

County Magistrate Qing-ling, Rao, said that after the launch of Starry guided tours since April by the Taitung County Government, the tours have received wide recognition by local citizens and tourists from across the world, inspiring tourists for more holiday ideas at the Taitung County. In July, additional weekday tours during the summer vacation offer tourists a chance to enjoy Taitung fun from day to night!

Mr. Wei, an active participant of the Starry guided tours, said that ‘As I study at a university at Taitung, I apply to join the Starry guided tours whenever I am free. Until now, I have visited many secret getaways at Taitung with the Starry guided tours, and am simply amazed by the beautiful night sky Taitung offers. This is also one of the most unforgettable experiences of me studying at Taitung.’ Mr. Wu, a father that travelled all the way from Taipei for a special gift to celebrate his son’s graduation from primary school, even brings along his son for the famous Starry guided tour.

County Magistrate Qing-ling, Rao also let slip that the Starry Night Concert will be held in Sansiantai on July 5th, Changbin King Kong Avenue on July 6th, Taimali Shuguang Park on July 27th, Guan Mountain Qinshui Park on August 24th, Jialulan Park on August 31st. All citizens are invited to lie under the beautiful starry night sky, for the most unforgettable Taitung starry memories in the melodious music. For further information, please visit the official Facebook page ‘Starry Taitung’ and Instagram account @StarryTaitung_ for the relevant information.

The Mango-version of Louis Vuitton: ‘Taitung Summer Snow’ in mass production, Rao County Magistrate Strongly Promotes the New Taitung Brand

Taitung’s Summer Snow Mangoes, which are planted for nearly 100 hectares, are coming into season. The mangoes are estimated to create an output of over NTD 55 million. Taitung County Magistrate, Qing-ling, Rao, held the Taitung Summer Snow Mango Industrial Promotion Conference today (17th) with Taitung Chief of Precinct of the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Chih-hui, Wang, at Taitung’s The Gaya Hotel, to explain the marketing assistance government agencies have offered Taitung’s Summer Snow mangoes. At the Conference, Taitung County Magistrate, Qing-ling, Rao, drew a winner for an NTD 36,000 Louis Vuitton bag from customers that have purchased Taitung’s Summer Snow mangoes. The Magistrate hopes that more will get the chance to enjoy the delicious Taitung Summer Snow, which can eventually build into an iconic brand of Taitung.

As Taitung’s Summer Snow mangoes are highly popular, many farmers have inquired upon ways to purchase seedlings. Mo-ya, Lai of the Formosa Grower International Co., Ltd that have gained exclusive authorization of the Council of Agriculture, said today at the Conference, that the Company has signed a ‘Summer Snow Mango Cooperation Contract’ with Taitung Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. as represented by County Magistrate Qing-ling, Rao, in order to sale seedlings of Summer Snow mangoes and label stickers in Taitung area through Taitung Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. for the convenience of Taitung farmers.Taitung Chief of Precinct of the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Chih-hui, Wang said, apart from being listed in the Taiwanese market, Summer Snow mangoes also became a great hit in Hong Kong and Macao markets with cross-border e-commerce. In mid-May, TVB television station team from Hong Kong already visited Taitung orchards to film marketing videos. This year, e-commerce will be once again used for promotion. At the same time, as cross-border e-commerce brings significant peripheral profits, many traders have already arrived at Taitung to negotiate purchase before the mango season.

County Magistrate Qing-ling, Rao stated that after coming into office, she has long devoted herself to promoting and establishing the brand of Taitung. As one of the topmost fruits of the county, Taitung Summer Snow mangoes therefore easily fall prey to thieves for their high quality and pricing. Production of Taitung Summer Snow mangoes is less than 1% of all mangoes in Taiwan. Despite its low production, their outstanding quality makes Taitung Summer Snow mangoes one of the fruits that can best represent the county, which is also why Rao hopes that these mangoes will become a Taitung branded product soon.Rao has just returned from ITE Hong Kong on June 15th. The main purpose of her visit was to promote Taitung Summer Snow mangoes. Also, the County Government has also planned budgets to purchase bus advertisements this year, for branded image of Taitung Summer Snow mangoes to soar between the busy streets of Hong Kong. It shall soon become an image of Taitung tourists from Hong Kong and Macao areas are most familiar with after that of hot air balloons.

Hsue-ru, Lee, a researcher from Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station that successfully developed the Summer Snow mangoes more than 10 years ago, said that the breed is also the first fruit in Taiwan to have gained an ‘ID card’. The breed preserves the rich aroma of local mangoes, the meticulous texture of Aiwen mangoes, the sweetness of Jinhuang mangos. At first, she only wanted the breed to be distinguished between the other mangoes, but the Taitung County Government and other agencies were so good at packaging and marketing the breed, that the Summer Snow mangoes eventually became a well-known ‘brand’ of Taitung. The Summer Snow mangoes are not only rich in flavor, it is also prone for storage, making the breed ideal for exports, introducing foreign customers to this unique breed of mango of Taiwan.Farmers that mainly plant Summer Snow mangoes in Taitung also attended today’s Conference. They are optimistic towards the future development of the market for Taitung’s Summer Snow mangoes. The also obliged to their promise of quality aside from production, and hope that the government may assist in marketing works to attract orders from more commerce channels.

“Recalling Taitung” – Countless fans came all the way to Guanshan to have a blast with close to 1000 Locals

“Recalling Taitung – A Tribute to the Old Time Songs” – its Guanshan show was held at the plaza of Guanshan Mazu Temple at 6:30 pm on May 17, 2019. During the rehearsal in the afternoon, enthusiastic fans from Taichung City and Pingtung County already arrived at the scene in the hope to meet their favorite stars. Mr. Yin Zheng-Yang, Mr. Kao Xiang-Peng, Ms. Fang Yi-Ping, and Ms. Zhang Qin who would be performing in the evening. These fans founded a “Fan Club for Culture, Art and Great Food.” They made plans for the holiday and reserved tickets in advance. Now, they are finally in Guanshan and have enjoyed the yummy small eats or food in Taitung such as the famous thick rice noodles in downtown, the off-the-chart popular fried chicken and the famous no-name noodle and meat soup store as well as all visitors coming to Guanshan must try – Guanshan sticky tofu along the way. It’s such a wonderful life to have a feast to the palate first then another to the ears.According to Ms. Lin Mei-Xiang, a member of “The Fan Club for Culture, Art and Great Food”, Taitung County Government, also the organizer for “Bring Art to Townships” activity did a great job at the sound effects of the concert, its promotional activities and program design. What’s more important about what they did is they actually accomplish the goal to bring art to remote areas. After all, it is not easy for people in the remote areas to enjoy such quality art & cultural activities. In the future, they hope that Taitung County Government will continue to hold more quality, approachable and cultural and artistic activities so that art is no longer out of reach. Instead, it could fit right into the daily life of people in remote areas.Important announcement: Today at 18:00 May 18, the 3rd, “Recalling Taitung – A Tribute to the Old Time Songs” concert that was scheduled to be held in Changbin Sports Park will be held at Changbin Senior Center (No. 48, Zhongxin Road, Changbin Township) at the same time due to the rain.

The 2019 Taiwan International Balloon Festival -“Preparation kicks off! Eight light display concerts will be held in the 2019 Balloon Festival, challenging different places in Taitung ”

Millions of visitors from all over the world have taken part in the “Taiwan International Balloon Festival” for the past 9 years! Highly anticipated by the public, this year’s balloon festival will be held from June 29 – August 12, 2019 in Luye Plain, Taitung for a total of 45 days. The number of days held will not be reduced this year! In addition, 8 light display concerts scheduled to be held during the festival will be not only touring throughout Taiwan like the previous years, but also held in Green Island and Dawu, Taitung for the very first time. Ms. Rao Qing-Ling, Mayor of Taitung, welcomes visitors domestic or abroad to come to “participate in the hot-air-balloon-related activities and enjoy the light display in Luye Plain, Taitung.” Filled with childlike innocence and happiness, the 2019 Taiwan International Balloon Festival invites you to experience firsthand all the pleasant surprises we have in store for you!This year marks the 9th anniversary of “Taiwan International Balloon Festival. “ In order to bring visitors a festival that is nothing like the previous ones, the theme of this year is “Happiness Forever, Dream Land for All.” The organizer has been tight-lipped about the various styles of balloons from domestic and foreign participants, and all activities are organized based on its main theme-“Happiness Forever – Nine Big Events” aiming to transform Luye Plain into a hot air balloon party that is filled with “happiness & childlike innocence.”Besides, the most-asked-about hot air balloon light display concerts will be held in a completely new location this year. In addition to people’s all-time favorite Luye Plain, Sansiantai (Terrace of the three Immortals), Dapochih Wetland in Chishang, Shuguang Park in Taimali and Jhihben Hot Spring Area, this year’s light display concerts will be held outside of Taiwan – on the Green Land famous for its natural scenery. A hot air balloon feast will be held in combination with the starry summer night and hot air balloons that carry all our dreams to bring visitors an amazing trip of galaxy light display.As for the one and only light display concert held by the beach to welcome the sunrise, in addition to being held in Sansiantai and Shuguang Park that was always packed with people from the previous concerts, a light display concert be held at the “Shenwu Seaside Park” in Dawu Township for the very first time. All people participated will be welcoming the first ray of sunshine from the Pacific Ocean at the beautiful beach where there is no boundary between the sky and the sea. Starting on 6/29, one hot air balloon light display concert will be held every Saturday for 8 consecutive weeks. Each is unique in its own way. For 8 consecutive weeks, 8 hot air balloon light display concerts will immerse all participants in the most amazing moments. Besides, the organizer has invited pop stars to perform in the concerts, including pop band 911, Shao Yu-Wei, and the Hip-Hop Boy BCW from Dawu Township, Taitung as well as famous local performing groups to ensure every light display concert bringing the audience a feast to their eyes and ears.In addition to 8 hot air balloon light display concerts for 8 consecutive weeks, let’s not forget about the sky of Taitung that is so starry without light pollution. The organizer of “The 2019 Taiwan International Balloon Festival“ will be holding the“ Starry Night Concert” under the most beautiful sky of Taihung on the Kingkong Boulevard, the Brown Boulevard, Guanshan Water Park and Jialulan Recreation Area in Changbin. With the sky above our head and the earth under our feet, we invite you to get away from the hustle and bustle cities and pressures and immerse yourself in such a tranquil and starry night. Come to Taitung and experience firsthand the LOHAS lifestyle in Taitung, feeling the happiness of a relaxing life from day to night.The 2019 Taiwan International Balloon Festival will present all visitors the unique beautiful starry sky of Taitung and a feast of colorful hot air balloons. From June 29 – August 13, 2019 for a total of 45 days, we will have hot air balloon rides & style balloon exhibition, 8 amazing hot air balloon light display concerts, 6 starry night concerts under the most beautiful starry sky in Taitung for you to gain brand new experience day and night. What are you waiting for now? Come and take part in the off-the-chart -happy 2019 Taiwan International Balloon Festival. If you miss it this year, you will just have to wait for another year!※Hot Air Balloon Light Display Concerts (1) 19:00, June / 29 (Sat.) Luye Plain in Luye Township (2) 04:00, July 6 (Sat.) Sansiantai, Chengkong Township (Sunrise light display show) (3) 19:00, July 13 (Sat.) Green Land Airport in Green Land Township (4) 19:00, July 20 (Sat.) Dapochih Wetland in Chishang, Chishang Township (5) 04:00, July 27 (Sat.) Tamali’s Shuguang Park in Taimali Township (Sunrise light display show) (6) 19:00 August 03 (Sat.) Jhihben Hot Spring Area in Beinan Township (7) 04:00 August 10 (Sat.) Shengwu Seaside Park in Dawu Township (8) 19:00 August 12 (Mon.) Luye Plain in Luye Township ( Closing Ceremony)※The Most Beautiful Sky Concerts (1) June 01 (Sat.) The Brown Boulevard in Chishang (2) June 08 (Sat.) The Kingkong Boulevard in Changbin (3) July 06 (Sat. ) The Kingkong Boulevard in Changbin (4) July 27 (Sat.) Taimali’s Shuguang Park in Taimali Township (5) August 24 (Sat.) Guanshan Water Park (6) August 31 (Sat.) Jialulan Recreation Area For details and the latest news, please check out the official website, its FB and IG Official website: FACEBOOK: Instagram:taiwanballoonfestival

The Most Beautiful Long Swim is in Green Island – Famous singer Chen Shen and close to 1000 swimmers enjoy the great view of the beautiful ocean together

Today (5/19), the 8th “2019 Green Island Long Swim” held by Taitung County Green Island Township Office kicks off, attracting close to 1000 great swimmers to take part. Famous band singer / a great admirer of Green Island Chen Shen also registered to take part and he is without a doubt the brightest shining star in the activity. Mr. Xie Xian-Yu, head of the Green Island Township (also head of the organizer unit of the activity) also takes part and witnesses the beautiful ocean of Green Island personally.The activity started at 7 am at Zhongliao Township in the morning. The swimming route of Green Island Long Swim started from the boat basin in Zhongliao, passing Chaikou Diving Area and returned to the boat basin, Zhongliao with a total distance of 3 kilos. All swimmers jumped into the sea one after another after the whistle rang. In an environment where blue sky and sea seem to be inseparable from each other and various types of corals under the sea, all swimmers got to experience firsthand the thrill brought by the black current.According to the staff at Transportation and Tourism Development of Taitung County, Taichung County Government has been promoting sports tourism enthusiastically for the past few years. Because of its unique geographical features, Green Island is perfect for holding long swims. In addition to promoting a trend for sports, it allows tourists and the locals to experience firsthand the abundant and precious resources both on land and at sea, and get to know the corals under the sea. While they are enjoying the beautiful nature, their awareness for sea protection as well as ecological preservation is enhanced.According to the head of Green Island Township, Mr. Xie Xien-Yu, they hope to hold various sports activities on Green Island to promote local tourism, and economy while letting tourists bring home the beautiful memories about Green Island.

Mayor Rao Qing-Ling invites Mr. Guo, Chairman of Foxconn Technology Group to register and become a digital citizen of Taitung. Let’s share our love for Taitung!

Chairman of Foxconn Technology Group, Mr. Terry Guo arrived in Taitung for his industrial learning trip. At the meeting with Taitung County Mayor Rao Qing-Ling, Mayor Zao invited Mr. Guo to download its TTPush – the nudge type app for Taitung County affairs and become a digital citizen of Taitung. After Mr. Guo successfully becomes a digital citizen, finished the questionnaire and got the gold coin, he gave the thumbs- up to the TTPush -the digital citizens’ policies!Mr. Terry Guo, Chairman of Foxconn came to Taitung on the 15th for his 3 day-2 night industrial trip and was invited to take part in the technology & humanistic seminar to talk about “The AI Future of Taiwan.” According to Mr. Terry Guo, Taitung has the right environment and advantages to become an AI Innovative Center which concurs with the policies of Taitung County Government to promote Taitung to be a smart city. After the seminar, Mayor Rao introduced enthusiastically to Mr. Guo about the“TTPush App.” According to Mayor Rao, TTPush is the nudge type app for county affairs promoted by the Taitung County Government. It integrates all resources from various departments of the county government and sends messages regarding county affairs to everyone’s smartphone so that county-affair related services can be provided to people of Taitung in a real-time, quick and more efficient manner. Services related to county affairs will be offered to people of Taitung actively so that the public is aware of all the efforts by the government.According to Mayor Rao, “TTPush App” also offers virtual currency service which is Taitung gold coins. Gold coins collected via TTPush may be used to get discounts or exchange for merchandise in authorized shops throughout Taichung County. Among them are some famous and popular stores with history or stores sell local small eats strongly recommended by epicures, great coffee shops offer great afternoon tea with a great atmosphere or must-buy Taitung souvenirs perfect for you or your friends & relatives.Mayor Rao emphasized that thanks to the efforts by all county government teams for the past few years, Taitung has become a highlighted city internationally that makes all Taitung people proud. In the meantime, it also attracts many people identify with Taitung. For this reason, Taitung County Government released its “I am V-Type Person – Digital County Citizen” policy in the hope that those whose I.D. Card No. starts with the letter V, whether they love Taitung, or identify with Taitung and it does not matter if his/her household is registered in Taitung or not, as long as they download the TTPush App to register and become a digital citizen of Taitung, they may enjoy the same benefits that Taitung county citizens do. For example, visiting Taitung Forest Park and Taitung Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden for free, enjoying the same ticket price as Taitung County citizens do for National Museum of Prehistory, Beinan Historical Site, Chu Lu Ranch and Fushan Fish Reserve, getting a 10% discount for Sky Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Ride and a daily ticket for Taitung Flowing Lake.At the meeting with Mr. Terry Guo, Chairman of Foxconn, Mayor Rao personally showed him how to download “TTPush App” and register to become a digital citizen Taitung County as well as how to collect gold coins by filling in the questionnaire. After Mr. Guo successfully became a Taitung county digital citizen, a “V-Type Person”and got his gold coins after filling in the questionnaire, he is so happy and gave Taitung TTPush App- digital citizens’ policies the big thumbs-up!

Tribal Tourism Carnival Held by the Tourism Bureau – The participation of Amis Tribe, Orchid Island (Lanyu), Taitung for the first time attracts lots of people

From May 3 -5, 2019, the “2019 Taiwan Tribal Tourism Carnival” held in Taipei Main Station ended successfully with a total foot traffic that hit a record high: 320000 people. Many new elements were added to this year’s carnival by the Tourism Bureau including that this is the first time the carnival was held in the“quasi travel fair”mode, and it was the first time that Maori people, the Amis tribe (Tao tribe), Kabuasua of Siraya Tribe under the management of the Headquarters of Siraya National Scenic Area and people of Gong-Guang Community took part. Its diverse contents attract many domestic/foreign visitors.According to Mr Zhou Yong-Hui, director of Tourism Bureau, MOTC, Taipei Main Station is co-shared with Taiwan Railway, HST, Taipei MRT and Taoyuan Airport MRT, not to mention it has 4 underground shopping malls with a foot traffic of more than half a million per day. Such a unique environment is the perfect venue for Taiwan International Tribal Tourism Carnival. The organizer has planned: “Dance Shows” brought by different indigenous tribes, “DIY Indigenous Food” that allows visitors to enjoy special indigenous food prepared by themselves, “DIY Indigenous Art & Crafts” that offers visitors an opportunity to experience firsthand the fun of making indigenous art & crafts, “Tribal Stamp Collection” is for visitors to collect different stamps of different indigenous tribes for exchanging gifts as well as “Get a Free Capsule Toy for A Certain Amount.” All of these activities attracted lots of visitors. Moreover, all participated units offered “One Person Wins and Two Persons Go Together” travel package to classic attractions in different indigenous tribes for a raffle draw. All these activities have one common goal which is to promote the beauty of indigenous tribes of Taiwan.Ximan, an Amis (Tao people) who took part in the carnival for the first time this year, was very happy that this was the first time that the Tao people were invited to take part. They prepared dried flying fish – a gift from the ocean especially for the carnival in the hope to promote one of their most important dishes for people of the Orchid Island and all visitors were welcome to pay a visit to the Island if they have time and to better know the 6 tribes on the island. Mr. Duan Hong-Kun of Kabuasua, Siraya tribe mentioned that cotton tree blossoms were everywhere in Kabuasua and they hoped more people would get to know their tribe and the Siraya culture via this carnival.Since the announcement of Year of Indigenous-Themed Travel in 2014 by the Tourism Bureau, MOTO, all scenic areas under its management throughout Taiwan have been working on establishing a partnership with various indigenous tribes and offering the necessary assistance to these tribes in establishing tourism factories and developing tourism to come up with exquisite, tribal-cultural oriented traveling packages – a traveling pattern that indigenous tribes are the main focus for a niche market. Their efforts have reached fruitful results after years of hard work. Mr. Zhou Yong-Hui, the director of Tourism Bureau would like to invite everyone to come and better-know the indigenous tribes of Taiwan as well as having fun during the process. “Really, you need to do this at least once in your lifetime. “

Taitung Star Chasing! Taitung County Government Announced the Most Beautiful Starry Sky Tour Guide Event

The stars are hung in the sky, and they are silent forever. In different seasons, the same points have different astrology. In the pure night sky of Taitung, these stars are waiting for us to get to know their beauty. Taitung County Government will hold the event, Starry Taitung in May. The May event was open for registration on April 23rd. The details are available on their official Facebook page (臺東最美星空), which is quite popular. Everyone, including tourists, are welcome to seize the opportunity to register as soon as possible.Taitung County Magistrate, April Yao noted that the event was free of charge and could be participated by anyone regardless of age. The April tour was open from April 6th until April 10th. All available 240 places were filled up rather quickly. The first tour of Kararuan had more than forty places, and many potential visitors continued to call for follow-ups. However, in order to maintain the quality of the star-guided activities, only twenty people were able to take part at a time. Taitung County Government apologized for any inconvenience caused in this regard.The Transportation and Tourism Development Department of Taitung County Government pointed out that at present, most of the registered participants are mainly small families, and there are also some who will come from Hong Kong. Magistrate Yao expects that through such activities, the beauty of Taitung will become exposed to more people, and it is hoped that the this activity will be pushed onto the international stage, making Taitung a must-visit for foreign visitors. This series of guided tours will continue all the way until October. Fourteen star-gazing points will be led by astronomical experts to visit stargazing points, and learn the story of Taitung step-by-step.The number of places is limited, so people are welcome to register online as soon as possible. For more details, please visit the official Facebook page (臺東最美星空) and Instagram (StarryTaitung) to pay attention to relevant information.

