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24 Hours In Taitung

If you only have 24 hours and looking for some fun in Taitung, you should enjoy the beautiful city with natural sceneries and local customs. It is highly recommended to stay at downtown Taitung go for a hike, view beautiful sea, chat with locals and bask in the amazing night view of Taitung.

48 Hours in Taitung

The unique natural environment is Taitung�s greatest asset. We encourage you to enjoy as much time as you can on the mountains and near the sea. You should not miss the East Rift Valley and the Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast. Here are two highly recommended two-day trip itineraries: an East Coast Trip or a Mountain Trip.

72 Hours in Taitung

Welcome to Taitung, the most charming and attractive place in Taiwan. We offer many cultural and natural attractions to the tourists from all over the world. You can travel and explore the city at your own pace and stop as many times as you wish. Green rice fields, broad blue sea, beautiful high mountains, and authentic thermal hot springs are the must-see and must-go here. In addition, have a chat with the locals since they are the most friendly and hospitable people.


10 Reasons to visit Taitung



Triathlons | Taitung Triathlon Dates & Rules | Discover Taitung

Triathlons held in Taitung feature a variety of running trails with scenic surroundings. While enjoying the main athletic event, you can also enjoy the natural environment of eastern Taiwan, the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and the gorgeous, high Coastal Mountain Range and the Central Mountain Range at the same time. Whether you are just getting started or an experienced Iron Man, come to Taitung for the next challenge!


Living in America and Returning Home to Taitung
Steven Chang
Cultivating the Next Generation of Music Talent
Technology elite in agriculture industry, Wei Jui-Ting From resistance to insistence
Wei Jui-Ting
Reported by Financial Times in the UK Steve Jobs in the agriculture industry
International Taste & Quality Institute in Belgium
Rui-Ting Chien
Red Oolong Tea Limited Edition
Receives Gold Award in Carpentry
Chin-Hao Cheng
Continuing Heritage, Inheriting the Dream
Wood Carving Artist
Siki Sufin
Carved Out of the Cultural Drift
World-class Bartender from Taitung
Johnny Tsai
Creating the Most Natural Taste
Humanities and Culture Combined with Cycling
Ado Bike
A Red Star Moving Towards the Dream
Mr. Red Quinoa
Returning Hometown to Plant Dreams
The Only Winner in Taiwan
Shen-Ci Ciou
HASSE(Houston Association for Space and Science Education)scholarship
International Food Company
Yawen Hsieh
First Red Quinoa Food Company to Attain International Focus
Culinary Dreamer in Changbin
Bo-Wei Yang
France and Taitung Come Together
A guardian of Taitung�s waves
Niu Cheng-Ling
A courageous journey chasing the waves
Dreamer who goes into the golden music hall
Written the old transparency without error
Life adventurer
Xu Linyi
Pioneering the way to create dreams


Railway|North-Link Line, South-Link Line

The East Coast Taiwan Railway consists of the North-Link Railway and the South-Link Railway, passing through the East Rift Valley and Taitung to the south of Taiwan. Trains run along the coast with the high mountains on one side and the deep blue sea on the other. Traveling these lines gives you the chance to experience the stunning beauty of Taiwan.

Bus|Trip to Taitung

Public bus services take travelers to Taitung�s attractions based on the best routes. Riding the bus is an environment-friendly way to explore Taitung.

Driving|Provincial Highway No.9-East Rift Valley, Provincial Highway No.11-East Coast

Taiwan is a country where cars drive on the right-hand side of the road. Driving in Taitung is easy and convenient. If you like to drive, driving is one of the most convenient ways to explore the city.

Flights|Taipei to Taitung

Taitung has a domestic airport. Generally, there are 10 total flights per day from Taipei to Taitung. The average flight time is about 50 minutes.

Island Transportation|Green Island and Orchid Island

The most economical way to get to Green Island is taking a ferry and it takes fifty-minute to an hour. If you are prone to sea sickness, it might be better to go by airplane, which only takes 15 minutes.

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