Surfing Season in the Jinzun Bay

During summer time, water sports lovers visit Donghe or Dulan to surf, snorkel, stand-up-paddle along with a variety of other water activities. These townships along the east coast are international recognized surfing spots, especially when the northeast monsoon winds being to blow each fall.

Taitung is recognized by the World Surfing League as one of the best surfing spots in the world. With its sandy beach that extends for three-kilometers, its warm water brought by the Kuroshio Current, and its clean waves, Jinzun Bay is a mecca for surfing. Jinzun Island’s name originates from its shape: it looks just like a golden wine glass, or a “jinzun.” From a bird’s eye view, Jinzun Island looks just as if the sun spilled a splash of its golden rays, like golden wine, on the sparkling, blue Pacific ocean. In all of Taiwan, it is the only “land-tied” island — connected to the mainland by a walkable sand bar — in Taiwan. As another unique characteristic, the beach there is composed of sand with a high iron content, so many people come there to try their hands at treasure hunting with metal detectors. After watching the surfing competition or otherwise enjoying the beach, visitors can savor delicious local cuisine or appreciate the driftwood art, among other artisanal works of local craftsmanship.

Scenic Spot

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    2-kilometer-long beach in the south of Jinzun Harbor, Donghe Township, Taitung County
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