Eastern Taiwan Cooperation! Magistrate Yao Leads Team to Promote Taitung Tourism in Shanghai

Taitung County Magistrate April Yao was invited by Yilan County Magistrate Zi-Miao Lin on April 19th to participate in the LOHAS East Taiwan! Advance East Taiwan Tourism Promotion Conference, which was hosted by Yilan County Government. She led the county team, the Taitung County Tourism Association and five entrepreneurs from Taitung County for a total of thirteen delegates to Shanghai. Taitung, Yilan, and Hualien jointly promoted tourism for the first time. Magistrate Yao not only welcomed Shanghai residents to travel to Taitung, but also suggested to come enjoy clean air with no pollution. In addition, she invited them to feel the warm Pacific winds in Taitung. She also personally demonstrated the process of handpoured coffee and proceeded to market agricultural products from Taitung.Magistrate Yao vigorously promoted the beauty of Taitung at the conference in Shanghai. She recommended that people who like warmth and artistic environments travel to Taitung City. “Let Taitung become the gentle net that covers you. If you prefer a simple and natural environment and want to heal your body and mind, don’t miss the two offshore islands of Taitung, Orchid and Green Island. You can go diving in the Pacific Ocean and listen to the island singing. People who are too busy in their daily life and need to relieve stress can go to the coastal mountain range on the east coast and release those unpleasant things along the waves of rice paddies,” she says. Since Taitung does not have pollution over PM2.5 throughout the year, Magistrate Yao recommended that Shanghai residents must come to Taitung’s coastline to breathe deeply, and stand on the beach to enjoy the wind from the Pacific Ocean. She promised that everyone would love Taitung. “If you are not ready to fall in love with Taitung, please be careful coming to Taitung ,” she joked.This event, which was full of culture and youthfulness, was refreshing and highly praised at the promotional conference. Ms. Mei-Hong Cheng from the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism also expressed the hope that East Taiwan will quickly prepare tourism products, and be ready for the arrival of Shanghai tourists during the summer vacation and long holidays for National Day.Before attending the tourism promotion conference, Magistrate Yao was invited by Yilan County to visit the Want Want Group’s Shanghai headquarters. Magistrate Yao thanked Chairman Eng-Meng Tsai for not forgetting Yilan County while promoting cross-strait affairs and facilitated the visit. At the same time, she expressed hope that the staff of the Want Want Group’s welfare committee of mainland area can consider hosting a trip to Taitung. She said that should the Want Want Group visit Taitung County, hot air balloon activities will surely be arranged to give Want Want employees the highest standard of hospitality. In addition, Yao mentioned that Taitung agricultural products are the hottest in the market now. Some products include red quinoa, roselle, Chishang rice, and others. Magistrate Yao also took the opportunity to invite the Want Want Group to set up a food processing plant in Taitung. To this end, she also discussed with the relevant authorities, in particular, to release some public industrial land, hoping to cooperate with Want Want Group to develop the food market of Mainland China.At the Shanghai promotional conference, Taitung County not only signed the East Taiwan Tourism Corridor Cooperation Letter of Intent with Jiangsu, Yilan, and Hualien but also signed the LOHAS East Taiwan Advance Tourism Cooperation Letter of Intent with China International Travel Service Corporation Limited (CITS). Magistrate Yao was quite satisfied with the first cooperation between the three counties of East Taiwan. She was also grateful for the invitation from Yilan County, as well as the participation of Hualien County. In the future, she will continue to expand tourism and the agricultural market of Mainland China and promote a good life for the people of Taitung.

The Seventh Consecutive Challenge Taiwan was Held in Taitung with Over 4,800 Competitors and 45,000 Spectators

For the seventh consecutive year, Challenge Taiwan was held in beautiful Taitung. On April 27 and 28, the 2019 Challenge Taiwan Triathlon took place at Flowing Lake and Tiehua Music Village in Taitung. More than 4,800 athletes participated, and was further attended by 45,000 spectators. Competitors were further divided with a total of more than 700 226K competitors, 1,600 113K competitors, 1,800 51.5K competitors and nearly 800 junior athletes. Taitung County Government welcomed all participants and spectators for the two-day event in Taitung to experience firsthand the beauty of Taitung.According to the Taitung County Government Transportation and Tourism Development Department, the event was sponsored by the Taiwan Triathlon Sports Development Association, and co-organized by Taitung County Government and the Challenge Taiwan International Triathlon Organization. Echoing previous events, the competition opened with swimming in the crystal clear Flowing Lake, followed by cycling along Provincial Highway No. 11 among the coastline scenery, and finally with running through Taitung Forest Park past international landmark (Seaside Park) with the finish line situated at Tiehua Music Village.Challenge Taiwan has not only become the largest event in the Challenge Family Asia Pacific region, but also second in the world ranking, outpaced only by the famous German historical event Challenge Roth. This achievement shows that the growth of the Taiwan Triathlon event is definitely valued. In November last year, Taitung was the first city in Taiwan to successfully launch the Challenge Asia Pacific Championship, the highest-level triathlon event in the Asia-Pacific region. As evidenced through world media reports, it received international resounding, and further pushed Taiwan’s name to the world.Taitung enjoys clean air throughout the year, with the most natural mountain and ocean scenery in Taiwan. It provides a variety of tourism styles, so that tourists who come to Taitung to watch or take part in the event will not only feel the atmosphere of the participants, but also enjoy the good taste of Taitung. The mountains are beautiful and the people are even more beautiful.The Taitung County Government Transportation and Tourism Development Department points out that worthwhile events will remain in Taitung, and Taitung County Government will continue to maintain and present the unique characteristics of Taitung. Later this year, there will be the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival and aboriginal dances to greet all tourists to Taitung. In addition, regarding the Tourism Bureau Spring Travel Subsidy Program, there was no subsidies on Saturday 27th. Therefore, they encouraged everyone to stay on the 28th for an extra night to take advantage of the spring travel subsidy.

New Indigenous People Exhibition Debuts at National Museum of Prehistory

The Passing through Prehistory: Taiwan Indigenous Peoples’ Basketry Art exhibition was officially launched in the second exhibition room of the National Museum of Prehistory in Taitung April 17th. Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troupe took part in an outstanding opening ceremony for this special exhibition. The event was arranged by artisans Mei-Zhen Gao, Mei-Yao Gao, Mei-Hua Huang, and Yi-Ping Zhang to perform the waving artifact crafts. Pinuyumayan-Puyuma Tribal Wreath School principal, Akawyan Pakawyan, prayed for the event with a traditional ceremony. In accordance with ancient etiquette, the Rukai Taromak Tribe sent the Rattan Crafts made from the piper betle and betel nut (usually used as engagement gifts) to the exhibition hall. Later in the opening ceremony, Lermaliz, a Paiwan Kalaluran Tribe painter, presented the Bunun mountain landscape in 3D. In order to integrate the elements of the exhibition, performance, and visual design, the National Museum of Prehistory linked the research results of prehistoric and aboriginal culture. At the same time, the museum also organizes the past and modern appearance of the development of the waving artifact crafts, presented to local residents and various groups. Museum Director Chang-Hua Wang said in her opening remarks that the National Museum of Prehistory is an archaeological-based museum that breathes along with the culture of the indigenous people. The museum adheres to the combination of ethnology and archaeological content in their exhibitions and their services. This special exhibition is made up of archaeological evidence of pottery prints using waving artifact crafts, which links the traditional woven memories of contemporary indigenous peoples and representations their original appearances. The exhibition also displays contemporary rattan crafts using new materials to create a fusion of tradition and innovation. She sincerely invites people to visit the exhibition to get a taste of the cultural connotations of indigenous tradition and contemporary culture.Legislative Committee member, Yosi Takun, was particularly involved in the opening ceremony to express support for the museum. He encouraged the museum to continue to deepen the study of the Austronesian cultures, strengthen international exchanges and promote cultural education. Deputy Director-General of Indigenous Peoples Department of Taitung County has also mentioned that the museum is committed to linking prehistoric and contemporary cultural implications, while the county government is planning to incorporate art from contemporary perspective more in the future. In the future, Taitung County Government, National Taitung University and the National Museum of Prehistory will wore closely together to allow Austronesian cultures to shine in Taitung.In the past, the Taiwanese indigenous people produced the waving artifact craft, which was one of daily work. This skill is not only home to the handicraft arts of the majority of the people, but is also one of the specific symbols of the inheritance of ethnic culture. It is called the Waving Artifact Craft is Life. Internationally renowned Amis singer, Difang Tuwana, who produced the exquisite Fagal (a clothing basket) in 1997, gave the stage to Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troupe as a prop for their show. The head of the team, Banal, specially identified the important artifact craft produced by Tuwana, and provided this special exhibition. In addition to the beautiful singing voice of Tuwana, the public also got to knows his wonderful skills through his craftsmanship.This exhibition was designed from prehistoric artifacts, which are based on traditional knitting process techniques, together with the transformation of modern materials. It shows a clear development path from the prehistoric period, and also systematically studies and analyzes indigenous artifacts. The museum hopes to restore the representative objects of the aboriginal people through scientific and imaginative efforts, while attempting to revive the memories and knowledge of the past. This exhibition will run until September 22nd, and members of the public are welcome to explore the greatness of traditional craft weaving techniques.

German EU Representative Shares Ruhr Experience During his Exchange with Taitung as a Reference for Regional Revitalization.

At the invitation of Taitung County Government, Michael Schwarze-Rodrian, the general manager of the German Ruhr Regional Association and EU representative visited Taitung for 2 days. He held a workshop on April 12th to share the experience of public space operations in Ruhr, Germany. In addition, indigenous people in Taitung shared their tribal concepts and management ideologies. The two sides had a wonderful dialogue and exchange. Taitung County Magistrate April Yao hopes to use the experience of Ruhr as a reference for regional revitalization in Taitung.The Taitung Creation and Design Regional Revitalization Workshop was held in the Taitung County Government Briefing Room from 2 PM to 5 PM on April 12th. With the theme taken from the Outsider of traditional Industries to Established of Creative Economy – Ruhrgebiet Approach, Michael Schwarze-Rodrian shared the experience of the Ruhr region with the relevant bureaus and departments of the county government, landscape consultant teams, tribal tour operators, and tribal construction counseling teams. He mentioned how to connect dynamic changes in Germany markets, Europe and the world in a complex, long-term process. Michael pointed out the key to the most important success in the Ruhr region is based on regional realities, local conditions, people’s skills, the potential of companies, city partnerships and the willingness to learn, take part and design the change. In addition, other strategies involve deep discussions, development, testing, implementation of several customized public tools, confederation plans, programs, and other political strategies.During the workshop, Taitung County Government’s focus was on Taiwan indigenous tribes “action” and “practice”. The experiences of several tribal members were shared at the workshop, such as Ansheng Luo, who returned to his hometown to learn traditional skills and culture, Guaofan Gao, who built the Paiwan tribal gathering place (cakal), and Chiu-Chi Guo, a teacher of the Amis language of the Malan tribe as examples of tourism, construction, and ethnic food in Taitung. Michael also had a wonderful conversation with these young tribal youths through his two days of experience in visiting the tribes.The Taitung Design Center (TTDC) pointed out that in addition to the workshop, Michael was accompanied by a team of landscape consultants, and Kaohsiung University Department of Architecture and the Honorary Representative of the German Association of Taiwan in Kaohsiung, Professor Zeng Yifeng. They visited the Taitung Indigenous Cultural and Creative Industries Park (TTICC), TTStyle and TTDC in Taitung. The TTICC is an innovative space that combines indigenous cultural design, the music and dance industries, and agricultural production in Taitung. In addition, TTStyle (also known as the Wave House) not only brings together indigenous cultural and creative industries, but also its special structure which has become a famous new landmark in Taitung. Lastly, the purpose of TTDC, which was established in 2017, is to promote and transform design into the county government policy in Taitung. The aim is to make design a driving force for Taitung to connect to the rest of the world. Michael was quite appreciative of Taitung County’s promotion and development of indigenous people’s industries. He even expressed that some innovations are worthy of emulation and reference for development in Germany.

Spring tour to Taitung: Taitung Tourism Association offers NTD 500 more for members

Tourism Bureau of Ministry of Transportation has launched NTD 500 of tourism subsidy for spring travel. Taitung County government has announced that the subsidy will be in effect in Taitung from April 1, 2019, to May 31, 2019. Taitung Tourism Association offers extra NTD 500 of subsidy for extra night during spring vacation for members of all age. Almost all famous hotels and B&B have participated in the program, hoping to encouraging tourists to visit Taitung during spring vacation. For spring vacation, Taitung Tourism Association has offered NTD 500 of subsidy for the first night of accommodation in the same establishment in Taitung County, regardless of age of visitors. After the second night (regardless of weekday or holiday), the establishment owner will offer another NTD 500 for subsidy. The discount can be used in the room price or products of the same price. Subsidy would increase with the days of accommodation (in accords to the announcement of the establishment). Well-known hotels in Taichung that participate in the program includes: Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa, Formosan Naruwan Hotel & Resort Taitung, Kai Shen Starlight Hotel, Hoya Hot Spring Resorts & SPA, Goya Hot Spring Resorts & SPA, Traveller-Inn, Rainbow Resort, Sunrise Hotel & Resort, The Forget Worry Villa, Railway Inn, Ruyi Inn, Donh Tair Hotel, Yes Hotel, Mido Hotel, Sheraton Taitung Hotel, Chihpen Century Hotel, The Gaya Hotel, Rice Resort Hotel, Hotel de Trianon, Sunrise Hotel, Apple Hotel, Taitung Bed & Breakfast, Mu-Spring Hotel, N22 Hostel, Happy Traveler Inn, and Summer Garden Bed and Breakfast.Papago International Resort offers three-night program, “Taiwan Railway Vacation”, which offers free train tickets for residents. The Suites Taitung offers NTD 4740 for three-night program on weekedays. Toong Hsiang Hotel offers two submarine tickets for NTD 600 should the visitors stay in twin rooms for the second night. Sanansai Inn offers free ride for glass boat should visitors stay for the second night.Gui-Lang Pan, the chairwoman of Taitung Tourism Association and the chairwoman of Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa implied that Taitung in spring is beautiful. Sun rises early, the sea is blue, beach romantic, field is pretty. One may breathe with effort here, which is healthy and pleasant, which is the best choice for visitors who enjoy southern scenery and exercise. The local scenery would make one rejoice. One should visit Taitung with the subsidy from April to May.

Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival will be held from June 29th to August 12th. Magistrate Yao declares that the beautiful sky of Taitung will be filled with hot air balloons for a 45-day festival in 2019.

The ninth year of the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival allows for long term tourism development in Taitung. Magistrate Yao attended the Taitung County Tourism Association 11th Annual Meeting, 3rd General Assembly with the 10th Board of Supervisors on March 12th at 10:00am. During the meeting, Magistrate Yao thanked those who have been integral in the tourism industry and that have contributed and invested a lot of effort towards the long term development of Taitung tourism. During the meeting, she announced that the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2019 kicks off on June 29th. It will maintain the same length as last year – 45 days. In addition, there will be eight night glow concerts during the festival which are sure to light up the sky with breathtaking performances. In her speech, Magistrate Yao also mentioned that since she took office, she has escalated the direction of governance for Taitung. More particularly, opening and integrating innovative methods of building a happier life for Taitung residents. With her primary policy of tourism as a driver of economic growth and development, tourism remains a crucial industry for the development of Taitung. Therefore, upon her instruction, related county departments and bureaus are set to fully integrate tourism resources throughout the county and be dedicated to consolidating the tourism industry.Magistrate Yao learned that the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival was voted as the number one ‘must-have’ event on an online poll. However, the budget only accommodated for a 38-day festival. Based on tourism development and public opinion, she stated that this festival is the most distinct and representative tourist event in Taitung of recent years for foreign and domestic tourists. The budget fell short NT12 million for the festival to be held for 45 days. However, to address this issue, she sought funding from the Central Tourism Bureau and private enterprises. Although private investment fell short of funding a 45-day festival, she decided to maintain the same length as last year and compensate the expenditure by adjusting other program budgets. Departments countywide fully support the festival which demonstrates a determination to use hot air ballooning as a backbone for tourism in Taitung. The 45-day festival kicks off on June 29th and lasts until August 12th. As this event enters the ninth year and has limited funding, the focus will no longer be expanding the number of balloons from other countries. Instead, the focus will shift towards presenting the regional characteristics of eastern Taiwan and Taitung. Through the development of related tourism products and local industries, the event this year aims to produce an economic ripple effect to stimulate overall growth and enhance the competitiveness of Taitung. In its ninth year, this festival will be combined with Starry Taitung – The most beautiful starry sky in Taitung project series. The natural and pure scenery of Taitung has not been impacted by smog and air pollution which plagues the industrial areas of the west coast. With the best air quality in Taiwan, Taitung boasts a PM2.5 AQI prompting star gazing tourism. Foreign and domestic tourists can have a night under the stars, far away from the hustle and bustle of the industrial and commercial cities. Listen to the stories of the stars with your family and partner and be fully immersed in the quiet, star-filled night and feel happiness that you have never felt before.Taitung County Government is looking forward to summer vacation and allowing visitors to experience the beauty of Taitung from morning till night. Apart from the goal of attracting 900,000 tourists this year, the county government hopes that the development of Taitung will be long-lasting and make Taitung a must-visit destination.

Challenge Taiwan Initiates the “Golden Triathlon Awards” to Show Gratitude to Taitung County Government for Sparing No Efforts in the Long-term Promotion

Triathlon is prospering in Taiwan. The Taitung area is honored as the capital of triathlon. The county government has been promoting the sport in recent years, attracting thousands of athletes at home and abroad to participate every year. To encourage the sport, the Asia Pacific headquarter of Challenge Family initiated “Golden Triathlon Awards” and gave it to Taitung County Government to show gratitude for sparing no efforts in the long-term promotion. The magistrate Rao Qing-ling not only received the award personally and promised to make Taitung “the hometown of triathlon.””2019 Challenge Taiwan Triathlon” will take place on April 27 and 28. It is expected that more than 3,000 athletes will enroll. The Asia Pacific Region CEO Jovi Lo has had the hope that the sports industry in Taiwan can received more emphasis so that many hard-working outstanding athletes will be seen. He said, “There is Golden Melody Awards for music, Golden Horse Awards for film, and Golden Bells Awards for TV. Why not have a Golden Triathlon Awards for triathlon?” Behind the successful sports events, there is not only the support from a large number of athletes but also the endless promotion from the quality brands. The power of the local government is even more important. Golden Triathlon Awards specially gave “The Best Friendly City” to Taitung County Government to show gratitude to the county government for the full support. Taitung County Magistrate Rao Qing-ling used to participate in triathlon (relay race) and loves this sport very much. She received the award from CEO Jovi Lo personally, indicating that there are up to five events taking place in Taitung in one year. The number of the athletes is more than 15,000. The number of the tourists is about 400,000, with the accommodation rate up to ninety percent. In November, 2018, the first Asia Pacific the Championship was held successfully in Taiwan, marketing Taitung, Taiwan, to the world. It is hoped to introduce Taitung to the triathlon athletes worldwide. Taitung has made the beautiful game environment. Magistrate Rao emphasized that without PM2.5, the air in Taitung is fresh and clean all year round. With the most natural mountains and ocean, we offer the diverse tourist styles. The friends coming to join in the game in Taitung can not only feel the international carnival atmosphere personally and cheer for the athletes but also enjoy the beautiful landscape and hospitality in Taitung. Challenge Taiwan has built the atmosphere suitable for all family members to exercise together. This event will take place at Flowing Lake and Tiehua Music Village on April 27 and 28 this year. Magistrate Rao welcomes all friends who love sports and enjoy a healthy life to Taitung to watch the game and pay a visit to make Taitung well-known as the city of triathlon to the world.

