Taitung is famous for its amazing natural landscapes, its variety of cuisine, and its unique blend of aboriginal and Taiwanese culture. Visitors can discover and enjoy the Taitung’s diversity by exploring local exhibitions.

Come to Green Island – Find Treasures along the Across Mountain Ancient Trail

When going to Green Island, the first thing that people think of doing is diving. However, not only does the ocean boast an abundance of marine ecology, the vegetation of the island is also quite appealing. In June of this year, the East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office held the Green Island Across Mountain Ancient Trail treasure hunt to promote closeness to nature, and to allow people to get to know this historic trail. Before the completion of the ring road around Green Island, the islanders depended on this trail to go to and from Nanliao and Zhao-Ri Hot Spring. However, upon completion of the ring road, this ancient trail was abandoned. It was not until the East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office rebuilt it in 1996 when it came to life again. Nowadays, you can enjoy the simple atmosphere along the ancient trail, accompanied by a tour guide. Visitors can also admire the natural environment, especially plants such as kamanpopo, Mycenaean species, and common melastoma. You can also pay close attention. Has anyone seen any giant woods spiders, swimhoe’s japalura, or sika deer? A treasure hunt trip to Green Island will reveal the abundant and vibrant island environment.

Photo by:East Coast National Scenic Area


The 2019 Film Art Firefly Cinema

How long has it been since you watched a movie?

Perhaps for you, it was just yesterday when you watched a movie. However, for those living in Taitung and Hualien, it is not often that they have the chance to watch a film. There is only one cinema in Taitung at the moment, thus people in the countryside lose interest quite quickly with the thought of traveling long distances to the big city just to go to the cinema.

However, everybody knows that watching movies is essential in modern life. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture. The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, along with the National Taitung Living Art Center hosted the 2019 Film Art Firefly Cinema from June until September in Taitung and Hualien. Twelve movies were played, and were available to the public free of charge.

Films were played in Hualien from June until the beginning of August. By the end of August, the Firefly Cinema had slowly moved to Taitung, playing films in Chenggong Township, Chishang Township, Jinfeng Township, Taimali Jinlun Village and Yanping Township. The films that were played were critically well-received Taiwanese films, including Hidden Treasures in the Mountain (comedy), Sen Sen (family drama), Long Time No Sea (the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan), Spicy Teacher (teenage comedy), and the acclaimed drama Father to Son, which was nominated for the 48th IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam Big Screen Award. These films embody laughter, tears, and Taiwanese hospitality.

There was also cinema appreciation at the events, as well as lotteries, movie trivia, and obstacle activities relating to the films. Those who love movies and lively fun should definitely not miss this event!

Photo by:National Taitung Living Art Center

Bringing out Natural Beauty Through Art: Stray Birds 197 – Pioneering East Rift Valley Granary Festivities

The Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Taitung Branch planned the Pioneering East Rift Valley Granary Festivities, inviting environment artists from Finland, Japan, Turkey and Taiwan to take part. In accordance to the natural terrain and local culture, the artists created installation art to expose the public to the natural beauty and culture along County Road 197 in Chishang Township (Wanan Village), Zhengxing Village, Dian-Guang Neighborhood (Guanshan Township) etc. The organizers based the project on the Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore’s Stray Birds. Every piece of the installation art represents every line of the poem, and embodies its profound meaning. Come to Chishang this summer to experience the conceptual artistic narrative for yourself!

Photo by:IG @shiu_manman

Pasiwali Indigenous People Music Event in Taitung

Pasi means “toward”, while wali means “orientation”. Pasiwali means “to the east”. The Taiwan Pasiwali Music Festival brings enthusiasm to indigenous music. The first two events were held in Taoyuan and Kaohsiung, to allow the world to get to know Taiwan through indigenous music.

The proportion of the indigenous population of Taitung accounts for around 33.3% of the population, and the cultural atmosphere and artistic style of the tribes have united the unique cultural features of Taitung. Since the last session was hosted by Taitung County, an international element has been introduced for the first time, and the music festival has combined the indigenous singer orchestra at home and abroad, and the name has been changed to the Taiwan Pasiwali Festival. It not only promotes international music and cultural exchanges, but also the vitality of ethnic music from all over the world. It makes the audience happy and offers them unforgettable music nights!

This year’s Taiwan Pasiwali Festival was held at Taitung Forest Park from August 2nd to 4th, inviting former artists including heavyweight artists, as well as singers from Japan, Palau, Madagascar, Malaysia, and a host of other exciting guests.We invite all to take part in future events such as this!

Photo by:IG @taiwan.pasiwali

Feast of light – 2019 Hot Air Balloon Spotlight Sculpture Concert

Taitung’s annual event, the Hot Air Balloon Spotlight Sculpture Concert, will be exhibited for a total of eight sections from June to September, each section with a different theme. As usual, the Concert will be held in various tourist spots of Taitung, including Luyeh Hill, Sansiantai, Chihshang Dapochih, Taimali Shuguang Park, Jhihben Hot Springs, Beach Front Park, etc. The public may experience the glamorous spotlight sculptures in different natural sceneries such as Taitung’s high-rise mountains and deep blue sea. Furthermore, the Green Island session is added for fans of Green Island scenery to enjoy the event under the starry night sky and light summer breeze, creating a sense of romance and affection.

