Students from Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore visited Taitung to take part in dancing activities. The county government specially arranged a hundred students from National Taitung Senior High School, National Taitung Girls’ Senior High School, and Pei Nan Junior High School to make new friends via dancing.

Singapore Hwa Chong Institution bicycle club came to Taiwan to experience the natural beauty of mountains and coastline around whole Taitung for four days.

Taitung County Government’s TT Food Trace, Towards The World event, invited two Japanese food company presidents and local organic businesses. In addition to promoting organic certification, it is expected that Taitung’s quality agricultural products will be sold worldwide.

Representatives from Taitung County Government went to Japan to participate in the 2018 Taiwan Festa. They shared the exquisiteness of Taitung and the charm of the aboriginal culture with the Japanese people. The day attracted more than 1,000 visitors.

In 2018, hundreds of students from across the world came to visit Taitung. They were received warmly by the local Taitung Youth Ambassadors, who broke language barriers and demonstrated the subtle power of international diplomacy.

Representatives from Saga Prefecture Council (Japan), led by Council President Ishii Hideo, visited Taitung County Government, hoping that the relationship between Taitung and Saga will rise to new heights in the future.

A delegation consisting of members of the Tokyo Overseas Chinese Association and the Taiwanese-Japanese Association visited Taitung County Government, hoping to deepen friendly relations between Taiwan and Japan.

Teachers and students from New Zealand’s Elim Christian College return to Taitung! They met with the Taitung Youth Ambassadors at Taitung TTMaker center. Students from Taitung demonstrated international diplomacy through the use of their foreign language skills.

In 2018, the International Education Administrators (IEA) visited Taitung TTMaker from the United States. Together with previous Magistrate Justin Huang, they hoped to strengthen the exchange between American universities and Taitung.

The Japan-Chinese Business Tourism Industry Association visited Taitung County Government for the first time, looking forward to strengthening cooperation between Japan and Taitung through tourism and cultural exchange.

A delegation of South Korean high school principals and other educational figures visited Taitung, hoping to promote Korean students coming to Taitung to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Japan’s Iga City’s bamboo lamp master Kohei Kawabuchi and Matsuzaka City’s calligraphy master Junichi Ito held a joint exhibition Bamboo Lamps and Calligraphy at Taitung Art Museum to bring together border-less art between Taiwan and Japan!

Kochi City Deputy Mayor, Shinji Nakazawa, visited Taitung County Government Secretary General Chen, together working on future substantial exchanges between Taitung and Kochi City in Japan.

Japan’s Nagano Prefecture’s Starry Taitung Achi Hirugami Tourism Bureau Director, Shirasawa Yuji, visited Taitung for the first time, and welcomed students from high schools in Taitung County to take part in working holiday programs in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

Twenty tons of Roselle flowers sold to Japan! In light of the fact that this agricultural product was highly praised in Japan during 2017, Japanese companies once again purchased twenty tons to Japan for processing in 2018, creating new consumer excitement for this product.

Taitung County Government headed to Japan’s Taitō City to participate in the 2017 Taiwan Festa. Taitō City Mayor Hattori Yukio came to Taitung County’s stand to share the joy of Taitung-grown Roselle.

In May 2017, Taitung County Government signed a memorandum of understanding, building a bridge of cooperation between Japanese industry and the Taitung Regional Farmers Association. The deal involved exporting two tons of Taitung Roselle to Japan for further processing and sales.

Iga City Mayor Okamoto Sakae visited Taitung for a second time, continuing to deepen the friendship between Taitung and Iga City through the cultures of the two cities, and the characteristics of the indigenous people of Taitung.

Elim Christian College teachers and students visit Taitung for the first time to learn Chinese, to experience Taiwanese school life, and to take part in the customs and traditions of the Austronesian indigenous people. “Taitung is too beautiful!” exclaimed the students.