Discover Taitung,Taiwan

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What is fun in Taitung, and where should you go to eat? More specialty stores, secret spots,completely customized design to fit your needs!

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Food column

Food plays a vital but inadvertently forgotten role in our life.
Food columns introduce a pattern of lifestyle experienced by the native people of Taitung.
Using fresh local ingredients and featured crops, unique wisdom, and ingenuity.
All coupled with splendid spring sunshine, savor the striking daily taste you would have never noticed.

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Local dreamers sparking the world stage

“Dreams are the best, but you need to work hard”Dreams are the driving force for leading a perfect life. The process of completing dreams may be difficult. However, success is a reward for your contributions.This is the true story of local dreamers who became world-famous figures.

Foreigners in Taitung

Confucius once said, “The wise find pleasure in water; the virtuous find pleasure in hills.”
Taitung is surrounded by mountains and water with pure and stunning landscapes. This makes many people willing to leave their hometown to experience a leisurely and enjoyable life here. They love Taitung, which is a wonderland for them. Let us share their life here and knowledge the charm of Taitung together.

Aboriginal Tribe Experience

For thousands of years, the aborigines have spread a great deal of wisdom about how to coexist with the natural forests. Even as they live under the impact of the powerful current of the times, their ancestors used their timelessness voices to educate the new generations the ethics of the mother earth and life cycle. And those truths bind with soul and blood of the people.

Cultural and Artistic Activities

Taitung is rich with traditional cultural assets and perfectly preserves Aboriginal customs and traditions. These are integrated with art and culture into life and localization. Many can be found in the Taitung City National Museum of Prehistory, Taitung Art Museum, Baoting Art and Culture Center, and the Ruiyuan Cotton Print Lantern Life Culture Museum in Luye Township. Let travelers have a deeper understanding of the folk customs in Taitung.