From night-time romance to poetic expression by daybreak, Taitung offers three sessions of the world’s unique Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Spotlight Sculpture Concert, for you to bid goodbye to the dark night and embrace the first ray of hope and blessing while swaying by the beautiful music and fire blaze.

Visit Taitung this summer to witness the never-ending brilliance from day to night! Sessions of Hot Air Balloon Spotlight Sculpture Concerts are as follows:

(1) 6/29 (Sat) 19:00 Luyeh Hill, Luyeh Township

(2) 7/06 (Sat) 04:00 Sansiantai, Chenggong Town (Sunrise spotlight sculpture)

(3) 7/13 (Sat) 19:00 Green Island, Green Island Township

(4) 7/20 (Sat) 19:00 Chihshang Dapochih, Chihshang Township

(5) 7/27 (Sat) 04:00 Taimali Shuguang Park, Taimali Township (Sunrise spotlight sculpture)

(6) 8/03 (Sat) 19:00 Jhihben Hot Springs, Beinan Township

(7) 8/10 (Sat) 04:00 Beach Front Park, Dawu Township (Sunrise spotlight sculpture)

(8) 8/12 (Mon) 19:00 Luyeh Hill, Luyeh Township (Closing)

Photo by:IG @molly888666

Return to the sea – Daniel Lee Exhibition

Does the human race co-exist with or lives against nature? Artist Daniel Lee hints with his work ‘Return to the sea’, that the relationship between humans and nature should have been in harmony.

From the perspective of mankind, one would easily consider the utility value of nature, creating a relationship of exploitation between the two; However, one would find oneself forgetting one’s true identity, and swimming along the tide in the vast ocean alone and helplessly like the other fishes – This is perhaps the best form of freedom. It is the most wondrous gift nature offers all creatures, and was originally the relationship mankind holds with mother nature.

Daniel Lee is a well-known Chinese artist in Europe and the USA, and is currently living in New York, USA. He is good at combining paintings, photography and creative presentation, and explores the relationship between mankind and nature in a lively and humorous way. ‘Return to the sea – Daniel Lee Exhibition’ will exhibit series of works by the artist in the previous thirty years, including his famous ‘Manimals’; artworks that explores evolutionism including ‘Origin’, ‘Nightlife’ and ‘Harvest’; ‘Judgment’ that represents Buddhist thinking of reincarnation, etc. On top of this, his new work ‘Return to the sea’ echoes with Taitung’s coastal geographical environment, leading visitors to consider the hazard of global warming and survival of mankind in the future.

Exhibition information|Return to the sea – Daniel Lee Exhibition

Date of exhibition|From now on to August 4th, 2019 (Sun) (Free admission)

Time of exhibition|9:00 to 17:00 (Off every Monday)

Location of exhibition|Taitung Art Museum (No. 350, Zhejiang Rd., Taitung City)

Photo by:Taitung Art Museum

Celebrating with the tribe – Yudu Mayang Tribe Dance

Taitung is a land of warmth. Apart from its picturesque natural sceneries, the beautiful county also nurtures a rich variety of cultures and tribes in history, giving Taitung unique charms. In order to promote tribal traditions and pass along tribal spirits, this year’s 7th ‘Yudu Mayang Tribe Dance’ has attracted many tribal teams in Hualien and Taitung area to showcase their unique tribal musicals, chants and dances that represents their own tribal talents. The audience can not only experience music and dances of different tribes, but also absorb in the intense competition, unique tribal cultures and spirits, as well as taking part in the multi-tribal hand-holding dance. If you are longing for more, why not take part in the cultural experience activities, and learn to make soaps, beadings, areca sheathes, etc. from the aboriginal Taiwanese. The meaningful cultural activity can sure be an unforgettable experience for you this summer!

Event information:

Date: July 6th, 2019 (Saturday)

Location: Amis Folk Center, East Coast Scenic Area Tourism Bureau, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

No.25, Xincun Rd.,Xinyi Vil., Chenggong Township, Taitung County (124.6K along Hualien-Taitung Coastal Highway)

Organizer: East Coast Scenic Area Tourism Bureau, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Photo by:IG @yosh169

2019 Challenge Taiwan International Triathlon

When it comes to the international tourist events in Taitung, besides hot air balloons and surfing, what can’t be missed in the international triathlon games. With the unique natural environment, Taitung enjoys the clean ocean, continuous high mountains, and enthusiastic and hospitable residents. Moreover, the emerald and clear Flowing Lake is the open water suitable for swimming. The viewers can enjoy the game on the lakeside comfortably. Taitung has gradually become the sport attraction of triathlon and cycling in Taiwan. According to the statistics, every year there are over 20 sports events taking place in Taitung. It is hoped to bring the tourists of Taitung more different and diverse experiences.

This is the seventh year of Challenge Taiwan taking place in Taitung. The game includes the full 226 km and half 113 km triathlons, 51.5 km standard triathlon, and junior triathlon. Welcome to challenge your personal limits in Taitung.

Event Time:April 27-28, 2019

Organizer:Challenge Taiwan

Photo Credit:IG @morgan324332


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