Biking through the Black Forest

Taitung Forest Park is a beautiful secret spot in Taitung known for its beautiful dark beefwood trees. Because of the shade created by the trees, the park is nicknamed “Black Forest”.

Bike trails wind around Taitung Forest Park’s three lakes: Yuanyang Lake, Flowing Lake, and Pipa Lake. Yuanyang Lake used to be a wetland and was later transformed into two beautiful lakes with a bridge in between. Because this pretty formation resembles the connection between two significant others, park developers named the lake Yuanyang, which means “lovers” in Chinese. Flowing Lake is an excellent venue for water sports events, like the triathlons that take place here so often. Lastly, the scenic, naturally formed Pipa Lake, is surrounded by picturesque beefwood trees. On a sunny day, the surface of the lake reflects the bright blue sky, swaying shadows, slowly drifting clouds, and dazzling and mysterious colors of its splendid surroundings. This hidden gem will have you falling in love at first sight!

Scenic Spot

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    No.300, Huatai Rd., Taitung City, Taiwan
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