The promotional film, Taitung Start – Scenes & Food & Play, won the Good Film Award at the Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival (JWTFF)

Attracting the participation of 75 countries, the first Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival (JWTFF) recently came to completion. Out of all the submissions, 12 films were selected, two of which were produced by Taitung County Government: Taitung Start – Scenes & Food & Play, and The Fascinating Ocean of Taitung. Taitung Start – Scenes & Food & Play won the Good Film Award and once again brought Taitung onto the world stage. Taitung County Government with the cooperation of Jhen Jin Media produced this tourism promotional video in 2018. The film can be divided into three major themes: “must-go sights,” “must eat” and “must do.” Magistrate Yao emphasized that the film was shot using the metaphor of three tourists with different occupations. The film follows them as they experience the travel style of Taitung. They are inundated with local cultural elements, precious environmental resources, and amazing activities throughout the whole film. Taitung Start – Scenes & Food & Play uses unique filming techniques with heart moving scenes throughout the film. The Good Film Award presented to this film at the JWTFF was very much merited. Magistrate Yao expressed that the first Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival held at the Osaka University of Technology – Umeda Campus on May 13th and 14th brought competition from around the world. The tourism promotional videos from 75 countries were submitted for the competition with 12 films selected for review. For worldwide recognition of these excellent promotional videos, nominated works will also have an opportunity to be shown at the Comité International des Festivals du FilmTouristique (CIFFT) in Spain, and the ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival in Portugal. Global exposure through these film will increase exposure of Taitung as a charming place for tourism which encompasses a long coastline, rift valley, rich natural environment, and diverse cultural elements. Five promotional videos were submitted to the competition under instruction from Magistrate Yao who hoped to use this opportunity for increasing the exposure of Taitung internationally. Among the submitted film, two were nominated, namely Taiwan Start – Scenes & Food & Play, and The Fascinating Ocean of Taitung which convey Taitung’s unique foods and attractions as well as the slow food movement, and the magnificent and abundant marine resources of Taitung, respectively. With open arms, Japanese and international tourist are invited to Taitung. With Taitung Start – Scenes & Food & Play winning the Good Film award, Magistrate Yao revealed that she was pleased by the review and that Taitung could be seen by an audience worldwide. Statistical figures from the Tourism Bureau indicate a rise in the number of tourists, with this year estimated to draw more than two million tourists. Japanese tourists are welcome to come and experience the exquisite natural environment and cuisine of Taitung. Taitung County Government will continue to promote and open new tourism-related industry in the years to come. For example, the Long Stay (Wellness Getaway) program allows Taitung to shine on the international stage.

Jinfeng, Taitung: Country Tour. Five tours through four seasons. Mayor Rao invites you to experience tribal vacation!

Jinfeng, Taitung: Country Tour. Five tours through four seasons. Mayor Rao invites you to experience tribal vacation! Publication date: March 18, 2019 In order to meet Jinfeng Township’s harvest season of red quinoa, millet, and roselle, Taitung County Government attempts to promote industrial experience and promotion program of “Hungjinbao praises Jinfeng”, and conducts five special tours for “Hungjinbao praises Jinfeng” with Jinfeng Township Office. The County Mayor, Ching-Ling Rao, invites domestic and oversea visitors to travel to Jinfeng. Jinfeng Township locates on the southwest of Taitung County. It contains natural sceneries and rich cultural elements of Paiwan and Drekay clans. In addition to the well-known Jinglung Hot Spring, the county has also been developing its own tours, and building new sites, such as Jialan Sky Footpath, and Jialan Hot Spring Park, providing tourists with more natural sites to go. To cope with the harvest season of red quinoa, millet, and roselle, and enabling visitors to experience tribal culture, Taitung County Government has initiated industrial upgrade project, “Hungjinbao praises Jingfeng”, with the local industrial funding from Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Ministry of Economic Affairs. It endeavors to promote total development for Jingfeng Township through promoting Hungjinbao: red quinoa, millet, and roselle, handcrafts, and tours in tribe and farmhouses.Taitung County Government and Jingfeng Township Office have scheduled five special tours of “Hungjinbao praises Jingfeng”. Red quinoa is harvested around January to March. Jingfeng Township Sports Event takes place from April to May. Paiwan celebrate the harvest of millet from July to August. Hunting season begins from September to October. Roselle season occurs at the end of the year. Jingfeng is suitable for travel for the whole year. Please join Hungjinbao praises Jingfeng tour.

Policewoman in Chihshang exchanged shoulder patch with the sheriff from Grant County, Washington, USA, achieving unconventional people-to-people diplomacy!

Policewoman in Chihshang exchanged shoulder patch with the sheriff from Grant County, Washington, USA, achieving unconventional people-to-people diplomacy! “Thank you!” At 11 am yesterday, a man and a woman walked into Chihshang Police Station, Taitung County Police Bureau. The man is Sam Palmer from Grant County, Washington, USA and the whole conversation was interpreted by his female friend who lives in Chihshang due to Sam can’t speak Chinese. Sam came to the station with a local sheriff shoulder patch from the states and wanted to exchange it with the police officer here. The policewoman on duty picked up a shoulder patch and exchanged it with him without any hesitation. Before leaving the station, Sam invited the policewoman to have a photo with him in front of the station to record the happy time! This is an accomplishment of an unconventional people-to-people diplomacy! The purpose of flying a distance of more than 12,000 kilometers with 14 hours and then additional train journey for more than 4 hours to Chihshang Township, Taitung County is to “exchange shoulder patch”! Sam Palmer, who lives in Grant County, Washington, USA came to Taiwan with his female friend for Chinese New Year this year (2019). Other than to experience the lively atmosphere of Chinese New Year in person, he also has an “important task,” which is to exchange shoulder patch with a police officer here! Sam, who can’t speak Chinese, is accompanied by his female friend for interpretation, came to Chihshang Police Station, Guanshan Branch at 11 am yesterday. The policewoman on duty, Su Pei-Yin asked if there was anything that she could help with and found out that Sam from Washington was requested by his brother who is a “sheriff” in Grant County of the state and would like to exchange shoulder patch used at Grant County with the police officer in Taiwan. It is not only a good intention and a friendly gesture, but also a symbol of “trip to Taiwan”. The policewoman, Su Pei-Yin immediately picked up a brand-new patch to exchange with him without any hesitation. In addition, she also gave him “Chihshang Champion Rice” as a gift. Before saying goodbye, Sam invited Su to have a photo with him and would like to bring “the most beautiful patch” back to USA! According to Kuanshang Police Branch, shoulder patch is worn on the upper arm of the outer coat sleeve, representing identity and duty. The small patch contains huge meaning and United Nations Peacekeeping Force and the police officers will exchange shoulder patches as recognition and commemoration to each other. The policewoman, Su Pei-Yin, at Chihshang Police Station, also showed friendliness and hospitality of the police in Taiwan. She not only accomplished “people-to-people diplomacy” with one shoulder patch, but also successfully marketed Taiwan!

Effective Beijing Visit done by Taitung County Magistrate April Yao Taitung County Farmers’ Association signed Memorandum of Understanding with Jiayou Shopping Group in China

Taitung County Magistrate April Yao’s visit to Beijing was successfully and effective, and Taitung County Farmer’s Association signed MOU with Jiayou Shopping Group in China. Magistrate April Yao was accompanied by the Executive Secretary of The Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee of Taitung County, Yang Chen-Chi, yesterday (23rd) to supervise the Letter of Intent signed between Taitung County Farmer’s Association and “Jiayou Shopping Group” in Beijing. The preliminary plan is to set up “Taitung Hall” on Tmall E-Commence Platform to sell farm produces from Taitung! Magistrate April Yao, Chairman of Jiayou Shopping Group Huang Chien-Ping, its President Wang Chin-Yen, its Managing Director Wei Huo-Li, its Vice President Chang Ting-Yang, Wang Ai-Ming, Li Chun-Ching, Yuan Tao, Pai Jui as well as Senior C.E.O. of the shopping program Cheng Jui-Hua were all present to witness the signing ceremony. Director of Taitung County Farmer’s Association, Shen Shu-Chuan, sought after the new selling opportunity through new media for the excellent produces in Taitung! Jiayou Shopping Group is the fourth TV Shopping Group established among the 11 TV shopping channels in China, and its shopping coverage rate is all over the whole China. Its target is to have a place from the living room shopping in the past to current smart phone shopping. Magistrate April Yao visited Shopping Program Center, Product Center, and Information Center, listening to the presentation of the development trend in TV shopping industry, core advantage that Jiayou Shopping possesses, and future strategic development as well as planning for the group in order to provide a basis for the further in-depth cooperation. During the signing ceremony for Letter of Intent, Taitung County Farmer’s Association and Jiayou Shopping Group announced together that both parties will start an in-depth collaboration, including resources sharing, complementing each other’s shortfalls with one’s own advantages, mutual benefit development, seeing each other as strategic partners, and achieving mutual benefit as well as win-win result in order to allow more people understand the pollution-free and organic produces from Taitung, in addition to allow excellent products access to the market in China. In order to sell pure and pollution-free, excellent produces from Taitung, Jiayou Shopping Group created a precedent to negotiate with Tmall for the establishment of “Taitung Hall”. Additionally, it was invited and supported by Alibaba Group for the permission of establishment. Alibaba made a promise that in the future, “Green Hand Logistics (Cold Chain Logistics)” under its group will add operation and assistance for “Taitung Hall”. Taitung produces will unfold an operation mode of comprehensive business cooperation in China in the future, which is the first in Taiwan! Other than expressing high recognition towards Jiayou Shopping Group, Magistrate April Yao also said Taitung Country has always looked for new development opportunities. Under the current era background, the willingness of Taitung County Farmer’s Association to try to cooperate with the excellent platform like Jiayou Shopping to promote economic development together is to work for welfare for people across the strait. This is also the target that she would like to achieve the most during her visit. She hopes that the farmers and shops in Taitung won’t miss the good opportunity and pay attention on the quality of the produce. Taitung County Government will do the best to open up the channel and work with them to create the market of the single brand – “Taitung”. Magistrate April Yao emphasized that it meets her three application programs for governance completely – “openness, integration, and innovation”. She will continue to lead Taitung to move forward and won’t disappoint people’s expectations.

Celebrated Artists’ Works of Calligraphy and Ink Painting in NMH Collection will be exhibited at Taitung Art Museum

“Traces of Brush and Ink- Celebrated Artists’ Works of Calligraphy and Ink Painting in NMH Collection” co-hosted by Taitung County Government and National Museum of History will be exhibited at Taitung Art Museum from February 22nd to April 7th, in which the opening ceremony and press conference will be held on February 26th. This exhibition gathers works of calligraphy and painting from famous calligraphers and painters, including Yu Yu-Jen, Wang Chuang-Wei, Fu Chuan-Fu, and the Seven Friends Painting Society. Seventy pieces of work were selected for exhibition.Calligraphy covers different chirographies, including oracle bone script, seal character, official-script styles, running-hand styles, cursive hand, and regular script. In terms of presentation, it is impacted by Japanese Six-Dynasty script and traditional rubbing practice. Paintings are presented with the skills affected by Japanese calligraphy and painting while ink paintings usually contain landscape, flowers and birds, and human figures. The presentation of the calligraphy and painting have developed along with the evolution of era as well as have absorbed from different regions and different trends of thought, further moving towards multiple development and presentation; diverse, abundant, and wonderful.The development of arts comes from the soil and is grown naturally. It contains abundant local and emotional features. It has blended into various new appearances through traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting brought into Taiwan along with ROC government expelled from China, the western creation presentation developed from the spread of knowledge, and the integration of literati brush paintings introduced in Ming and Ching Dynasties. Arts of calligraphy and painting are combined with life to deliver the beauty and vitality of life. The modern calligraphy and painting in Taiwan integrates foreign cultures and local spirits, forming into multiple new appearances in the present day. Furthermore, it forms the spirit of island culture with local colors, absorbing new Taiwan calligraphy and painting that includes various cultures. No matter how the materialistic development of the citizens have become, it has finally became a valuable culture, as well as had become “subject consciousness” that embrace the old and the new, the cultural meaning and value for arts of calligraphy and painting, and the realization of the core of subject consciousness.The exhibition invites the collection in NHM to be moved to Taitung. Other than allowing the public in the east to experience the beauty of calligraphy and painting, our museum also introduces the features of authors in a fine and specific way. It is expected that the public can grasp the change of an era through the interpretation of work, as well as to able to discuss authors who create both calligraphy and painting artwork in-depth to discover the interaction between calligraphy and painting. Through the exhibition, we would like to introduce the beauty of calligraphy and painting collection as well as continue to care about the development of arts of calligraphy and painting. Welcome all of the citizens in Taitung who like calligraphy and painting to visit the exhibition.Date: February 22nd, 2019 to April 7th, 2019 Location: Taitung Art Museum Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Monday) Ticket price: Free Address: No. 350, Zhejiang Rd., Taitung City Host: National Museum of History, Taitung Art MuseumPress contact Issued by: Section of Visual Arts Section Chief: Hsu Hsu-Kuo Contact window: Lin Yi-Chun Tel: 089-330252

Featured activity for Lantern Festival in Taitung, Firecrackers at Master Handan, attracts thousands of visitors visiting Taitung to experience and even international exchange students couldn’t resist the temptation of firecracker.

Featured activity for Lantern Festival in Taitung, Firecrackers at Master Han Dan, attracted thousands of visitors to visit Taitung to experience it and even international exchange students couldn’t resist the temptation of firecracker. The activity for Lantern Festival in Taitung that is featured the most, “Firecrackers at Master Han Dan” which is a real person who withstood firecrackers with his bare body, is held at Nanjing Road Square and city streets in Taitung City starting from today (19th). There was around 20 sessions this year, which attracted a lot of visitors to Taitung to watch it. Every place that Master Han Dan visited is followed by “Han Dan fans” to chase him by motorcycle, which is very exciting. Some international exchange students come for the experience of being a gunner. Taitung County Executive Jao Ching-Ling welcomed people all over Taiwan in their visit to Taitung for “Lantern Festival Firecrackers”. “Sky lantern in the north, beehive firecrackers in the south, and Firecrackers at Master Han Dan in Taitung” had become key activities for domestic tourism. The pilgrimage parade at Lantern Festival in Taitung City has gradually become the key tourism attraction for Lantern Festival in our country. Taitung Xuanwu Temple holds cultural exchange experience camp especially for international students, for them to experience Firecrackers at Master Han Dan, of which the press conference will be held in front of Xuanwu Temple at No. 2, Zhengqi Rd., Taitung City from 1 pm today. It will be presented by the President of Puyuma Rotary Club, Hsieh Sheng-Hung, and participated by County Executive Jao Ching-Ling, City Mayor Chang Kuo-Chou, and county council member Li Chien-Chih. County Executive gave recognition to county council member Li and Taitung Xuanwu Temple for their efforts and devotion in promoting culture and tourism for so many years. The activity of Firecrackers at Master Han Dan is the most famous performance for Lantern Festival in Taitung and it is also a well-known folk festival in the country. County Government will fully support it. According to County Executive Jao, Master Han Dan in the east, which is one of the three celebrations for Lantern Festival in Taiwan – sky lantern in the north, beehive firecrackers in the south, and Master Han Dan in the east, is the local customs celebration that has been followed for many years. It is one of the important assets for local folk culture. Since 2012, Taitung Xuanwu Temple has been working with Taitung Puyuma Rotary Club to invite the international exchange students that Rotary Club hosts in Taiwan to experience Firecrackers at Master Han Dan. It is the eighth year for holding the activity for international students this year. Other than allowing international exchange students to understand the origin of the culture of “Master Han Dan”, it is also open to international students to apply for standing on the soft sedan by selection to experience the meaning of firecrackers with one’s bare body in person. This year, a film named “Han Dan” was shot in Taitung, which will be out in the near future. Obviously, Han Dan culture in Taitung has swept all over Taiwan. What is special this year is that there are around 200 senior high school exchange students visiting Taitung, and they are from19 countries, including Brazil, France, Hungary, USA, Germany, Italy, and Mexico. They have gathered here in Taitung for a 3-day 2-night trip, in which today is the second day of Taitung Han Dan culture experience. I know that 6 of the 7 international exchange students also participate in the performance of Song Jiang Battle Array. They have started their practice for the performance since last October and have also earnestly learned about traditional festival culture in Taiwan. There are 6 international students registered for Master Han Dan experience this year and hope that they will be blessed by Master Han Dan. Since the activity has been held 7 years ago, the number of the students coming for the experience of Firecrackers at Master Han Dan has increased every year. It can be seen that the international students who experienced the activity of firecrackers at Master Han Dan in the past all passed on their good and precious experience. The charm of Taitung Han Dan culture has been popular all over the world. Hopefully you will all become the best diplomatic young ambassadors for Taitung and promote Taitung after returning back to your country.

2019 Taitung Quinoa Festival: Visit Taitung Tiehua Village in early spring to enjoy the fun of watching quinoa. Magistrate Yao welcomes tourists all over Taiwan to Taitung.

Taitung Branch, Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan (SWCB), Taitung County Government, Taitung County Farmers’ Association, and Taimali Farmer Association hosted “2019 Early Spring Quinoa Flower Shop Opening Ceremony and Taitung Red Quinoa Installation Art Press Conference” together. The five large-scale red quinoa installation art works in Taitung are the combination of industrial presentation, cultural arts, and tourism and they will accompany the public from early spring until April 30th in order to promote quinoa industry in Taitung and local featured tourism. Taitung County Magistrate April Yao sincerely welcomes everyone to visit Taitung and eat snack made with quinoa. Every Chinese New Year when quinoa is ripen and changes the color, Taitung Branch, Soil and Water Conservation Bureau will invite relevant parties to host “2019 Taitung Red Quinoa Festival”. In the past consecutive four years, featured attraction and shops for eating, drinking, playing, having fun of and watching quinoa in Taitung are introduced through themed activities and a short version of travel and it has become special trip that must go in spring in Taitung every year; it promotes the benefits generated from tourism. “2019 Taitung Red Quinoa Festival” uses “early spring” as the theme and “Quinoa Light House” with length around 10 meters is build. The installation art assembles with transparent glass is full of color quinoa and series products inside. In the evening, there will be light projected to light up the sky at night in Taitung. It highlights the support and promotion of quinoa industry in Taitung in the past four years has been popular among consumers. The local industry is like bathing under the sunshine in spring receiving warm and long-lasting attention and grows up well on the land of Taitung. The priority recommendation is red quinoa in Taitung. More than 20 restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shops in Taitung are invited to use quinoa as the food material or develop it into featured products during “Taitung Red Quinoa Festival”. It is anticipated quinoa in Taitung will be able to become the souvenir with the most feature in Taitung. We recommend people all over Taiwan to visit Taitung for “quinoa watching”, “quinoa tasting”, and “quinoa buying” to support local excellent produce and market Taitung! Taitung quinoa (Payuan language: djulis). It is an annual plant and it is a tough plant with excellent drought tolerance. Its growth period only takes four months and the height of the plant can be more than 1.2 meters or even 2 meters with abundant harvest volume. Other than being an important preserved food for the tribe, it is also important yeast for wine brewing. Now, it has become the new favorite for healthy market due to its abundant nutritional ingredient. Quinoa not only can be used as food material but also for watching. There will be four installation artwork “Taitung Red” created by artists in Hualien County and Taitung County exhibited this time, and they are “Knot and Quinoa” by Yang Yu-Pei, “Wind Blowing Through Quinoa Farm” by Chien Wei Bali, “Remembered by Quinoa, Remembered by You” by Lin Shu-Ling, and “Red Dinosaur” by Lin Chien-Wen respectively to deliver different industrial vitality through arts. Welcome the public visit Tiehua Village and enjoy the fun of watching “quinoa” from January 31st (Thursday) to April 30th, (Tuesday).

Redesigning of Taitung County Government’s Business Card – Repositioning City Brand; The Design Center conveys a beautiful imagery exclusive to Taitung

The project of Redesigning of Taitung County Government’s Business Card was initiated by the Design Center. By breaking the standard stereotype presented visually by public sectors, Peter Chang, an up-and-coming designer, redefined the harmonious coexistence between the diversified mountains and seas and ethnic groups in Taitung. Eleven types of business cards, designed based on local imagery, were launched for free use by Taitung County Government and its subordinate organizations as well as city or township offices. The simple and elegant business card design was referred to as the “most beautiful public sector business card in Taiwan”.By using Taitung’s unique mountains, seas and sky and scenery resources as the topic, as well as adopting the infinite sea level, skyline and mountain line that the people of Taitung see every day as the concept, Peter Chang arranged the imagery of these lines with modern and international vocabulary into characteristic patterns of Taitung. He hoped to reveal a message to the world through the business cards, that is, “We welcome all people from across the world to #experience Taitung!”The 11 types of business cards included local elements such as the Pisirian Tribe on the east coast, Mr. Brown Avenue of Chishang Township, Sansiantai, rice, sugar apple, sailfish, National Museum of Prehistory, hot air balloon, surfing, tatala, Kung-Tung Church, etc. The front side of the business cards used lines representing mountains, seas and sky as the base to draw images of Taitung’s scenery spots, specialties and culture. For the background of each business card, a different solid color is adopted, which represented the color of the image itself; the colorful business card also symbolized the diversity of this land from its natural sceneries and cultural groups to artistic styles. It was expected that, when handing out a business card, both the giver and the recipient could have beautiful memories of and future imaginations in regards to Taitung.Taitung Design Center was established after Typhoon Nepartak in 2017. While handling emergency response in environmental landscape, cityscape and industries, the County Government also reflected on the sustainable development of the environment, culture and industries, thus the establishment of Taitung Design Center — the first county level design center in Taiwan. The former visitor center was both a field and a unit, which became the base for Taitung Design Center in 2018.CEO Chi-Yi Chang pointed out that Taitung possesses unique conditions in aspects of natural landscape and cultural living, so it will be the optimal experimental platform for a design project. In the future, consensus will be reached as Taitung Design Center introduces more talents, finally accomplishing regional creations and city brand highlighting. Taitung Design Center will not only be a project proposal center of Taitung, but will also become the project proposal center of Taiwan.

