Green Road of Paradise

Appreciating the pace of nature reminds us of the passage of time. With an oasis of golden stalks of rice swaying in the wind for as far as the eye can see, it’s natural to reflect on how summer, fall, winter, and spring have gone through yet another cycle. When you breathe in the rustic beauty of Chihshang’s Mr. Brown Avenue, you just can’t help but to have a clear and open mind.

Mr. Brown Avenue, monikered the “green road of paradise”, is a small, simple, unadorned country avenue by the roadside in Chihshang. Riding a bike or taking a stroll along the road are the best ways to take in the local scenery. Visitors can see vast plains of rice fields as they pedal down the road. During June and July, the rice paddies change from bright green to golden yellow, thus allowing Mr. Brown Avenue to offer visitors differing characteristics that change with the season.

Chihshang and Guanshan are the biggest rice paddy cultivation areas in Taiwan, making them without a doubt some of the most attractive scenic areas in the county. Due to the abundant rainfall and pristine, unpolluted environment, the land yields rice that is famous in Taiwan for its high-quality flavor and texture. Not too far away, the elegant Dapo Lake, surrounded by a bicycle path, offers visitors a moment of still serenity and an abundance of natural ecology. Set up against the backdrop of the mountains in the distance, the Dapo Lake truly gives visitors an unforgettable view.

Scenic Spot

  • Address:
    Go along the Provincial Highway No.9 and turn into Country Road 197; about 2.5 km turn into East Village Street 6 and you will arrive Mr. Brown Avenue. No vehicles except bicycle are allowed to drive into this area.
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