The Only Eight-Arch Cross-Sea Bridge on the East Coast

Sansiantai, a small offshore island, was once home to one of the Amis tribes. These people made their living by fishing and herding goats on the island. As a result, the tribe was named Pisirian, translating to “the place of goat husbandry” in Amis.

The famous eight-arch cross-sea bridge was built in 1987 and continues to be one of the famous landmarks on the East Coast. The bridge, connecting Taiwan to the Sanxiantai island, was designed to mimic the shape of waves and resembles the mythical dragon from the Chinese legend.
Due to strong weathering and erosion, distinctive ecological formations can be found all over the island: odd-shaped rocks, sea columns, sea trenches and sea caves, to name a few. Moreover, the island is rife with coastal vegetation such as white dogwoods, screwpines and Formosan date palms. Follow the trail that winds around the island and discover more about the wonders Mother Earth has to offer!


  • Address:
    No.74,Jihui Rd.,Sanxian Vil.,Chenggong Township, Taitung County
  • Opening hours:
    Daily 8:30am-5pm
  • Information:
    Big Vehicle: $200 on holiday, $170 on weekday; Small Vehicle: $60 on holiday, $50 on weekday; Motorcycle: $20 on holiday, $15 on weekday
  • Remarks:
    Please note that Sansiantai is classified as a nature reserve area. Do not collect plants, animals or stones from inside the park.