County Government takes the lead in promoting the characteristic industry of red quinoaRestaurant and hotel businesses declare ~ I support “quinoa”

Taitung Red Quinoa is popular, and so is the distinctive tourism in Taitung. Under the lead of Taitung County Government, 20 travelling and accommodation businesses have teamed up with Taitung Branch, Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taimali Farmer Association, and Taimali Farmer Association to promote the red quinoa industry during the “2019 Taitung Red Quinoa Festival” to attract people from across Taiwan to enjoy, taste and buy red quinoa, as well as support the marketing of local produce in Taitung.Taitung County Magistrate April Yao stated that red quinoa is a very important rice and industry in Taitung. The 2019 Taitung Red Quinoa Festival is mainly held by Taitung Branch, Soil and Water Conservation Bureau and the County Government with the assistance of Taitung County Farmers’ Association and Taimali Farmer Association. What is more important is that 20 restaurants and hotels are participating in the grand event.The Taitung Red Quinoa Festival has invited 20 restaurants and hotels this year to use red quinoa in their dishes or for decorating their stores during the Spring Festival. Red quinoa installation art works with local tribal characteristics are also arranged for display. It is hoped that, through the Taitung Red Quinoa Festival, Taitung Red Quinoa can be built into the only quality brand in Taiwan.The Agriculture Department of Taitung County Government pointed out that Taitung Red Quinoahad been a traditional agriculture and food for the aborigines in the past century. It is rich in nutrients and has been loved by the public these recent years. When red quinoa matures during the period from February to April every year, i.e. during the Spring Festival, numerous tourists are attracted to Taitung, which promotes the development of local economy.The benefits are further expanded this year as the County Government has invited 20 restaurants and hotels to usered quinoa in their dishes or for decorating their stores during the Spring Festival, forming the most beautiful tourism feature in Taitung as tourists can see and feel a red and joyful atmosphere everywhere they go.Under the effort of the County Government, Taitung County Farmers’ Association and various regional farmers’ associations, Taitung Red Quinoa is not only used for cooking cuisines, but also used for developing a variety of ready-to-eat foods, e.g. roselle and red quinoa flavored KuaiKuai(famous snack in Taiwan), red quinoa cereal crackers, red quinoa noodles, red quinoa flavored wine, etc. These have gradually become the most representative souvenirs of tourism in Taitung. In addition to the investment luring and matching conducted by the County Government, many large-scale biotech companies have been attracted to carry out cooperation and researches in Taitung, creating the industrial value of red quinoa and allowing the industry ofTaitung Red Quinoa to grow continuously.

Taitung Tourist Association strongly supports the movie, “Han Dan”, to promote tourism

Han Dan, directed by Chao-Liang Huang, was filmed in Taitung and released on January 23rd. Based on the characteristics of Taitung, the movie adopts the culture of the Lantern Festival as the theme. Taitung Tourist Association strongly supports the movie by initiating preferential schemes with 29 well-known businesses in Taitung to offer discounts and gifts so that people can experience a good, fun and beneficial trip in Taitung.The promotion period is from February 11th to June 27th; display your ticket stub to get the following special offer.– Hotel accommodation: 10% service fee is free for staying and dining at Hotel Royal Chihpen; free afternoon tea for staying at THE GAYA HOTEL; free tour to Han Dan scenes for staying at Luminous Hot Spring Resort – Lodging fee deduction or discount: Kai Shen Starlight Hotel, Rainbow Resort, Apple Hotel, Yes Hotel, Chihpen Century Hotel, Happy Traveler Inn, Yawan Spa Hotel, Traveller Inn, Taitung Z.Hotel, Fish Hotel Taitung, A Ya Wan Hot Spring Resort, 22 Degrees North Resort, Mido Hotel, Donh Tair Hotel, Toong Hsiang Hotel, Le Da Backpacker Hostel, Mu-Spring, F HOTEL Chihpen, Ying Lun Hotel – Discount for participation in tour: A-Ji Travel Agency, Phalaenopsis Dollar Travel Agency – Special offers for delicacies and souvenirs: purchase over NTD300 of sweet potato crisps to get a free popsicle by displaying your ticket stub; free side dish at Qi-Li-Po; discount at Dong Ban Xiang Traditional Rice Foods and Dung Ding Beef Noodles – Other special offers: Free herbal foot bath plus head and shoulder massage at Wu Ben Tang Spa Health CenterTaitung Tourist Association booked 2125 movie tickets. ObaMa Cake, a bakery famous for its Han Dan Cake, subscribed 360 tickets as gifts with purchase of a target amount; Hotel Royal Chihpen subscribed 300 tickets; Jun Tai Cruise Agency and Chihpen Century Hotel each subscribed 200 tickets; and Luminous Hot Spring Resort, Naruwan Hotel & Resort Taitung, Apple Hotel and THE GAYA HOTEL each subscribed 100 tickets.“Ideas Shine”, the film company that presents Han Dan, has rented the international theater on 5F of Sheraton Taitung Hotel and arranged for special screenings for one month in the hope that the people of Taitung can participate in the great event and watch the movie that is exclusive to this land.《Handan》Special Screening Date: 01/23/2019~02/24/2019 Time: Four screenings per day at 12:30, 15:00, 17:30 and 20:00 Ticketing Location: Counter of National Theater on 5F of Sheraton Taitung Hotel

Grand opening of TTstyle Original #1 and Lunar New Year TT Series activities invite you to experience aboriginal craft

The grand opening of TTstyle Original #1, the most popular check-in location among internet celebrities, will be held at 17:00 on January 20th, 2019. In addition to splendid exhibition of works by up-and-coming aboriginal designers, there will be DIY indigenous artwork experiencing activities for those who enjoy handmade crafts, and messages on activities of “Lunar New Year TT at STYLE” series will be announced on site, so you do not want to miss out on the benefits. To celebrate the opening of TTstyle Original #1, the people who purchase products and check-in at TTstyle Original (Wave House) from January 20th to February 10th will receive cultural and creative commodities, such as limited TTstyle fashion products and Original coffee, of which limited amounts will be offered for Original friends every day during the event.Taitung County Government states that the renovation of Original #1 is based on aboriginal imagery and green decoration to adjust the single function of interior space into diversified functions so that tourists may be provided with multiple services, such as consultation on store related information, display and sell of indigenous cultural and creative commodities and agricultural products, experience workshops, etc.To make the New Year atmosphere even more joyful, TTstyle Original is launching the “Lunar New Year TT at STYLE” series activities during the Lunar New Year: the “Hand-painted Greeting Card for Year of the Pig” is held starting on February 2nd; the “New Year TT Singing Celebration” is held from February 5th to February 8th; and aboriginal bands are invited to perform from the first day to the fourth day of the Chinese New Year. Furthermore, the “TT Lovers” flash activity is held on February 14th, i.e. Valentine’s Day, and the “So You’re the One” lantern riddle activity is held on February 16th. People can experience to the utmost the Lunar New Year atmosphere of aborigines during the Spring Festival, as well as participate in various prize drawing and gift exchanging activities. For more information, visit and search on the fan page of TTstyle Original.In addition to developing tourism aggressively these recent years, Taitung County Government has also carried out diversified training for talents in the aboriginal cultural and creative industries. Because aboriginal cultural and creative industries represent local ethos, it is hope that a synergistic concept can be built through the combination of tourism and aboriginal culture and creation, as well as the platform of TTstyle Original, for the works of more up-and-coming aboriginal designers from Taitung to be discovered by more people, and for promoting indigenous cultures to the world.

2018 Taiwan Open of Surfing run from 11/26-12/9 at Jinzun, Taitung – Taitung hits a new peak in the surfing world by hosting dual world championships

Entering its eighth year, the internationally renowned Taiwan Open of Surfing kicks off the 14-day surfing competition at Jinzun, Taitung on November 26th and run through December 9th. The World Surfing League (WSL) selected Jinzun as the venue for the World Longboard Championship in 2017. This year it has been upgraded to also host the World Junior Championship. This is the first time since the establishment of the league that two world championships will be held at a single venue.Surfing will be added to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics because it has become one of the top sports worldwide. The Taitung County Government held a national press conference on October 26th. Set on the fifth floor of Taipei 101, it promoted the upcoming dual world championships. Further, it specially announced the opening of the domestic professional competition registration on October 30. Domestic surfers will be able to compete in several events including men and women’s longboard, men’s shortboard, domestic team long and shortboard. Everyone is welcome to register.Many renowned surfers were invited to join the press conference including Niu Cheng-Ling (Baybay), Taitung prodigal Zhang Wenjun (Ma Lang) and Hu Jialu. In addition, other surfing stars were invited to shoot a short video to greet everyone, among which were the 3rd place World Men’s Longboard Championship Taylor Jensen, 2nd place World Men’s Longboard Champion Harley Ingleby , 2017 World Women’s Longboard Champion Honolua Blomfield, Australian Queensland Champion Nic Jones, WSL Asia Regional Manager Steve Robertson, WSL Australia/Oceania Regional Manager Will Hayden Smith and WSL Japan Manager Tosh Omi.Jinzun, Taitung is the venue for many surf competitions and has become a paradise for surfers in Taiwan. It also serves as a platform for open competition, attracting support and sponsorship from many private companies, including Taiwan Beer, Heysong FIN, Roxy & Quiksilver, PX-Mart, The Gaya Hotel and Taipei 101. This competition opens up the surfing market, provides local food and cultural creative products, and also SUPS (standup paddleboarding). People are welcome to book and check out the fun of a SUP experience. Over the course of this event, transportation will be provided between Jinzun and Taitung City with one-day tour packages launched to suit the event. Everyone is invited to Jinzun, Taitung to enjoy the festivities and cheer on the surfers.◎ Official Website:◎FB Fan Page: Taiwan Open of Surfing◎Instagram: taiwanopenofsurf

The 2018 Chishang Autumn Harvest Festival Celebrates its 10th Anniversary “Pine Smoke” the classic dance from Lin Hwai-min accompany the dancing waves of golden rice patties

The “Chishang Autumn Harvest Festival” entered its 10th year anniversary. Lin Hwai-min was invited to lead the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre to bring “Pine Smoke” classic dance to an audience from all over the world. The misty central mountain range served as the backdrop of the stage, while the performers and nature blending together to manifest an amazing work of art.The stunning Pine Smoke performance was featured at the “Barcelona Arts Festival” in Spain, and was the opener at the “Melbourne Arts Festival” where it won the Age Critics’ Award and the Patrons’ Award. The aesthetics of calligraphy were inputted into the dance. The emphasis on whiteness portrays an imagery of endless smoke. The international dance review described missing “Pine Smoke” as forfeiting the chance to see perfection. Lin Hwai-min expressed that although the dancers of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre traveled all over the world, they wanted to perform at Chishang the most because of its beautiful skies, beautiful landscape and beautiful people. Prior to the performance on October 27th, Lin Hwai-min led the audience to honor and pay respect for the victims of the Puyuma train crash tragedy and hope that the injured recover quickly and that all the friends in the east can return home safely.The Pine Smoke allusion was taken from ancient peoples burning pine wood to create ink, which are the most beloved calligraphy works for Lin Hwai-min. Returning to Chishang, Lin Hwai-min was touched that even the street signs were changed into a calligraphy font. The hard work and dedication for improvement has let him really admire the Chishang people. He especially dedicated Pine Smoke to the farmers of Chishang who have integrated calligraphy into their lives and practice relentlessly. The dancers of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre use their movements to embody that of smoke, the correspondence of the mountains and clouds, the swaying of rice on rice paddies from blowing wind, and breathing with the heavens and earth. Paying tribute to the homeland of calligraphy, they led the audience to experience a perfect performance that could not be seen in any theatre around the world.The Chishang Autumn Harvesting Festival was significant because it was not only and art festival but also a model for local creativity and culminating a local identity. More than 300 volunteers were mobilized to assist at the festival. Further, it let the children attain a sense of accomplishment through the process of participating and learning how to take responsibility. Wonderful riches were given to Chishang from hosting the Chishang Autumn Harvesting Festival.

“The most beautiful textbooks in the world” taking place in Taitung, the next stop for aesthetic education exploration!

The most beautiful textbooks in the world exhibition feature textbooks from Japan as the basis for exhibition. The Taipei exhibition ended in early October. Taitung was the next destination for this aesthetic education exploration. It was officially launched at the Taitung Design Center on October 27th and is based on Japanese elementary school to high school textbooks. They feature an array of various topics such as all age textbooks and disaster prevention plans. More than 150 Taiwanese current textbooks and aesthetic textbooks were presented as well.The aim of this exhibition is to convey innovative educational thinking by means of aesthetic textbooks and train the next generation of children to create a better world. Curator Zhou Yuru (Manager at Agua Design, and City Yeast) stated that education is the source of aesthetic cultivation. During her trip to public sector buildings and schools in Japan, she discovered that Japanese textbooks have their own logic and aesthetics. Furthermore, they build an international perspective from a young age. The content planning relates to life and resonates with learning and experience. Apart from being textbooks for students, these materials are the foundation of life knowledge for adults. They echo the teaching goals of Japan which emphasizes lifelong education.The exhibition was moved from Taipei to the Taitung Design Center and executed with the consulting company Plan b. It was the first exchange with the Taiwan Design Center. From the observation and examination of Japanese textbooks through this exhibition which began in Taipei and extended to Taitung, the exhibition features local characteristics and values, exposes the multi-disciplinary issues in urban life, and explores new proposals for aesthetic education. It hopes to inspire more innovative thinking in education across Taiwan!In addition to this exhibition in Taitung, as part of the Taiwan Innovative Education and Action Plan promoted by the Ministry of Education, a special lecture was held on October 23. A representative from the local Guesthouse Susu was invited to conduct a lecture entitled, “The things our textbooks didn’t teach us: The disappearing local viewpoint”. Others were invited including Lin Xiuhui, the owner of Ata Beads, Liu Zhenghui, a social science teacher at Taitung Experimental High School in Taitung. They addressed the education system from regional cultural contexts and from the perspective of indigenous people’s arts culture.Please check the Taitung Design Center fan page for event details and exhibition information updates.

Seeing the beauty of Taiwan from “heart” — Mandarin Airlines and Lion Travel create the original eastern Taiwan. A guaranteed trip with an initiation of a team with 6 people on your own can make a 3-day in-depth tourism in Taitung with only 25 thousand dollars per person

Seeing the beauty of Taiwan from “heart” — Mandarin Airlines and Lion Travel create the original eastern Taiwan. A guaranteed trip with an initiation of a team with 6 people on your own can make a 3-day in-depth tourism in Taitung with only 25 thousand dollars per personThe brainstorming origin for “Taiwan heart story-Taitung original” is to feel the beauty of Taitung sincerely through traveling. Taitung, having rich natural landscape, tribe culture and featured products, is one of the must-visit beautiful cities in Taiwan. Hence, for the arrangement of the itinerary, you will be living in “Luminous Hot Spring Resort”, the only one which owns hot air balloon for travelers to take hot air balloon rides at any time during the four seasons of a year to view the beautiful scenery of Luyeh Hill! We also specially integrate the concept of from origin to dining table, arranging the experiences from haul of fish bidding led by the main chef and collect vegetables in natural farming garden to go deep into the origin and feel the beauty of local customs in Taitung; in addition, we also plan to visit the first prison coffee shop in Taiwan and drink a cup of coffee brewed by the “big brothers”; we will also visit Dulik tribe situated between the sea and mountains and discover the rich history deposits and lifestyle of aboriginal culture.“Mandarin Airlines has 15 flights from Taipei to Taitung and back every week. Flights that go early and back late are comfortable and convenient and the travelers will have more time for tourism.”, said Chih-Fen Tsao, the general manager of Mandarin Airlines. “We are the first to create the concept of initiate a team yourself. The trip can be guaranteed with only 6 people. The 3-day itinerary only costs a minimum of 25 thousand dollars! If all 16 people are filled, everyone can save up to 3,500 dollars more!”, said Hsin-Chuan Huang, the general manager of Lion Travel. You can make an in-depth and relaxing tour to Taitung with your friends at ease!Besides, to emphasize the features and advantages of in-depth tours in Taiwan to Hong Kong and Macau travelers, Mandarin Airlines promotes the combinational method of having fun with one trip multiple stops. The new traveling mode with combo ticket combining HuaTung main island and offshore island is accompanied with the advantage of dense international and domestic airline network. There are up to 36 direct flights from Hong Kong to Taiwan. This increases the convenience and diversity of attractions. Hoping that this will attract more foreign travelers to travel to eastern Taiwan. Mandarin Airlines will also cooperate with Lion Travel hand-in-hand and go to Hong Kong and Macau promoting Mandarin holiday tourism and marketing sightseeing resources of Taiwan through win-win cooperation of both parties.Official website of Mandarin Airlines: www.mandarin-airlines.comThe heart stories of Taiwan—Taitung Original Schedule page:

Roll up your sleeves to support Taitung—County Mayor Huang talk with celebrity Hsu Chung-Jen hoping to get together the consensus of the land and develop region revitalization

Roll up your sleeves to support Taitung promoted by Taitung County Government—the fourth round of talk with celebrity: Region Revitalization is held at TT Maker Origin in Taitung at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on the 14th. Celebrities such as Yamazaki Ryo, Japanese community designer, Hsu Chung-Jen, the founder of Bridgent Management Institute and Hsiao Fu-Yuan, senior development manager and editor-in-chief of CommonWealth Magazine, etc. are invited to talk with County Mayor Hung, hoping to take the experience of community transformation in Japan as a future reference for region revitalization of Taitung.Yamazaki Ryo, having served as international design advisor of Taitung Design Center for two consecutive years, pointed out that community design is not only designing visible spaces but also designing the invisible “links between people”. Creating one-of-a-kind charm for the region, developing with the manpower and resources of the community, combining international experiences with local requirements, cultivating talents while marketing Taitung revitalization.Mr. Hsu Chung-Jen, known as “Taiwan Godfather of Circulation”, thinks that only places like Huashan Creative Park in Taipei and Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung can be called “Culture and Creative Industry”; communities in small regions, old towns, rural areas can all be activated with the cooperation of everyone and innovation. In recent years, he has been paying attention to the development of region revitalization in Japan. He talks a lot about the cases of community transformation in Japan and Taiwan, hoping that Taiwan can develop different economy and types of community through united cooperation with regions.County Mayor Huang is very thankful to Mr. Yamazaki Ryo and Mr. Hsu Chung-Jen. They have provided many ideas and suggestions. He indicates that “region revitalization” is the way to the break through the predicaments such as decreasing population, young adults gathered up in the city, decline of regional economy and the disappearance of local culture, pointing out the most important key: local residents shall form consensus and then discuss with the government; building an ideal living environment together with the help of the government will be more powerful. After Typhoon Nepartak inflicted heavy losses in Taitung, Taitung County Government has taken the opportunity of “Flipping Design & Region Revitalization” promoted by the Central to establish the first county-level “Taitung Design Center” in Taiwan in 2017. This transforms the rich culture deposits, unique environment and rustic village of Taitung into the nutrient for region revitalization and also imports design thinking into the promotion of county policy, making design as the pusher for linking Taitung to the world.Roll up your sleeves to support Taitung is a series of activities held by the Taitung County Government in 2018. There are 5 rounds of different topics. With specialists from different field visiting Taitung, experiencing local energy and problems and prosing their insights, hope that it will bring in more external resources, drive local development and bring Taitung a new horizon.

Ching-Wen Tseng, Sangpuy, Ho-Hsien Hsieh, Gary and Hsiao-Lin “RUN into Taitung” Five-star relay HIGH over Taitung!

