Golden Blossoms in the Summertime

Just before autumn every year, after the International Hot Air Balloon Festival, comes the daylily flower blossom season. During the season, mountains are covered in a sea of golden flowers. The flowers swaying in the gentle breeze amidst a blue sky and brilliant sunshine gives way to the most gorgeous depiction of summertime.

Chihke Mountain in Yuli Township, Hualien Sixty Stones Mountain in Fuli Township, and Taitung’s very own Daylily Mountain are the three must-go spots during the daylily flower blossom season. Among them, our Daylily Mountain has the highest elevation (1450 meters above sea level!), and therefore the most vast and impressive canvas for the spectacular blossoms.

The mountainside bursts into different colored flower fields during different seasons: cherry blossoms bloom from January to February, wild lilies bloom from March to April, hydrangeas bloom from May to July, daylily flowers bloom from August to October, and apricot blossoms bloom from November to December. Each season brings its own special delights!

Whether it’s for the beautiful flowers, the breathtaking sunrise, the view of the ocean, or the enchanting low-drifting clouds, a visit to Taimali’s Day Lily Mountain is bound to leave your jaw on the ground. And if you still can’t get enough, the nearby Millennium Pavilion, the “Breasts” Peaks and the Maple Walking Trail are all worth a visit. A word to the wise: there is a single-lane fork in the road on Weishan Road, and since the mountain area can get foggy in the afternoon, please drive carefully!

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