2018 「RUN into Taitung 089 Concert」 is grandly held at Taitung Sports Center on September 1 with five artists making relay performances. Two Taitung singers, Ching-Wen Tseng and Sangpuy, happily talk about their daily lives with people from hometown; Ho-Hsien Hsieh is out of control, bringing High-octane energy to Taitung fans; Gary and good friend DJ, Spray, warmly sing six hip-hop songs jointly; sexy dance of Hsiao-Lin shows her hotness over the fans; Taitung County Mayor Chien-Ting Huang also comes on-site to give a speech welcoming people from different counties and cities to attend the charming 089 Concert together. The on-site atmosphere is very HIGH. Over 3000 people swarmed into the concert, which sets a new historical record.The first to come up on the stage is Ching-Wen Tseng, a singer from Taitung Paiwan tribe. It is her first time to attend “RUN into Taitung 089 concert”. She sings four songs in a row happily. The next coming up the stage is Sangpuu, a Taitung aboriginal singer and the winner of the 2rd Golden Melody Awards. This is her first time to attend big concert activity in Taitung. Similarly, she has made a wonderful performance with four songs.The third to come up is Gary and DJ Spary, Korean stars with high popularity in Asia. They made a performance with five songs in a row and also sang the newest single “The Sun”. Their collaborated performance on the stage suddenly makes Taitung very hip hop. Gary, having arrived in Taiwan on August 31, visited Taitung for the first time and enjoys the authentic aboriginal flavored meal. He really likes the scenery of Taitung and recommends everyone to come sightseeing in Taitung.The fourth one is Ho-Hsien Hsieh, who has come again to perform in 089 Concert. He warmly sings the songs such as “Ability”, “Thanks for your love”, “Love doesn’t need to pretend” and “Under the willow tree”. These HIGH over all the people on site. He announced that he will donate all his performance salary to non-profit organization through press conference to help old people and children with real actions.The grand finale is Hsiao-Lin, sexy goddess, known as “Korean Beyonce”. Similarly, she is also visiting Taitung for the first time and makes dance group performance with two songs during SISTAR period and three new songs, “SEE SEA”, “BAE” and “DALLY”. Good voice and clean-cut dance are shown on site, which makes the fans exclaim with admiration.Taitung County Government is very thankful for people attending 2018 “RUN into Taitung 089 Concert” and said that after subtracting the operation expenses of the ticket sales system from the revenue of the tickets of the concert, the remaining will all be donated to “Taitung Branch of Genesis Social Welfare Foundation” and “House of Hannah”.

Governor Huang visits Taitung Design Exhibition – A kind of trends called Taitung – Experience the change of Taitung

Governor Huang visits Taitung Design Exhibition – A kind of trends called Taitung – Experience the change of TaitungGovernor Huang and his wife were accompanied by Wang Zhaoying, the Arts and Culture Promotion Section chief of the Cultural Affairs Department. They discussed the exhibition’s design concepts on August 11th at 2:00 pm. Kuo Lijin, the curator of the exhibition, provided analysis of the design concepts. This exhibition focuses on the new style of Taitung. It displayed changes through images, customs, and lifestyles. In addition, it welcomes people to create a life of Taitung together, making 100 kinds of life scripts, expectations for convergent designs, a new trend of life, and local values. These were the core themes that encompassed the exhibition.The Cultural Affair Department pointed out that in recent years, it has promoted design changes throughout Taitung with respect to internationalization pertaining to fields of craftsmanship, Taitung Gift industry, and the construction of streetscapes. These were displayed at warehouse No.275 to provide an example of the great effort and achievements in promotion from the County government with regards to quality, packaging, and marketing. Concurrently with the recently published books, VR technology, and hot air ballooning, it not only reflects the beauty of Taitung but also the transformation of life in Taitung.Cross-disciplinary designers, international artists, curators and local artist all came together for the “2018 Taitung Design Exhibition” which lasts 36-days. It is close to the Taitung Art Museum, the TTMaker, and Fantasy Tiehua Warehouse No. 275 and the satellite exhibition. It launched a limited holiday-themed market and outdoor theatre, five design-themed lectures, and an international forum on the “Philosophy of life in A Happiness City. It reflects upon the fusion between innovation and tradition. It provides people the opportunity to glimpse the design and unique culture of Taitung.We invite you to participate in this year’s Taitung Design interdisciplinary event, to experience design as well as to see how Taitung was designed! For more event information, please search on Facebook – Taitung Design Show fan page.

2018 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival [Breathtaking Last Tour] The closing ceremony night glow concert returned to Luye Highlands on August 13th. The 45 days festival attracted more than 900,000 people, and grossed nearly NT$2 billion dollars.

Since the opening on June 30th, The 2018 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival has achieved remarkable results. The festival attracted 900,000 people, grossed nearly NT$2 billion dollars, and overtook the 2012 attendance record to become the year with the largest number of visitors in the past eight years. [Breathtaking Last Tour] The closing was held at Luye Highlands on August 13th at 7:00 pm. The night glow concert consisted of 14 hot air balloons, a dance performance by an aboriginal group and a performance by Kaohsiung Max Fire, K.M.F along with the famous artist [Eve Ai] for the shocking finale themed [Music, Lights, Fireworks].Governor Huang expressed, “This year’s festival was heated up by a promotional event in Malaysia in February. In June, the “Flying Over the Waves of Golden Rice Fields” National Press Conference continued the enthusiasm. Kicking off the opening ceremony were 24 hot air balloons. This year, particularly focus was placed on the night glow concerts. For the first time, Zhihang Air Base presented an aerial performance with active military aircraft. The first concert was held at Dapo Lake in Chishang. The night glow concert at Taitung National University spotlighting the magnificent pyramid-shaped library, which is known as one of the top eight unique national libraries around the world. At the same time, there was an amazing lineup for the opening ceremony. The Taimali Twilight concert featured Paiwan Princess Abao. The Zhiben Hot Spring concert featured a performance by Sangpuy. And at the closing ceremony, Eve Ai held a show. Special shaped-balloons from around the world also made their debut with such balloons as the little soldier, Christ the Redeemer from Brazil and the English Bulldog. This 45-day festival was truly unforgettable!The festival spread out over the towns and villages of Taitung. The final stop of the tour was at the birthplace of the festival, Luye Highlands, where the festival was brought to its climax. It was not only a perfect performance for the memories of tourists but it also rendered a charging of energy. The 2019 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon festival is expected to continue providing more splendid moments and images to facilitate an even better experience. We look forward to seeing you at the next hot air balloon festival in 2019!

Taitung Slow Food Rising Stars Appraisal – Sinesara 24 and MATA Houses Win Three-stars, Governor Huang Welcomes Taitung to Eat Local Delicacies

Taitung County Tourism Department hosted the 20th Taitung Slow Food Appraisal Press Conference. It was held on the first floor of MATA on August 3rd. The Slow Food culture and locally sourced ingredients were the main focus of the event. Specialty restaurants in Taitung were screened and ranked by ten professional culinary judges. Governor Huang personally presented the three-star award to Sinesara 24 and MATA at the press conference.Governor Huang stated that tourism promotion must be diversified at the award press conference held at 10:30 in the morning. The concept of Slow Food has been promoted since 2012. The Slow Food community has gradually expanded over the past five years. The Taitung Slow Food Festival held once per season has become a favorite of the public.The Slow Food Appraisal Committee was quite spectacular. It was comprised of World Bread Champion – Master Wu Pao-chun, World Bartending Champion – Angus Zhou, and World Dessert Champion – Li Yixi (Le Ruban Pâtisserie). Additionally, there were other experienced members of the food industry. Kao Jingyu, a senior in the food media, natural foodist Nuya Ahanah, and other credible experts conducted a three-stage review process. The process lasted over a month and evaluatde the 7 restaurants not awarded a star rating, 12 one-star restaurants, 9 two-star restaurants, and the most outstanding 3-star restaurants Sinesara 24 and MATA. Governor Huang personally presented the awards to 30 restaurants and took a group photo.The convener and host Xu Zhong of the Slow Food Review Committee shared about the professional spirit of attendees and enthusiasm for the land. They encouraged the restaurants to uphold the international Slow Food principles: quality, purity, and fairness. Governor Huang pointed out that through signing up, the legally registered locations which agreed to the Slow Food concepts will be listed in the 2018 Taitung Slow Food Select/Taiwan Slow Food Guide. Further, assistance will be provided to aid in designing English and Chinese bilingual menus and marketing domestically and abroad.The one-star to three-star restaurant at this year’s event prepared a one-course specialty and Buffet style. MATA chef designed an array of dishes drawing this event to a perfect conclusion.

The azure blue of Green Island ~ The largest prize in Green Island diving photography competition history waits for you to take up the challenge

The East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office and Tourism Bureau will conduct the first “Taiwan Green Island International Diving Photography Competition” of the “2018 Explore Taiwan 10+ Islands”. Registration for this international event has been opened since the end of last September and has an August 31st deadline. Participants can take pictures at famous diving sites including the “Big Mushroom”, “Electric Pole Reef” and “Six-meter Reef” in the surrounding waters of Green Island. The competition is divided into two groups: wide-angle photography and macro photography. Each group has the opportunity to win cash prizes, with a US$2,000 first prize, NT$1,000 second prize, NT$800 third prize. In addition, other prizes include the “excellence award” of NT$500, and 20 “best works award” of NT$300. This is largest prize giveaway in Taiwan’s underwater photography history, with nearly 30,000 US dollars (about NT$900,000) given out for the selected 66 magnificent underwater artworks. With less than 2 weeks remaining, its prime time to upload pictures to the event website or email them directly to [email protected] before the deadline.Director Hong Dongtao said that Green Island has a unique marine environment and world-class crystal clear water. It is suitable for diving all year round. Whether it’s the density of coral, the number of species or special characteristics of marine species, it is unique in the world. It is a truly unique treasure of the sea. The competition also invited five internationally renowned photographers to form a jury. The jury members include the following. Mexican photographer Christian Vizl, who participated in National Geographic magazine and Sony World Photography Competition. Japanese photographer TAKAJI OCHI who won the Japan Newspaper Association Award and the Japan Photographers Association Award. Korean photographer Jerome Kim who won the award on NUDI night and Mating Mandarin fish in Cebu, Philippines. Malaysian photographer Tim Ho, who is highly sought after in underwater photography and often judges the global underwater photography competition. As well as Yoroko Summer, a Taiwanese photographer, lecturer, and judge, who also served as the Green Island Ocean Sightseeing Ambassador last year. These five people will form the panel to judge the underwater artwork submissions. The East Management Office also plans to collect the winning works and publish the “2018 Green Island International Diving Photography Competition Awards Collection” to let more people know about the excellent diving environment in Green Island.The South Bay at Green Island has living corals over 800 years old at depths of 20 meters. The seabed is covered with beautiful coral and a variety of Gorgonia. These types of soft coral are beautiful. Recently, the world’s deepest underwater mailbox was erected. The Hippocampus bargibanti seahorse-shaped postbox has become a new attraction for underwater photo-shoots and sending letters. For relevant competition rules and details, please visit the official website of the East Coast Office or search for the keyword “Green Island Diving Photography”.

2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival! 喔! The bear emerges! [OhBear-shaped hot air balloon] appeared at Luye Highland on the 21st

At the 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival, the Tourism Bureau and the Taitung County Government jointly created a new [OhBear-shaped hot air balloon], which debuted at Luye Highland at 5:30am on July 21st. The bear-shaped hot air balloon is designed with unique elements of the Taiwanese black bear and aboriginal cultural. (The balloon is 30.6 meters high, about 10 stories and weighs 250 kilograms). The Taiwanese black bear carries an Amis lover’s bag, exciting visitors enough to cry out and scramble to take pictures. Under the leadership of the Tourism mascot “OhBear” Taitung County Magistrate Justin Huang, Speaker Rao Qingling, Director of the Tourism Bureau Zhou Yonghui and others called upon the attendees to dance the”OhBear Dance” together. It was an amazingly crowded and lively scene. Fans of the OhBear seized the opportunity to go to Luye Highland to catch a view of the iconic balloon.The 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival was truly amazing! The Tourism Bureau and the Taitung County Government jointly promoted Taiwan’s tourism industry. Following the 2013 release of the “Love Balloon” in Taiwan, the second “OhBear-shaped Hot Air Balloon” (No. B-00012) was created. The OhBear-shaped hot air balloon is the 16th hot air balloon designed by Taitung County. Throughout the duration of the festival, lasting from July 21st to August 13th, it was exhibited at Luye Highland. Be sure to pay attention to the official festival website and Facebook to find out about when the bear comes out.Mr. Zhou Yonghui, Director of the Tourism Bureau, said that the OhBear was officially appointed as the “mascot” of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau on June 3, 2014. It will be used as a tool for future marketing and international promotion activities. It will participate in hot air balloon festivals worldwide to strengthen the tourism image and international exposure of Taiwan.Held everyday at Luye Highland, the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival, hot air balloons from various countries could be seen. A large variety of different shaped and sized balloon were there, such as the Royal Elephant balloon, Bill the Vampire, German Orient Express, a crocodile, the house from the film “Up.” , and the child-beloved Mickey Mouse. In addition to just admiring the beauty of the balloon, you could also experience a tethered hot air balloon ride from 5:30 to 7:00, in both the morning and afternoon. Nightglow concerts were held at many locations including Chishang Dapo Lake, National Taitung University Library and Information Center, Millennium Dawn Memorial Park, Jhiben Hot Spring and Luye Highland. The nightglow concerts brought brilliant performances to five venues. Balloon enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see them.

Rolling up your sleeves for a discussion with Taitung celebrities: 100-year-old enterprises and new startups insist on “innovation”, Magistrate Huang builds special industry

Taitung County Government held the second round of Taitung County Celebrity’s talks: Entrepreneurial Orientation. It was held at TTMaker Innovation Park on the 20th of August. Chen Baizhou, former chairman and general manager of Philips and Xie Yawen, marketing director of DJULIS International Food Company were invited. Together they discuss the innovative energy and resources of Taitung and combining these with special local features to create opportunities for small businesses.County Magistrate Justin Huang gifted Chen Baizhou, former chairman of Philips, a box of Taitung Red Oolong Tea. While speaking, he expressed Taitung’s different styles throughout various phases over recent years. The hope of providing citizens with a good life has guided the direction of his policymaking. Therefore, he has worked tirelessly with the county government to promote industry and job development in order to attract youths to return to the county.Over the past eight years, the county government has been actively developing industries with special local features. By creating many business opportunities and new employment, banking deposits of citizens have increased by 30 billion NTD. For example, Yawen used red quinoa grown in Taitung to develop various products. DJULIS International Foods is a Taiwan’s company specializing in foods with red quinoa as the base ingredient. It won an honorable two stars at the International Asian AA (anti-additive) Food Awards. The cultivation area of red quinoa in Taitung County has increased from 20 hectares to nearly 300 hectares. Through today’s forums, she looks forward to actually implementing action and bringing change to Taitung.Afterward, Chen Baizhou gave a speech and shared on the topic of “meaningful innovation”. He said that he joined Philips Taiwan as an engineer in 1988 and retired after thirty years. He had many years of experience at Philips, a century-old company based in Germany. He asserted that enterprises must be able to be perpetually active, innovative and logically implement ideas into meaningful solutions.The name DJULIS originates from the aboriginal pronunciation of red quinoa. It is referred to as “the red gem of grains”. This amazing grain is rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber and low in calories. Since the 1980s, NASA has used it as a food staple for astronauts on long-distance missions. This grain has been cultivated and used by Taiwanese aborigines for hundreds of years. Director Xie Yawen pointed out that since Taitung is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, it is blessed with unique geographical conditions. However, red quinoa had been forgotten about for many years, until a group of local farmers discovered that it had great potential for development. This resulted in the creation of DJULIS. Officials and local farmers connected and formulated a standard procedure for planting red quinoa. This delicious and unique product has become a highlight for tourism in Taitung.

Taitung 3D beauty Jumps on the Airport Mass Transit Transportation (MRT) and Your Love of Taiwan Starts from Taitung

Taitung County was selected as the Top 10 emerging tourist cities in up-and-coming destinations by the hot travel website It has launched the “Happy Tour in Taitung and Happy City is Taitung” painted train was launched since June 26 (Tuesday) to start 4 major topical events for urban marketing. The 3D beauty of Taitung’s charming scene in the mountains and sea was the first time attracting domestic and international tourists in a glance through the Airport MRT!The Head of Taitung County Huang Jian-Ting had a special visit to the MRT painted train of Taoyuan Airport and had a check on the publication with Yu Ming-Xun, the Director of International Development and Planning, Huang Ming-Wei, General Manager of Hehe International Co., Ltd. today (26th), with the reception of Xu Jun-Chia, Deputy General Manager of MRT Co., Ltd (Taiyuan). It is worth to note that Taitung County is the first local government launching the Taojie painted train. It had vigorous promotion of hot air ballooning, Nanhui art planning and other events. Sitting in the carriage, all you can see is the most beautiful scene in Taitung, no matter from which angle, and you can appreciate the most beautiful scene and human feelings.Taoyuan Airport MRT is a gateway for international travelers entering into Taiwan. Since started last year, it becomes daily routine for Taiwanese travelling abroad. In order to master a chance to propaganda it, Taitung County had the first “City Marketing” incorporated with an Airport MRT painted direct train, and the event spans from June 26 to July 25.Taitung County Government stated that Airport MRT painted trains are designed in four Taitung colors, primarily focus on yellow, green, blue and red, referring from the rice yellow on the pool, green at the East Rift Valley, blue of the Pacific and red in the sun of the first dawn, with which local elements are delicately presented through five carriages. In addition, natural landscape pictures showing the ocean and Rift Valley were selected to create a landscape image of Taitung. Travellers can download the Travel in Taitung app and check it on for planning a visit to Taitung conveniently, leaving a unforgettable memory!Taitung County Government stresses that the promotion of international happy city is set as a policy goal; in addition to the painted trains, a wide range of traffic node advertisements are launched at Taipei MRT, Songshan Airport and other places from June 26 to October 31, such as eight innovative city marketing Ads including painted carriage, bus kiosk light box, light box in Songshan airport, TRTS light box, TRTS carriage poster, TRTS carriage mouth-shaped sticker, Airport MRT poster, MRT platform TV advertisement to welcome domestic and foreign tourists during the summer hot travelling season, and we will actively promote the beauty of Taitung to capture the heart of every traveller.

2018 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Carnival Kicks off and the Head of Taitung County Huang Invites you to Have a Play in Taitung

The most popular event in this summer, “Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Carnival” will launch officially from June 30th to August 13th. There will be 8 light sculpture concerts hosted, and events including but not limited to the South to Earth Art Festival and the Harvest Festival, as well as cuisineIt kicked off at 5:30 at dawn on the 30th in Luye Gaota and Yinyin Culture and Art Troupe was invited to pray for it with the Ami Group Praying Dance and traditional singing ceremony. There will be up to 24 hot air balloons flying freely on that day, and the Minions superstar-shaped ball will bring all about the first wave of free flying. VIPs and public will be invited in the kick-off ceremony casting 350 pibals to announce the commencement.Taitung County Government stated that it is the 8th year of carnival this year and our organizer will challenge impossible one more time, wherein up to 39 cute and funny balls will be invited, which breaks the records, to gather there. Among them, we specially invited superstar-shaped balls that are popular among all over the world, including but not limited to Minions, “outside the miracle” “UP” ball, royal elephant ball, German Orient Express, three little bees, and Noah’s Art that has ever created many wonderful memories with you, Tiger Tony and British Soldier Ball. Besides, we also invited the British Bulldogs to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Dog, while the Taiwanese ambassador “Raccoon” and the Pxmart’s “Welfare Bear” will also meet with you there.。We have held the largest number of light sculpture concerts this year, and the Images & Data Library, Taitung University, the “first among the world’s top eight libraries”, will be set as the scene behind the concert combining culture youth and romance. Continued from the warm resounding in the first show at Chihang Base in 2013, we will combine it with the Air Force Base Open Day for everyone to capture the image containing the active military aircraft and the dazzling hot air balloon. The water dance will be added to Dapo Pool of Chishang to give a pretty dinner party from the hot air balloon dancing with water.There was even events including but not limited to “Prairie Concert”, “You can fly VR Experience”, “Catch-the-ball Happy Wedding Photography” and “Hot Balloon Market” launched among of all this year. In order to promote Taitung’s Red Quinoa, the Bureau of Water Conversation especially cooperated with the Luye Farmers Association and Food Factory hosting a “Red Quinoa Eating in Hot Air Balloon” at Luye Gaotai in 3 days prior to the International Ballooning Carnival in Taiwan (6/30-7/2), among of which, top 100 passengers prior to the event may be able to get Red Quinoa Kuai Kuai for free.The county government also reminds everyone warmly of a message that the hot air balloon event is available in two sessions each day, i.e., morning and afternoon, and the time spans from 5:30 to7:00 am, and field ticket sales is available from 17:00, while that available from 16:00 for the afternoon session, 5:00-7:00pm.

Magister Huang Hopes to Develop Taitung’s Local Brand and Entrepreneurial Opportunities with the Transformation Experience of German Industry 4.0

Taitung County Government hosted the Taitung Maker Forum at the TT Maker Park in Taitung in may 2018. German Industry 4.0 master Ulrich Sendler was invited, along with the co-founder of PTT Zhiyang Dai to discuss with the five groups of young entrepreneurial teams that started their career startups in Taitung. They discussed the niche and difficulties of entrepreneurship in Taitung and ways to think about the methods of solving the problems. Magister Huang and President of the CommonWealth Magazine, Yingchun Wu, also participated together. They look forward to bringing together the dialogues of all parties to unite in the recognition of our land, and identify the characteristics of the local brands.Through the two advanced mastering of future trends, they have diagnosed the development breakthrough points for the teams involved today, and helped the young entrepreneurial teams in Taitung to discuss the niche and difficulties, and in addition to also think about solutions.Taitung County Government’s International Development and Planning Department pointed out that Taitung County is located in the eastern part of Taiwan and has abundant sightseeing and natural farming and fishing resources. According to the reports of the CommonWealth Magazine, from 2009 to 2017, the income of the Taitung Farmers’ and Fishers’ Association alone showed an increase of 20 billion. In the 2015 Happy City Survey, Taitung ranked second, considering the lack of industrial and commercial development environment. Focusing on the continuation of the environment and local culture, this kind of life that takes all into account, and allows residents to experience happiness.The forum invited five teams and the participating teams were:Ching Inc. promotes shared design companies and provides customers with e-commerce strategic planning for their own products.BARTER X BARTER is an educational platform to promote children’s imagination and creativity. For areas with insufficient educational resources, the ability to use science and technology and the nature of education are essential. This business strives to cultivate the financial communication ability of small creators to their own works, and to achieve the self-reliance of the transformation of the works into products and value reconstruction.Safely Taitung is a combination of science and technology medical equipment with home services, for rural residents to carry out health testing, remote health advice, home delivery and other customized services to improve the health care standards of rural residents.A Grain of Wheat Visual Creation Co., Ltd. makes Taitung Flowing Lake into a special sporting ground, combined with professional sports teams, customized growth camps, physical fitness, maintenance and nutrition of the trainers. This company enhances the overall sports and health care capabilities.Origin Agriculture Co. Ltd. promotes the natural farming and reforestation ecology in Chishang, and leads the development of small farmers to promote rural development in pastoral areas, and to produce natural and healthy agricultural products.

Green Island Pygmy Seahorse Seabed Mailbox: Magistrate Huang Creates a New Method of Travel

Taitung County Government and Chunghwa Post cooperated for the first time together to set up the world’s deepest pygmy seahorse mailbox at Shilang Diving Area off the coast of Green Island. A team of officials including Taitung County Magistrate Jason Huang, a representative of Chunghwa Post, and Egyptian scuba diver Ahmed Gabr, the Guinness World Record holder for the deepest scuba dive and the deepest scuba dive in sea water (332 meters), all went down together to start the service earlier this year. The charm of the pygmy seahorse faces the international community, and calls on tourists to guard the paradise present on Green Island with their hearts.Inspired by the pygmy seahorse species which can be found off the coast of Green Island, the underwater mailbox was erected 11 meters below sea level in the Shilang Snorkeling Area, sixty meters off the coast of Green Island. Claiming the title of the deepest undersea mailbox in the world, it is made of environmentally friendly stainless steel. Dedicated waterproof postcards were created by the teachers and students of the schools on Green Island to fully display the love the kids have for the ocean. People can go to designated stores on the island and purchase waterproof postcards. People hope that everyone can take care of the local marine resources. In the future, there are plans for part of the operating income of the undersea postbox to be invested into an environmental education fund. It is hoped that while enhancing the local tourism industry and economic development, it will also continue to contribute to the maintenance of the ecological environment of the Green Island.Guinness World Record holder Ahmed Gabr, who came from Egypt to Taiwan, personally participated in the opening ceremony of the underwater mailbox. Stunned by the underwater world of Green Island. Ahmed Gabr says that it is clean and clear, and the highly visible Green Island underwater world, coupled with the artistic image injected into the underwater mailbox, will drive another wave of global exploration into the ocean.In response to the opening of the underwater mailbox, the international SDI/TDI/ERDI scuba diving organization (International Scuba Diving/Technology Dive/International Emergency Response Diving) introduced advanced diving equipment such as the Closed Loop System (CCR) and double cylinders. Visitors can quietly enjoy the beauty of the marine world off the coast of Green Island in a bubble-free environment. In addition, the SDI/TDI/ERDI International Headquarters recognises the contribution of Magistrate Huang to the promotion of diving activities. As the global diving tourist population continues to increase, the visibility of Green Island’s oceans continues to be incomparable to the whole of Taiwan, as it features the richest and most abundant marine ecological environment in Taiwan. This diving paradise is worth recommending to all international divers.

Musical Concert Held at Baxian Caves on April 29, a Proud Moment for Local Culture

After six years of litigation and successive removal of the ruins inside Baxian Caves, most especially the last of the eleven caves in December last year, Taitung County Government held a special event to invite members of the public to step into this natural archaeological at Baxian Caves. The county government held a special event at Chaoyin Cave, the second largest platform at the site on April 29 of this year, which was significantly different from the formal musical concerts held at concert halls. Natural sounds emit in the caves, and combine with the beautiful outdoor sounds interlaced with the waves. Magistrate Huang said that in the future, he will fight for funds from the Central Government to carry out cave cleaning and the maintenance of historic sites and parks, and integrate with the surrounding natural landscapes, and make Baxian Caves become a place full of pride.The event was attended by 200 people, and the audience included Magistrate Huang (County Magistrate), Ching-Bai Chung (Cultural Affairs Department Director General), and Shufang Pan (Mayor of Changbin Township). Magistrate Huang mentioned in his speech that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to listen to music in a cave of ruins. Baxian Caves in Changbin Township was a sea cave that was formed millions of years ago. The ruins were discovered in 1968 by Professor Wen-Hsuan Song from National Taiwan University. An archaeological team at the time discovered that there were an abundance of rich Paleolithic relics at the bottom of the caves. This old prehistoric site dates back to about 30,000 years ago. It was listed as a Grade-A monument in the Taiwan in 1988, and was designated as a state-owned site by the Central Government in 2006.Due to the long-term use of the temples and the lack of adequate management at the site, Taitung County Government began to gradually resolve this problem, starting in 2011 and running through 2017. After numerous consultations and lawsuits, the Dali Cave, Hailei Cave, and Yong’an Cave were cleared. Others were successively demolished, and the last occupied cave (Chaoyin Cave) was cleared on December 6, 2017.The concert invited people to sing, and even featured vocal groups to sing. Other guests included the famous aboriginal singer, Sangpuy, and the National Taitung University string quartet. The event also featured music from the Taiwanese Film Cape No. 7. Among them, Sangpuy’s unique vocal singing melody inspired the ancient feelings at the site, and combined with the wonderful music emitted from the mountains and the sea. These wonderful sounds allowed the audience to enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable event. In addition to the archeological and geological significance of this ancient site, there is also a display of culture, education, sightseeing and recreation.

2018 Challenge Taiwan for Two Days on Day 28th to Join Hands with Taitung County Government to Create Taitung Sports City

Taitung city, with beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, has always been known as an international sport events site in Taiwan. Challenge Taiwan hosted the International Triathlon event for the sixth time this year in Taitung. This year also attracted international players from various countries and the media to participate in this triathlon event. In addition to the world famous Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival and Taiwan Open of Surfing, Taitung is now the top choice city for triathlons. Challenge Taiwan works with Taitung County Government to transform Taitung into an international sports tourism city. This year’s Challenge Taiwan was held on April 28 and April 29 for two days at Taitung Flowing Lake and other places. 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medal winner Jan Frodeno also came to Taiwan for the second time. During the competition, local traffic control was implemented on the east coast and Taitung City areas such as Mahengheng Boulevard, mountain-sea cycle track, and Taitung Railway Art Village (Tiehua Road). The public and drivers were requested to cooperate with traffic control.Challenge Taiwan has attracted more than 4,500 competitors this year, including more than 700 226K contestants, 1,500 113K contestants and nearly 2,000 51.5K contestants. Such a huge ironman lineup set a new record for the total number of participants in Asian triathlon events. At the end of the match, there were Aboriginal dance performances to welcome the contestants and garlands for the players, as well as hot air balloon performances, which blended with local Taitung characteristics.In 2018, Challenge Taiwan and Taiwan Binz once again invited Jan Frodeno to return to Taiwan. He was very happy to participate in such a high-level event of Challenge Taiwan. Jan Frodeno, from Germany, won the Ironman World Championship (226K) in 2015 and 2016, the Challenge Roth Championship in 2016 (226K) and many other events. In 2017, Jan was the first time to Taiwan to participate in Challenge Taiwan (113K) and finished it with a time of 3 hours, 48 minutes and 20 seconds. Everyone is looking forward to whether the second participating Jan will be able to break the record he has broken.Last year’s champion Swedish professional player Croneborg Fredrik (Elf) came to challenge the Triple Play of Challenge Taiwan 226K. He faced contestant Dylan McNeice from New Zealand who has won the Challenge Taiwan 226K twice. In addition, Luke Bella, a 38-year-old well-known Australian professional contestant who is also a Challenge Family ambassador, also competed in the competition. A fierce competition was staged in Taitung, Taiwan.

2018 Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival is Waiting to be Explored by the End of June.

Every summer, the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival is held at Taitung’s Luye Highland. Over the past few years, millions of tourists from all over the world have come to visit. Due to the impact of the Hualien earthquake which happened on February 6 of this year, Taitung County Magistrate, Justin Huang, decided to extend the original 38-day event this year to 45 days from June 30 until August 13. He hopes to attract more visitors to the east coast of Taiwan, and has welcomed both local and foreign tourists to take part.The Department of Transportation and Tourism Development Department has said that the Taiwan International Balloon Festival will include night glow concerts which have been held in previous years to various important attractions in Taitung County. In addition to Luye Highland, Sanxiantai, Chishang Dapo Pond, and Taimali Aurora Park, this year’s special cooperation with the Air Force Base Open Day will allow the public to have the opportunity to capture the images of the in-service fighters and the hot air balloons. The National Taitung University Library, which was named one of the world’s top eight libraries, will also be dancing with hot air balloons for the first time this year. Each hot-air balloon concert will bring you a different visual and auditory experience.This year’s event will feature famous special shape balloons from all over the world, such as Christ the Redeemer of one of the most famous commemorative statues in the world, Minion soldier from the popular animation film Despicable Me, Golden Globes winner Up, and Arky. These new additions are expected to create excitement at this year’s event. This year marks the Year of the Dog. The British Bulldog Buster, which has made its debut in the world for the first time, will share the fun with everyone. The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications will also send Taiwan’s tourism ambassador OhBear and the PX Mart Bear to welcome friends from abroad. A total of 39 special shape hot air balloons will meet you at Luye Highland this year.Eight years ago, Luye Highland first raised the hot air balloon and began the long story of hot air ballooning for Taitung. The Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival was not only selected this year in the Travel Channel 12 Amazing Hot Air Balloon Festivals Around the World. has also named Taitung as one of the world’s top ten emerging tourist cities. From June 30 until August 13 this year, we welcome everyone to Luye Highland to participate in the summer’s most dazzling activities. The dream is looking forward to ascend to the sky. If you have never experience hot air ballooning, then this year is your golden opportunity. If you have experienced it in the past, then let the 2018 Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival create your own hot air balloon story again.

Taitung County “The Hidden South”— South-Line Art Project Coming Soon!

Taitung County Government has organized the “The Hidden South – South-Line Art Project”, which is the first new art project in Taitung and will be officially launched on May 26 2018, and will run through to September 1. The project plans to follow the coastline in the South-Link Section of Provincial Highway No. 9, and will cover four townships: Daren, Jinfeng, Dawu, and Taimali. Twenty domestic and foreign artists from all over the world have been invited to participate together. It is expected that more than 50 educational activities will be held. Not only does it focus on artistic creation, but also hopes that through long-term exchanges, sparks will be generated between art, local life and traditional culture.This project will display several large-scale installations in fixed locations and visually transform in some existing buildings. In addition to fixed works, in order to deepen the links and cooperation between the plan and the region, several creative artists are invited to conduct in-depth cultural studies in the local area. The plan encourages local artistic creation and publicly-selected 10 groups of creators, to rethink the cultural landscape of the South-Link Line with art transformation. Among these works, there are at least four art pieces from local youth creators.In addition to the twenty exhibitions, there are also plans to promote more long-term educational programs and participation activities such as lectures, workshops, guided tours, concerts, art tours and school courses. This project aims to promote local culture and enhance arts understanding and communication. The opening ceremony of the Hidden South – South Line Art Project will be held on May 26 at Dawu Transfer Station. Through the natural journey, arts courses and cultural activities one after another, the mysterious knowledge of southern life is here waiting for you to discover.The Hidden South — South-Line Art ProjectExhibition Date: 5.26 (Sat) – 9.1 (Sat)Exhibition location: Along the South-Link Section of Provincial Highway No. 9, and covers four townships include Daren, Jinfeng, Dawu, and Taimali.Opening Ceremony: 5.26 (Sat) 14:30 at Dawu Transfer StationClosing Ceremony: 9.1 (Sat) reveal top 10 destinations to visit in 2018

As 2017 came to an end, many travelers had already started preparing for this year’s travel plans. To provide travelers with more travel inspiration,, the global leader in online travel, announced the Top 10 Up-and-Coming Destinations in 2018. Whether you want to enjoy a sunny beach holiday in a small city full of history and culture, or a tasteful food tour, the characteristics of these new tourist cities can definitely meet the needs of travelers with different needs! It is worth noting that Taitung, with its slow pace, fascinates all those who visit with its urban charm and multiculturalism. Visitors from all over the world are able to experience its natural forests, hot springs, temples and sea activities, and witness it as it becomes one of the top 10 emerging tourist cities in 2018.Taitung City, Taiwan: Charm, Natural Scenery, and Exquisite Slow Pace of LifeTaitung is a slow-paced city. Its urban charm and multiculturalism are fascinating. In addition to unspoiled natural forests, hot springs, temples, and maritime activities, visitors from a variety of countries have taken notice of this splendid city. If you want to participate in sea activities, you can go to Green Island and experience diving, snorkeling or strolling along the beach. You can taste the best seafood in the local areas, or you can buy fresh seafood at Fugang Harbor. You can also relax in the famous Zhiben Hot Springs and at the same time invigorate your body and soul. Visiting the Taitung Night Market and tasting the local food is also a good choice for enjoying Taitung during the holidays! In addition, Taitung City is also famous for its various comfortable homestays. HANA Homestay offers a delicious breakfast, modern rooms, and bicycle rentals so that guests can easily explore the nearby area, get to know the locals, and search for more travel inspiration.

2018 Changbin King Kong Marathon: Open Now for Registration

The third Changbin King Kong Marathon will be held on May 6th, 2018 in Changbin Township, Taitung County. The East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office invites all runners to participate in this unique competition in Taiwan, and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. The event began in 2016 and it has been well-received, with friendly comments been made. In addition to the beautiful waves, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery stretching along the coastline. This year’s event will be held immediately after the accolades received over the last two years.Five Tribes, Four Tourist Spots: Enjoy What Changbin OffersThis year’s marathon includes a 42 km event, 21 km event, and a 7.5 km event. The race starts from Changbin Elementary School. Whether it is the full marathon, half marathon, or the 7.5 event, you will pass through the various tribes on the route. In addition, you will see King Kong Boulevard, Baxian Caves, the Tropic of Cancer, Changhong Bridge and other East Coast special scenic spots. Runners can enjoy a variety of landscapes and views on the East Coast of Taiwan. There will be local cheerleader, drumming, dancing, and cheering for runners, working together to finish the race. In order to allow players and relatives and friends to experience local food and cuisine, the East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office will cooperate with Changbin Township Office the night before to provide local delicacies, local aboriginal welcome dances, and entertainment for contestants, their friends, and their relatives. Visitors will also be able to get local farm product gift boxes at a cost of only NT$ 500 per person. Let the runners, relatives and friends not only feel the local customs, but also the taste of the local cuisine.Joy at King Kong BoulevardIn order to enhance the activities, a photo-taking stop will be provided for all contestants. This event also has a King Kong Challenge. Any group of over four people (those who register for 42K or 21K) will be eligible for this event. The winner will receive a prize of NT$ 12,000 or other prizes at equivalent value. In addition, supplements will be provided along the route, as well as local rice given as a gift to all full marathon and half marathon contestants. So what are you waiting for? From now until March 30th (Friday), all runners are welcome to register!

2018 Taitung Lantern Festival Events

Every year, Bombing Lord Handan, as part of the Taitung Lantern Festival becomes the most eye-catching event. Thousands of tourists flock to Taitung City to witness the grace of Lord Handan. In addition to requesting good fortune, tourists also take part in witnessing the traditional folk activities. This year, Taitung City Hall built its first 3D Architectural Light Sculpture Exhibition at Seashore Park on March 4th of this year.This year, the theme of Taiwan Lantern Festival SHOW Night Glow was specifically planned. The main building of the city’s public hall was used as the main background of a 3D projection show. Combined with advanced three-dimensional animation and projection technology, the characteristics of Taitung’s Lantern Festival activities, and local culture and arts were presented through 3D technology. This innovative approach was first implemented at the Lantern Festival in Taitung. It is a departure from the traditional activities without losing the original meaning of the Lantern Festival.The activities of the Lantern Festival began at 6:30 in the morning on March 1st at Taitung City Hall. There was an opening ceremony of the first Bombing Lord Handan and the 3D Architectural Night Glow Exhibition on the evening of March 4th. From 6:30 to 9:30 at the Grand Promenade of Seashore Park, activities continued with fireworks, competitions, music, and the Bombing Lord Handan events. In the midst of the folklore celebrations, the East Art Dance Group put on a stunning dance performance. Performances were also put on by many popular musicians, such as Hsiang-Peng Kao and Mika Xiang. At 6 o’clock, a limited number of LED year of the dog small lanterns were given out to members of the public. It was not to be missed! In addition, a ten-minute fireworks display put a perfect ending to the 2018 Lantern Festival celebrations.In addition, this year’s lantern exhibition and furry friend talent show was be held at 6:30 in the afternoon on March 1st at Taitung City Hall. This year’s Lantern Festival was even more distinguished and more exciting. After the Lantern Festival came to an end, Taitung began to look forward to the coming year of the dog. Relevant activity announcements were posted on Taitung City Hall’s website and Facebook page. Taitung City Government sincerely welcomes friends from all over the country to experience the unique folk culture in Taitung!

Chinese New Year Festival Attracts More Than 440,000 Visitors to Taitung County

During the Chinese New Year five-day holiday period, the total number of tourists that visisted Taitung County was 446,815 from February 16 until February 20. A decrease of about 24.13% as compared with the same period of last year (140,000 tourists less) Taitung County Government Transport and Tourism Department Director Hui-Ching Chiang said that the main reason for the reduction of tourists was due to the earthquake that struck Hualien on February 6 of this year. Although Taitung was not directly affected by the earthquake, the data showed that the tourist numbers lost in Hualien not only didn’t spill into Taitung, but also affected the numbers of tourists visiting Taitung. With regard to the schools which were closed to the holiday, this also affected the number of tourists.During Chinese New Year, the accommodation rate in Taitung County averaged around 63%, a slight decrease of 13% compared to last year. The main reason was that schools at all levels started their school after this Festival, which affected parents arranging their traveling days.The travelers to Taitung this year were mainly focused on the East Rift Valley spots. The top three hot spots were Mr. Brown Avenue (including Dapo Lake), with numbers reaching around 110,000 people, Shiauyeliou (around 32,244 people) and Luye Highland (28,219 people). However, it is worth mentioning that the number of tourists visiting Guanshan Water Park, Daylily Mountain and Taitung Forest Park were surprisely growing.

Slow Food Taitung Festival Ends with “Slow Rice Food”

In 2018, the first Slow Food Taitung Festival held last weekend at the Tiehua Railway Art Village without the fear of cold weather. This event features Taitung Rift Valley, Coastal and South-Link lifestyles with “Taitung’s Drinks Culture”, which allowed visitors and local residents to experience more than 100 kilometers of Taitung delicacies in the market. Even as the cold front descenced upon Taitung, two days of activities still attracted thousands of participants, and their enthusiasm for eating food was unstoppable.The festival featured the history of coffee, the wisdom of tribal hunting drinks, and the special local teas embodying the traditional drinking memories of the people of Taitung. It can be said that is a complete drinking experience of Taitung. However, this event was unfortunately accompanied with the strongest cold front during this year’s winter. Stores were warmly prepared their signature hot soups for all the guests. You could see the scene of Hakkanese delicacies, and sesame oil mustard pork soup. The other important activity was a speech, which invited the Ailangerl and Taitung County Farmers Association to manage an interesting coffee activity. Participants were asked to smell specific daily fruits and vegetables and then carefully identify these smells which came out of the coffee. Many people said that they never tasted coffee in this way before, and felt the unusual aromas were something they had ever experienced. However, every cup of coffee held in the customers’ hands went through such levels as planting, processing of raw beans, baking and brewing. Just like a relay race, every link could not go wrong in order to achieve the perfect taste during the experience. Therefore, consumers consciously enjoyed and appreciated coffee, and they completed the entire milestone on the last mile of coffee tasting. It is also the philosophy of the Slow Food Taitung Festival to seriously bathe in the tastes of all food that you put into your mouth.The two-day festival attracted a large crowd of people, with the stores upholding the spirit of slow food that must follow the strict standards of using ingredients from an eco-friendly environment, seasonal and local ingredients, and those which minimize the carbon footprint. Some tourists joked that those who visit the market need to have a “slow” heart, and move at a high speed.Enjoy the Slow Food Taitung Festival, and “Eat Local and Eat Seasonal!” This year, there are also three sessions: Slow Rice, Slow Brewing and Slow Seafood in Taitung. We invite all of you to join us every season of this slow food festival, to feel the rhythm of nature, and taste the slow life of Taitung.

Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival Ranks 12 in the World, Taitung County Government Proud

Held by Taitung County Government since 2011, Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival was the first air balloon activity in Taiwan.The Government avoided the short, pyrotechnical activities in order to promote economic development in local industries. After seven years of continuous innovative efforts, the Taiwan International Balloon Festival held annually in Taitung County has been named one of the top 12 hot air balloon festivals around the world by the Travel Channel. It has been kept its place with the world’s largest events, such as the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in the USA, and the SAGA International Balloon Fiesta in Japan.Taitung County Government adds the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival has been held for seven years. In 2018, the Travel Channel reported that the festival witnessed an unprecedented number of special-shaped balloons in 2017. Visitors are able to attend six different night glow concerts and appreciate the hot air balloons on display. In recent years, Taitung has been keeping pace with international standards in its activities, and has been involved in innovation in combining with local culture and activities. Taitung is seeking for new changes and gaining recognition during its eighth year of the hot air balloon festival in 2018.Starting from inviting the best designed air balloons all over the world, and inviting foreign pilots to Taitung. Once they fell in love with this place, it did a great deal for international diplomacy for Taiwan. With a total of 7 years of hard work, the Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival has also made its name on the international hot air balloon stage. It has been selected as one of the top 12 hot air balloon festivals in the world, sharing the glory with the likes of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and SAGA International Balloon Fiesta.Due to the special local features of this event, it has created a motivation for visitors to come and take part. The 2018 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival will be even more exciting. From June 30 until August 6 in Luye Highland of Taitung, come and enjoy with the grassland concerts, hot air balloon rides, and local agricultural products. You can deeply explore Taitung’s slow lifestyle and culture, and take part in the wonderful event which is tied with the one of best festivals around the world.

”2017 East Coast Land Arts Festival: The Final Event Makes its Debut!”

The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration of the Bureau of Tourism of the Ministry of Transportation, in cooperation with Hong Chang Co., Ltd. (FUJIFILM distributor in Taiwan), conducted cross-border cooperation with Everlasting Chang Arts Co., Ltd. in Taipei from January 9 (Monday) to 26 (Thursday) Gallery for the annual Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival.Each piece of work deeply describes and records the native scenery and lifestyle on the East Coast. With its original vision, the unique artistic culture and landscape on the East Coast are presented by photography and dynamic films to fully express the area’s beautiful scenery. The general public are able understand the lifestyle and beauty of the east coast, and the Land Arts Festival through its works.The winning entries for the 11 most beautiful scenes on East Coast were: Morning Beauty on Ningpu Village, Black Eared Goldfish, Dawn, Fishing Man’s Shadow, Wushisheng Harbor, Mango, Vitality, Golden Patchwork, Sanxiantai, and Agreement.Special thanks were given to the Chang-Chang Foundation for Cultural Heritage, for providing the venue for the successful 2017 East Coast Land Art Festival, and for opening the 2018 Overture for the East Coast Land Arts Festival. The Opening Ceremony of Ceremony Photo Contest was held at 13:00 on January 13, 2018 (Venue: Fujifil Taiwan Gallery; Address: No. 36, Section 6, Minquan East Road, Taipei).The final of the East Coast Festival of Earth Art 2017 was an exciting event. The 2018 East Coast Land Arts festival is fast approaching. For more information, please visit the official website at or the festival website For enquiries, activities and real-time details, please visit the “East Coast Art Festival” FB fan page.

”Taiwan’s Museum Alliance Introduces Discounts for 2018″

The National Taiwan Museum of Prehistory, in conjunction with eight other major national museums in Taiwan, have introduced a joint ticket discount. Visitors who purchase a ticket at any of the nine museums in 2018 are automatically eligible for a membership card. Where should you go for the winter vacation? The National Taiwan Museum of Prehistory of course!All 9 National Museum of the Museum Alliance, which includes science, history and culture, and situated in the North, Central, South and East are all working together to jointly launch the discount ticket program. Those who visit the National Taiwan Science Education Center, National Museum of Natural Science, National Science and Technology Museum, National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, National Taiwan Museum, National Museum of History, National Museum of Taiwan History, National Museum of Prehistory or the National Palace Museum with a valid ticket or membership card will be able to enjoy this special offer program. This offer ends on December 31 of this year.With the winter holidays and the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, people can take advantage of this special offer all throughout Taiwan. When traveling to visit relatives, why not join a museum tour? Special offers range from 30% to 50% price concessions, which saves visitors money, whilst enjoying everything the museums offer.In 2018, The National Museum of Prehistory will feature a range of unique exhibitions, such as Pasibutbut Exhibits, Consonance Show, Jade Stone Exhibits, as well as the upcoming Consolation of Music: Shared Memory Special Exhibition of Taiwan’s Modern Folk Songs on February 9.The permanent exhibition hall boasts the interactive use of virtual reality, augmented reality, somatosensory interaction and immersive experience technology to enhance the experience of visitors! Be sure to pay a visit to the museum!

“Art Without Borders: Taitung Hosts Two Japanese Artists in Take-Akari and Calligraphy Art Exchange”

A cultural exchange between Taitung and Mie Prefencture in Japan was held in the Taitung Art Museum in Taitung City. Two artists from Mie Prefencture in Japan, namely Kohei Kawabuchi (Iga City) and Jyunichi Ito (Matsuzaka City), held a joint calligraphy and take-akari (Japanese bamboo lantern) event and exhibit. The event ended with the lighting of bamboo art. Justin Huang, Taitung County Magistrate, also paid special greetings with a visit. He was surprised at the new sensory experience of blending modern crafts with the traditional Japanese writing culture.Justin Huang (Taitung County Magistrate), Ming-Hsun Yu (International Development and Planning Department Director-General), Kuo-Chin Hung (International Promotions Section Chief), Ching-Po Chung (Cultural Affairs Department Director-General) and Ping-Yi Li (Visual Arts Section Chief) were at the event, overseeing and sending their greetings to the two in-residence artists. They participated in the lighting of bamboo art, and were introduced to the concepts and processes of the art. One of the artists, Kohei Kawabuchi said that he started getting involved in bamboo art about ten years ago. He also mentioned that the most memorable thing in Taitung are custard apples. He went on to say that one night during his stay, he bumped into Director-General Yu, and particularly enjoyed Taitung’s stinky tofu. Jyunichi Ito added that although he is not able to communicate in the local Chinese language, he was met with very warm-hearted people at Fugang Harbor in Taitung, and was even invited to enjoy seafood and food together. At that moment, he added, he joined hands with the local residents to foster communication, interaction and mutual surpassing of language barriers, leaving him with unforgettable memories of life.After his visit, Magistrate Huang went on to say that the pace of internationalization in Taitung is becoming steadier and steadier. This year the county government has had fruitful exchange and cooperation with Japan. Apart from visiting Mie Prefecture in Japan, and participating in the Tokyo Marathon, two Japanese artists came to Taitung to stimulate the new spark of art between Taiwan and Japan. It is really exciting, he added, and hopes to see the more exhibitions in Taitung in the future.Last year, the International Development and Planning Department of Taitung County Government signed a memorandum of understanding between the local governments of Shima City and Iga City, in the hope for further cooperation and exchange in the future. For the first time, two artists from Mie Prefecture, Japan, were invited to the Taitung Art Museum to showcase their talents. It was the second time they publically exhibited their unique calligraphy and take-akari works; the first was at the 2016 G7 Shima Summit.During their two-week stay in the museum, the two artists created a myriad of art works for the musuem to share their creative journey.

“Mandarin Airlines introduces NT$ 5,250 Two-day, One-Night Trip to Taimali, Taitung for Daylily Appreciation”

Mandarin Airlines services two Taipei to Taitung flights daily – in the morning and evening. There are 3 flights on Sundays. The boarding passengers can have a relaxing 50-minute flight until landing in Taitung. Choosing this two-day, one-night vacation, not only provides a diverse flower appreciation itinerary but further provides arranged transportation and a tour guide for tourists to Duoliang Train Station (voted Taiwan’s most beautiful train station) and the popular Taitung University Library. The hotel further provided free bicycles to allow travelers to traverse the city.Mandarin Airlines additionally introduced a deeper flower appreciation three-day, a two-night trip for two people, with a cost of only NT$7,788 per person. In addition to the appreciation of Taitung’s daylily flowers, trips to Taitung Forest Park, Xiaoyeliu (scenic seaside area north of Taitung City), Water Running Upwards, Jinzun Recreation Area, Jinzun Harbor and Donghe Bridge were also arranged for a special of NT$300 before August 17th. Taitung County Government welcomes tourists aboard Mandarin Airlines to Taitung for the enjoyment of the beautiful scenery and daylily flower season.

“The Moonlight and Ocean Music Festival, as part of the TEC Land Arts Festival, was held in August, and attracted a grand total of approximately 6000 tourists to share in a joyous Father’s Day Festival”

The East Coast Scenic Area Management Bureau held the second Moonlight and Ocean Music Festival this year. The final two events, which were held on August 8th and 9th, brought different styles of music and dance to Taitung. On the first day, the music from A Moving Sound that brought together east and west cultures, and the Genio Dance Troupe’s dance performance which told the story of parental love from the previous generation, left spectators intoxicated with the passion wing the spectators of the scene to be intoxicated with the passion of the Flamenco dance. The island nation’s SKAROKE jazz left everybody radiating with delight.On the second day, the festivities continued with a singing performance by the Beinan Tribe’s Paliulius Band, The Siyuland’s sitar performance, and Shengxiang Band’s performance showcasing traditional Taiwanese mixed with contemporary Western music.While these two music events were not held on the weekend, they still managed to attract over six thousand tourists, including Japanese, French, Malaysian etc. Various worldwide business and welfare group representatives were also present. As the moon slowly rose over the sea, with the moonlight reflecting off the surface of the ocean, a joyous scene gathered. Under the clear sky in the midst of pleasant weather and the charming sight of the moon, the participating tourists sat, lay down, sang and jumped together with the music. The finale of the festival featured Suming along with his tribal brother and sisters. Their talents brought an end to a successful and fulfilling event.The East Coast Scenic Area Management Bureau’s TEC Land Arts Festival, renowned for blending the natural scenery and local artistic culture, held the 3rd East Coast Land Arts Festival. Apart from selecting eight artists to perform (both domestic and international), local residents created nine pieces or art to be displayed along seven art studios along the coast. They were opened to the public every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from June 10th until August 31st. and also featured small markets and DIY experiences. The beauty of the moonlight and ocean scenery, coupled with music and dance, served to add to the east coast’s cultural richness and increase tourism, allowing the east coast to become a place where tourists do not want to leave.This year’s Moonlight and Ocean Music Festival was not only localized but also internationalized. It combined music from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, as well as a hint of Japanese cultural elements. Furthermore, the Moonlight and Ocean Music Festival reached Taiwan’s Top 7 Summer Festivals, making it a top event to attend and a journey for everyone to appreciate. The East Coast Scenic Area Management Bureau will be forever grateful, and is looking forward to next year’s event!

“Taitung International Youth Ambassadors: Singapore Service and Learning Experience”

Since February of this year, twenty-five members of the Taitung County Youth Ambassadors team have devoted themselves to participate in large-scale events, such as IromMan, Challenge Taiwan and other triathlons. In addition, they took part in the Chinese Summer Camp in Taitung to receive foreign visitors. They took a step forward to cultivate their mobile capabilities, and left Taitung for world integration and to broaden their international vision. At the same time, they learned on-the-job skills to increase member volunteer and service opportunities. The International Development and Planning Department of the Taitung County Government arranged a trip for the youth ambassadors from August 9th until August 13th to Singapore, where they took part in Tourism Bureau’s Autumn Travel Expo. The delegation also took part in visits to well-known educational institutions and businesses.Singapore, also known as The Garden City, it a green and clean city. It has a high degree of internationalization and rich culture, which is praised all over the world. With regard to expanding the young students’ international horizons, it was an exceptionally good choice. During the five-day, four-night trip, the youth ambassadors’ most important assignment was the Suntec Travel Expo’s inauguration stage performance. In order to showcase Taitung’s unique characteristics, they wore aboriginal-themed designed outfits and prepared two Amis Tribe song and dance performances, with dancing putting forth Taitung’s passion and energy.Utilizing this opportunity, series of visits was also planned, including Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, with the latter being Asia’s second top-ranked university. During the Nanyang Technological University’s exchange, the ambassadors went to AWWA, an established nursing home, to engage in activities with the elderly. The youth ambassdors also paid visits to AirBnB, Sea, Block 71, LATTICE80 and StarHub. Furthermore, they visited the World Wildlife Fund which gave the students an opportunity to understand trends, and to observe and study the foundation’s operations model at the same time.Country Magistrate Huang was very supportive for this unique and significant activity. In addition to securing the travel exhibition, he joined the youth ambassadors in consultations, and to learn the advantages of business and schools. He was pleased to see how the youth ambassadors had the opportunity for growth during the trip.

“Let’s Go Home Special Shape Balloon Party: Over 480,000 Visitors Flock to Taitung to Take Part in This Year’s Hot Air Balloon Festival”

Over 480,000 visitors, both foreign and local alike, flocked to Luye Highland to take part in this year’s hot air balloon festival, creating economic revenue of almost NT$1 billion. The longest balloon festival in the world, which started on June 30th and ran for thirty-eight days has made significant strides, with an increase of 37% of visitors compared to last year, over 5,000 tethered-balloon passengers, and thirty-five special shape balloons from thirteen countries. Night glow music events were also a hit with travelers, with events being held all over Taitung County, a press conference in Taipei, and the closing ceremony at Luye Highland, which was attended by over 40,000 people.The Free Bear special shape balloon (the first private enterprise balloon displayed at Luye), live feeds, and the support from local artists who performed at the night glow events were some of the highlights of this event. In addition, 1001 Stories of Taiwan, a piece by South Korea’s KBS (Korea Broadcasting System) was present to document the happenings of the hot air balloon festival. The closing ceremony was a spectacular sight, with a record number special shape balloons on display, thousands of lit-up smartphones, cameras, flashes and the sound of joy. This lively atmosphere was the perfect end to a successful hot balloon festival.This year’s closing ceremony, Let’s Go Home Special Shape Balloon Party, comprised of a fireworks and music display, with a record number of special shape balloons (twenty-two) as the background. Every balloon showcased its power and magnificence together with the music and fireworks to bring the 38-day festival to a close. In addition to the fireworks and music performance, a strong lineup of performances also added to the excitement, such as Pusibutbut (A Bunun Tribe band), True&Love (Taiwanese hip-hop band and winner of the 14th Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival Heart of the Ocean Award). Finally, Hot Shock, a Taiwanese rocked the crowd together with the hot air balloons to bring the music event to an end.Rest is necessary to further move forward. The end of this year’s hot air balloon festival is certainly not the final destination. A better, more successful 2018 hot air balloon festival is expected to bring more excitement and possibilities for tourists and locals alike at Luye Highland, Taitung.That being said, now fully into the autumn season, Taitung will be hosting the Taiwan Open of Surfing for a record sixth consecutive year at Jinzun in Donghe Township from November 23rd until December 3rd of this year. This year’s event will be in cooperation with the World Surf League (WSL) this year. Men’s and women’s longboard championships will be part of the agenda as enthusiastic surfers from all over the world descend upon Taitung to compete in the championships. Not only has Taitung reached new heights in the world surfing community, but it has also become a hotspot for hosting world championship events, with champions hailing from Japan and the south Pacific. Besides attractive surfing conditions, Taitung also made Lonely Planet’s 2016 top ten destinations in Asia. There is no better way to welcome surfing enthusiasts from all over the world to come and experience for themselves the uniqueness of Taitung and her waves.Contacts: Peace Marketing:Pei-Shan Hsu 0935-072491 [email protected] Wan-Chi Chen 0975-691131 [email protected]  

“Taitung County Government Givers for Taitung 2036 Lecture Series”

Taitung County Government’s Givers for Taitung 2036 held their second lecture series on August 28th in the auditorium on the first floor of the county government building. 8/28 on the first floor of the county auditorium to conduct the second show. One of the founders of CNEX, Ben Chiang, as well as founder of Lee, Tsai & Partners and previous government minister, Yu-Ling Tsai, assumed the roles of lecturers. Through the Internet’s far-reaching capabilities, giving exposure to Taitung on the worldwide stage, the Givers were invited to participate in the third, face-to-face phase of the project, where dialogues began with the young people of Taitung.The event was attended by San-Cheng Chang (previous Premier of the ROC), Han-Chieh Chao (President of National Donghua University), Yu-Ling Tsai (previous Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan), Ben Chiang (co-founder of CNEX), and other guests. The event focused on future trends, and topics such as smart cities, cloud technology, shared economics and other issues. The first lecture, given the preceding week, was given by the two Givers, San-Cheng Chang and Han-Chieh Chao, and was followed by Yu-Ling Tsai and ben Chiang. Yu-Ting Tsai, introduced what a Maker is, as well as explaining its advantages (such as innovation), allowing the youth of Taitung to get a better understanding of how to use technology for the benefit of economic development in Taitung. Furthermore, it allowed people worldwide to become aware of Taitung. CNEX co-founder and chairman Ben Chiang seized the most popular internet trends to connect digital technology industries, and shared the experience of operating the site, while using technology to change life and interactive observations, and the specific analysis of current business trends, to search for Taitung’s innate geographical charm and cultural potential.  

Yu-Ling Tsai:

Yu-Ling served as a district court judge, and then transferred positions to work as the General Counsel of IBM Taiwan. Founded in 1998, Lee, Tsai & Partners specializes in technological law, mergers,acquisitions, technology licensing, transfers and other cases. In November 2013, she was invited to serve as a committee member (National Information and Communications Initiative Committee) in the Executive Yuan. During her term in office, she was devoted to promoting relevant laws and regulations adapted for virtual world development, e-commerce, innovation and entrepreneurship environment. She is very optimistic about the future development of innovative design. During her time as a committee member, not only was she involved in university activities, but also promoted vMaker, and Fab Truck tours of a total of 297 high schools, for the purpose of exploring and cultivating talents of the next generation. “The whole world needs to see Taiwan’s Makers!” she says.  

Ben Chiang:

Ben graduated from NTU University with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, studied his Master’s of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, and co-founder of In 1995, Ben and two of his Stanford classmates, founded the largest overseas Chinese lifestyle website: At the end of 1998, the website merged with online affiliate, Stone Group from China, to become the largest worldwide Chinese website, Sina. In 2003, he served as senior vice president and general manager of Sina Wireless, and at the end of the same year, Sina appointed Ben as executive vice president. But having reached the apex at Sina, it came to a stop during his time leading the webportal. Ben brought his fight to the field of humanities and arts, and founded CNEX, hoping that through the creation of documentaries, it would lead to on-the-ground interactions and communication, promote dialogue between the Chinese and international community and discussions about contemporary Chinese issues.For more information, please visit the official Facebook page: 接力挺臺東 @taitung.givers  

Four Switzerland-born Catholic missionaries were issued Republic of China (Taiwan) citizenship cards, Magistrate Mr. Huang issued the cards in person on Aug. 3rd.

Four Switzerland-born Catholic missionaries were issued Republic of China (Taiwan) citizenship cards, Magistrate Mr. Huang issued the cards in person on Aug. 3rd.

Revs. Ernst Gassner, Gottfried Vonwyl and Josef Eugster and Brother Augustin Buchel came to Taiwan in the 1960s , dedicating themselves to Taitung for over five decades. Due to the recognition of their services in Taiwan, Ministry of Interior decided to issue them the citizenship cards during the ceremony in Taitung county on Aug. 3rd, 2017.The four missionaries came to Taiwan with other people from Societas Missionaria de Bethlehem, helping the disadvantaged people in remote villages in Taitung. They raised funds in Switzerland, Germany, and Netherlands for building Kung Tung Technical Senior High School, Eastern Vocational Training Center, and Taitung St. Mary’s Hospital in Taitung. They have already considered Taiwan their homes and are ready to spend the rest of their lives here, hoping to be the citizens of Republic of China (Taiwan).The commitment and dedication that Revs. Ernst Gassner, Gottfried Vonwyl and Josef Eugster and Brother Augustin Buchel have done are beyond their jobs, which has influenced  in fields of social welfare, religion, education, environment, and culture, etc. They were awarded Citizen Honors in 2003 and issued Alien Permanent Residence Permit in 2004. In 2011, Social and Family Affairs Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare passed the Mackay Project. Also, the four missionaries were awarded Caritas in Veritate by Taitung County government in 2013.

No more catching Pokemon but hot air balloons! Taitung County government introduces the app for catching virtual balloons and getting Taitung coins for prizes

No more catching Pokemon but hot air balloons! Taitung County government introduces the app for catching virtual balloons and getting Taitung coins for prizes

During the summertime, the Taiwan International Balloon Festival in Luyeh Hill in Taitung attracts lots of tourists to “catch the balloons”. It combines TTPush and Alley to develop an app “Alley x Balloon” for catching hot air balloons.Catching Pokemon is not a trend in Taitung anymore, people catch hot air balloons as they’re catching pokemon. The visitors can catch the virtual colourful balloons and take pictures of the them by using Alley x Balloon. They are given Taitung coins by uploading the photos on Facebook; also, it might be possible to get coupons of popular stores in Taitung by catching balls from the stores in the future.Tailing government stated that Alley x Balloon is the second app combing the local features in Taitung. Despite the short 38 days for Taiwan International Balloon Festival, Taitung government has decided to develop this app to extend the fun of catching the balloons which would not be restricted by any season or location.In the future, there would be some unique hot air balloons from the local stores to satisfy the visitors. Alley has created a whole new experience for city tourism, introducing the attractive Taitung to the tourists. The smart app creating lots of fun and advantages for the visitors is already popular for the people who receive this information, making them the smart travellers in Taitung.Fore more info:

“The only county government participated in the Japan Taiwanese Culture Festival”, Taitung impresses Japanese people with the dried fruits of Taitung Roselle

“The only county government participated in the Japan Taiwanese Culture Festival”, Taitung impresses Japanese people with the dried fruits of Taitung Roselle

In order to establish the connection between Japan and us, the magistrate of Taitung County, Justin Huang, led his team to Nagano, Japan for tourism and agriculture industry exchange in May this year; also, Taitung County Government has signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Minami Shinshu Kashikobo confectionery workshop. In June, the workshop purchased 2,000 kg of Roselle from Taitung, which is renowned as Taitung Ruby,for product development. Additionally, the workshop would be cooperating with Taitung County Government to engage in the 2017 Japan Taiwanese Culture Festival. Today was the first day of the festival, there were stands of dried fruits made from Taitung Roselle to taste, which combined the technology of agricultural products manufacturing from Japan and the high-quality ingredients from Taitung. The mayor of Tokyo Taito District Yukuo Hattori, the representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, Hsieh Chang-Ting, and the director of Taiwan Trade Center, Tokyo, Wu Chun-Tse come to the stands to taste the dried fruits made from Taitung Roselle. Additionally, the Director of International Development and Planning Department of Taitung County government, Yu Ming-Shun, gave the the executive of Tokyo Taito District an illustrated book of “Dream in Taitung” and a Polo shirt of「I Taitung」as the gifts to raise the visibility of Taitung in Japan. The 2017 Japan Taiwanese Culture Festival has been launched at Ueno Park from July 7th to July 9th. Leaded by Director Yu Ming-Shun, Taitung County Government is the only government unit joining the culture festival. Besides the dried fruits of Rosells provided by Minami Shinshu Kashikobo confectionery workshop, it invited Japanese to participate in the game of Discover Taitung to promote the international marketing website of Taitung. The representative, Hsieh Chan-Ting, came to the stand of Taitung County Government to show support, and he complimented the mix of salty, sour, and sweet flavor after tasting the dried fruits made by Taitung Roselle. The executive of Tokyo Taito District has showed the interest by reading the illustrated books of Taitung, giving praise to the Taitung scenery, and asking about the cultural and creative industry by aborigines. Moreover, Cheng Yi-Ping from Taiwan Visitors Association, Tokyo Office and the secretary-general of Taiwanese Japan Chambers of Commerce have also participated in this festival. The high-quality clip of marketing Taitung attracted the visitors, who have complimented the beauty of Taitung ’s landscape and the atmosphere of the sports events. Last but not least, Japanese director Sakai Atsuko came to promote her movie “Taiwan Banzai” which was mainly shot in Taitung, and it would be showing on July 22nd in the theatre, giving Japanese audiences the close experience of the beauty of Taitung. Director Yu Ming-Shun stated that the promotion he made for Taitung’s sports events tourism during his visit to Tokyo Marathon Exhibition in February was successful. Therefore, the Japan Taiwanese Culture Festival would be another opportunity to promote Taitung, as this event attracts almost 300,000 visitors among three days from Japan and other countries. As the crowds appeared in the first day, we believe the festival would attract even more visitors in the next two days, which is the perfect timing to market Taitung to the Japanese visitors. Taitung possesses many great advantages of Taiwan. For example, the earliest sunrise, the greatest numbers of aborigines groups, two of the most famous ecological islands (Lanyu and Green Island), the diverse agricultural products, the hot air balloon, the artists won plenty of GMA, best air quality for living, the longest coast line, and the rich and varied cultural literacy. The traveler’s bible, Lonely Planet, named Taitung one of the top ten tourist choice in Asia. We encourage all the Japanese friends to visit Taitung to experience the unique humanistic scenery and tourism resource.

Another mechanism of globalization is bringing local elements to the world.

Stretching around 166km from the north point to the south, Taitung offers stunning natural views and various activities for travelers. According to CNN, Taitung, which is located on the eastern coast of Taiwan, is exposed entirely to the beautiful Pacific Ocean and gorgeous mountain views. The 2016 Lonely Planet Asia traveling guide has placed Taitung as one of the top 10 places to travel in Asia. The city is away from fast-paced modern cities, making the night view exceptionally clear and beautiful. Lonely Planet calls it Taiwan’s Secret Wild Card.Taitung is also characterized as the birthplace of Taiwanese aboriginal culture. Different indigenous groups have developed their unique skills and knowledge, and have preserved their traditions and customs through ceremonies that have been passed down from one generation to another. In addition to indigenous culture, the local ceremony “Bombing of Lord Handan”, which is held on the last day of Chinese New Year, has attracted numerous tourists to witness this exotic event.During the ritual, people throw firecrackers at the man representing the god of wealth. People believe that the more firecrackers they throw at Master Handan, the more wealth and good luck they will receive for the coming year.In summer, sports events start to come, including the popular International Hot Air Balloon Festival. During the fall season, golden yellow daylily flowers and bright lily flowers blossoms cover the mountains beautifully. In celebration of the blossom festival, local restaurants offer luscious feasts featuring the flower.

Taiwan participated in TOKYO MARATHON EXPO 2017 for the first time, showing great performance on city marketing of Taitung with over 100 Japanese players joining

In recent years, Taitung County aims to be an “international city of happiness” and targets international travelers to explore the overseas travel market and aggressively connect the world. In order to expand the Implementation of Taitung’s sports marketing, Taitung County joined the TOKYO MARATHON EXPO 2017 in Japan, based on “#Taitung” as the theme to emphasize the connection between Taitung and the world, and alliance with CHALLENGE Taiwan, IRONMAN Taiwan, and Green Island Diving to mutually promote the brand of Taitung County sports tourism.Besides interacting with visitors at the fair, Taitung County also developed cooperation and exchange of sports tourism with the Osaka Marathon Organizing Committee and some companies, such as Laipao8 (affiliated with Beijing Utour Group). At the stage area, an indigenous singer from Taitung, Sangpuy, who won the Best Aboriginal Singer Award at the 24th Golden Melody Awards held in Taipei and had been invited to play a warm-up gig at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, was specially invited to demonstrate a top level performance with a new interpretation of an old song on February 25th to bring out the musical power of Taitung’s aboriginal people.Director Yu of the Taitung County Government International Development and Planning Department represented that thanks to the success of the Taiwan International Balloon Festival’s luring more foreign tourists over recent years, and positive impacts of the World Surf League and some prestigious races in the world including triathlon events, many international athletes have begun to notice Taitung. In addition, Taitung County is proactively building a large-scale sports service platform in which sports event companies can apply to hold an event and check their application status online, and players can find out complete information about racing, registration, accommodation, transportation, and traveling in Taitung County with its open information announcement and resource integration to enhance event publicity and economic benefit. According to the latest registration statistics during the event, the number of foreign participants in the IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan held in March grew from 423 in 2016 to 682 this year. The number of Japanese competitors had grown close to 100%, ranked second only to Hong Kong. Taitung County’s participation in this 2017 exhibition was to crack the fastest growing market for target marketing.Taitung County, collaborating with well-known global triathlon companies, joined the TOKYO MARATHON EXPO to promote Taitung as an outstanding destination and to launch Taitung Fun Card paired with Taitung sightseeing tours for the duration of the expo only. The purpose is to encourage athletes to experience Taitung’s unique cultural highlights and use travel resources services after competition, as well as to make Taitung the best tourist destination for sports. With its geographic advantages, Taitung conducts sport and leisure activities continuously throughout the year.Reaping the many benefits from its environment and nature, Taitung is a great city for sport and leisure activities.Based on its ability to develop large-scale events such as hot air balloon rides, paragliding, marathons, cycling, surfing, and triathlons thanks to its famous land, sea, and sky, Taitung is the hottest international sports tourism destination of Taiwan, with sports activities carried on continuously throughout the year. Among those lavish landscapes and stunning natural environment of Taitung, the red metal frame at Taitung Seashore Park is the most popular tourist attraction for visitors to “check-in” and post photos to social networks. For the exhibition, Taitung County particularly reproduced the scene of the red frame for visitors to take photos and share them on social media like FB, Twitter, and Instagram. It is worthy of mention that a Japanese runner in pirate costume capturing people’s attention came by the booth to join the check-in activity to win a limited quantity of a gift from Taitung, which can be an unconventional way to market Taitung.

Challenge Taiwan 2017 on April 29th gathered more than 3,000 triathletes. Croneborg Fredrik of Sweden won the championship.

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2018 Taiwan Open of Surfing successfully came to a close|A teenager from Brazil, Mateus·Herdy, won the championship and surfers all over the world made a deal to meet up in the competition next year

2018 Taiwan Open of Surfing formally came to a close on December 9th, and the semi-final of the Junior Championship was competed by Rio•Waida from Indonesia, Samuel•Pupo from Brazil, Eithan•Osborne from USA, and Mateus•Herdy from Brazil. In the final round of the final, Mateus•Herdy won the championship and was awarded a prize of US$15,000. He was the biggest winner in the World Men’s Junior Championship.

The domestic professional men’s short board surfing competition was also exciting. Four emerging surfers in sight, Pan Hai-Hsin, Han Tseng-Ling, Han Tseng-Hsuan, and Tu Nuo-Ya, successfully entered to the final. Even though the players are young, their surfing skills are delicate and proficient from wave observation, wave paddling, wave riding to taking off the wave and spin. The remarkable performance brought passion and enthusiasm of the people at site to the highest point. In the end, Pan Hai-Hsin won the championship with extraordinary skills. Meanwhile, the public are looking forward to the future performance of the four players and anticipate them to bring a new hope to the surfing environment in Taiwan.

The 14-day tense and exciting completion attracted a lot of people to Jinzun and the closing ceremony was carried out after the completion of awarding ceremony for World Men’s Junior Championship. The elaborately-designed permanent champion medal was formally launched at the closing ceremony, and it is inspired by the world leading surfing landmark, Jinzunlulian Island. The large wooden medal with a diameter of 60 cm symbolizes the glory of victory won by the player. Taitung County Government also made a statement towards the medal and expressed the permanent champion medal is exclusively owned by Taiwan Open of Surfing and none of the champion can retain it permanently. The anticipation is the champion medal will be able to become the highest glory and continue to be passed on to each open competition.

Taiwan Open of Surfing has been held for eight years now and competition is brilliant every year as well as the quality of the players. It has successfully promoted the two exciting championship competition to the countries all over the world and attract numerous well-known surfers to gather here and present their superb skills. The pusher of the open competition behind the scene, the former Taitung County Mayor Huang Chien-Ting, expressed the appreciations to World Surf League (WSL), sponsors, and co-sponsors during the closing ceremony to thank them for the effort and devotion to achieve the satisfactory ending of the international sports event.

Please visit the fans page of 2018 Taiwan Open of Surfing for more information about the competition: FB fans page: Taiwan Open of Surfing Official

“Watch the first sunrise on New Year’s Day of 2019 in Sansiantai”- to greet the first sunrise in Taiwan, make your wish, and fulfill the dream!

The first sunrise in Taiwan in 2019 will rise at 5 o’clock in the morning on January 1st at Sansiantai, Chenggong Township in Taitung County. The activity of greeting sunrise has been held for 20 years this year. In order to enhance the value of tourism, Sansiantai Island has transformed into a “wish-making island” combining with the elements of God of Sun, the image of Amis tribe, footmarks of three gods, and 8-arch cross-sea bridge. East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (hereinafter referred to as East Management Administration” works with Chunghwa Post to launch “sunny baby” wish-making postbox, and it was put into service on New Year’s Day in 2019. Four thousand limited edition postcards will be provided and visitors are welcomed to walk to Sansiantai Island after watching the sunrise to put the hand-writing postcard into the wish-making postbox without any postage needed. We wish to accompany visitors and deliver blessing and best wished for the new year.

In order to accompany everyone to greet the first sunrise in 2019, the “Sunrise Music Concert” will start at 4 o’clock in the morning on January 1st. There will be performance from Golden Melody singer, Wang Hung-En and Amis Kakeng Band. Visitors are also welcomed to exchange one limited-edition postcard with one receipt. Meanwhile, there are more than 600 prizes provided for prize draw by people at site. You will be entitled for draw and have the opportunity to win the big prize of “UNI Air Holidays” by joining activity fans page and pressing the like button.

In order to support the action of environmental protection and loving our earth, East Management Administration encourages visitors to use shuttle bus for the transportation between Taitung city center and Taitung Bus Station during the Celebration of New Year. The discount price for round-trip ticket is only NT$100 with a voucher of NT$50 for the market. Moreover, the public who consume at the market and take environment-friendly tableware with them will be given additional NT$5 discount. In addition, the public will be able to exchange for the 400 limited wish-making bags through loving earth activities of “beach cleanup on New Year’s Day” and “providing hermit crabs a home”. Services of electronic wish card and “New Year’s Day only” electronic wish card will be provided from 00:00 on New Year’s Day in order to provide various wish-making choices to the public and deliver blessing and best wishes from Taitung.

In response to the fever of watching sunrise, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications specifically recommends Fulong, Sansiantai, and Alishan as the best locations. Satellite News Gathering (SNG) reporting among the three places are established and anticipates the public to make a good plan for the first long weekend holiday in 2019. East Management Administration also welcomes the public to visit Sansiantai wish-making island to make a wish for themselves and the people that they concern under the guard of sea dragon “Chi Fa Wu An” to open up the trip to Taitung.

Please visit the following links to check detailed information for the relevant activities! Official website of East Management Administration: Fans Page Nag’ayho Hello East Coast Official website for the activities:

Bunun young Picasso’s creative “art” painting is stationed in the five-star hotel You will be touched by the art exhibition “I Grew My Invitation”!

In order to allow children to show their creativity towards painting without limitation, Guang Yuan Elementary School at Haiduan Township in Taitung County started to collect children’s paintings since last year and held the first art exhibition with the support from Papago International Resort in Chishang, Taitung. To extend the good intention, the creation this year uses “Very Different Painting Creation” as the topic and holds the second exhibition at the space on the second floor in Papago International Resort that is offered free of charge. All the children at Guang Yuan Elementary School turn themselves into young Picasso and exhibit 54 brilliant paintings under four themes of “Land- a dreamed painting cloth”, “My joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness”, “Fantastic creativity”, and “Bunun millet fun”. The exhibition is from December 22nd, 2018 to the end of November, 2019.

More than one year ago, young painters demonstrated their full intention and produced unique “rice invitation” with the traditional Bunum millet that they grew in person and enclosed it with Chishang rice. Children’s unique paintings are printed on the invitation and all the teachers and parents who received invitation were surprised by the delicious and beautiful creativity!

In their eyes no matter it is well-known Bunun Ear Festival, the fertile and abundant golden rice field, grand and magnificent Longquan Waterfall, or the little dogs sunbathing in the quiet farm, they can be the elements that are able to fulfill their creativity in painting. It not only present colorful atmosphere of the hometown on the picture but also tell the life story. Wang Tung, a year-four student, uses “Beautiful Hometown” as the painting topic and represents the scene of magnificent mountains over the endless rice field with variety of colors. It is deeply loved by all the teachers and students and was selected as the main painting. Meanwhile, painting can be a silent language that reveals true sentiments to deliver the affection of missing someone. In the year-three student Wang Po-An’s painting “Paradise of Sunflower”, the affection of missing someone is put into flowers and the endless thoughts towards aunt Shih-Han who passed away in the accident of Puyuma Express is delivered through sunflowers.

Master of Guang Yuan Elementary School, Tsing Shu-Yu, said “Children’s potential must be stimulated and seen. The creative art exhibition launched with Papago International Resort allows visitors in Taitung to see different beauty of Taitung through children’s eyes and unlimited creativity.” The land is transformed into the painting cloth of farmers in the painting, and Bunnun children’s painting talents that are not deliberately developed are stunning. Through the joint art exhibition, aesthetic education is implemented in the daily life and further activates dream-creating stage for children’s creativity.

Rebirth after storm; the international landmark in Taitung- sun-facing tree is formally open to the public

Taitung County Government held sun-facing tree launching ceremony at the waterfront park on December 22nd. The curtain of new international landmark large woven artwork (sun-facing tree) was unveiled by the former mayor of Taitung County Huang Chien-Ting along with current mayor of Taitung County Rao Ching-Ling and the creator Yu Wen-Fu. It is anticipated to present the night appearance of the new international landmark through the individual light and music show combining with symphony and aboriginal music mixed at 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock every evening to attract visitors to check in on FB and jointly create the evening specifically for Taitung in order to input new energy for the off-season tourism in Taitung.

The former artwork for international landmark, “tree of life”, was seriously damaged by Typhoon Nepartak in 2016. The bamboo weaving on both sides of the gallery has been removed; considering the work has reached the legal life cycle of the public artwork, we invited the artist Yu Wen-Fu to re-create it again. The new artwork is based on the original steel structure of the old landmark with the combination of images of trees, mountains, and seas to express the beauty of Taitung. According to Yu Wen-Fu, the concept of the creation of “sun-facing tree” is originated from the overlooking of the rolling Dulan Mountain from the beach next to the international landmark. The continuous waves and the sound of waves on the seashore matching with the trees surrounding the forest park symbolizes the continuous growing human ecology in Taitung.

The original artwork of the international landmark combined bamboo with stainless steel and extended bamboo-weaving galleries at both sides of the main sphere structure that was with functions of landscape viewing and recreation. After being damaged by Typhoon Nepartak, the broken bamboo weaving on the gallery has been removed but the main sphere structure is still used now. The director at Transportation and Tourism Division, Taitung County Government, Chiang Hui-Ching, expressed that bamboo weaving uses natural materials and has the limitation on the life cycle plus being attacked by Typhoon Nepartak that breaks the records of the past century, part of the original structure has been ruined and damaged. In consideration of tourist safety and impression, it is decided to reinstall the artwork according to the regulation of public arts.

According to Taitung County Mayor, Rao Ching-Ling, the international landmark is the most relaxing location in Taitung City Center. You can see endless Pacific Ocean when looking east and high & magnificent Dulan Mountain when looking west; moreover, there is abundant forest ecology at areas nearby. It is believe that more people will be able to know that Taitung owns the best landscape all over Taiwan through the opening of the new landmark arts in the international level.